Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into


download (2)In today’s fast paced, competitive world, it is important to stay ahead of the game in order to achieve success. Since every country is now connected to one another, it can be quite challenging to get what you want. This is especially true in the case of medical schools. Millions of students seek admission in these schools across the world, but only a few make it through

This is because the admission process is scrutinized much more than before as people from all across the globe want to get into the best schools. It is best not to get disheartened by these strict regulations and keep pursuing your dream of serving humankind.

There may be many reasons why top medical schools reject students like low grades or lack of extra-curricular activities etc. To help you still achieve your dream, a list of the easiest medical schools has been provided below along with the process of how you can get into them.


It is important to remember that these schools are easy to get into as compared to others but you will still have to get good grades and study hard to get in here. You cannot get in without good marks and should put in your best efforts. The list of the easiest schools to get into has been formulated by calculating the MCAT scores along with how many students are seeking admission for one seat in the school.

The following are the top ten medical schools in the world that have an easier admission process as compared to others:

University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Medicine: This school has 386 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 4.

University of Mississippi School of Medicine: This school has 266 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 8.

San Juan Bautista School of Medicine: This school has 504 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 9.

University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences: This school has 306 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 12.

LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport: This school has 703 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 14.

University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine: This school has 942 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 14.

Mercer University School of Medicine: This school has 773 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 18.

University of Arizona College of Medicine: This school has 855 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 18.

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans: This school has 990 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 18.

Central University of the Caribbean: This school has 1021 applicants per year and the difficulty in admission is 20.



There are certain ways you can speed up your process of getting into medical schools such as :

Focus on state universities

When applying to medical schools, it is better to leave out the private schools, as they are much more expensive and hard to get into. It is better to make a list of all the state universities in the region where you want to study and focus on them as there is less competition to get in here and their scores are also lower.

Calculate the test scores

In order to make sure you get into a good medical school, you should first evaluate their test scores so that you know where all you can apply as well as how much need to aim for. Each medical school has a defined GPA score requirement.

The three medical schools that have the lowest test scores are the Ponce School of Medicine the University of Puerto Rico and the Central University of the Caribbean, all of which are located in Puerto Rico.

Affordable fees

If you do not have enough funds to get into a medical school of your choice, you should try looking at the medical schools in Cuba. Their fees are relatively lower as compared to the rest and there are also 100 per cent scholarships for medical students who come from poor backgrounds. Keep a check on their admission procedure and apply as quickly as possible before the seats get filled up.

Military service

You can join a military school and you will be given a full scholarship for a medical school but you have to serve two years of active service. This is after you become doctors of medicine. But your MCAT score must meet atleast the minimum requirement.


Getting admission into medical schools is tough enough due to the scores and exorbitant fees, but you can ace the interview and application process to help you get in. Here are certain ways you can do ace this process:

Be clear in your applications

images (4)Your application form is the first insight the medical school staff gets about you so you must make sure you create a good impression. List all your interests and specify why you want to get into a medical school. It is always good to list all your activities and future plans as well.

Stay on topic

Don’t drift off when answering questions in an interview as it is better to stick to the main details and be specific.

Be patient

An impatient person will put off any interviewer and you must wait until the person has finished asking the question before replying.

Answer positively

Try to give a positive vibe and answer all questions in good spirit. Negativity only reduces your chances of getting admission anywhere so highlight all your positive factors

Don’t overrate yourself

It is best to honestly state your qualifications and ambitions and don’t blow your own trumpet. It is good to have high ambitions but it is not good to keep praising oneself. Let your work speak for itself at times.

Show your commitment

Since you are competing with so many people for that one spot, you must convince the interviewer that you are fully committed to medicine. You can do this by participating in some volunteer activities or undertaking internships.

Conduct mock interviews

Sometimes nerves get the better of you and you end up making a fool of yourself in the interview. It is best to avoid such circumstances by practicing beforehand. Ask your family members or friends to conduct mock interviews so that you are well prepared. Remember why this is important to you and stay focused on that during the interview and be as real as possible.


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