Essential Oils For Vertigo


The feeling of off balance, whirling, or like the room is spinning, or dizziness or vertigo as in the medical term is not a fun feeling. One feels unsteady on foot, faint, or lightheaded. It is when the vestibular nerve that is affected and is located in the inner ear. We can respond to stimuli and know where we are as we move. Though the market is flooded with medicine to cure this condition, it can also be cured by natural remedies by essential oils for vertigo. In this article, one can learn about essential oils that may help in relieving vertigo symptoms.


Ten kinds of essential oils for vertigo.

Essential oils can not only provide much needed relieve but save doctor’s prescription cost. But make sure to check interactive before choosing one as an option. They are readily available online or found in health food stores. Some of the essential oils include.


Peppermint has been used to cure many ailments for centuries. It contains an active chemical, menthol, which has the cooling and refreshing ability. It is highly recommended for relieving from nausea that may accompany vertigo and vertigo itself. By just placing a few drops of oil on tissue or cotton and inhale the vapour it starts its medicinal work.


Chemicals in ginger help in better blood circulation in the brain and relieve dizzy spells. It is often used for the treatment of nausea and can be used as vertigo reliever. Just by putting few drops behind ears or on the bottom of the feet or at the nape of the neck, it starts its work for additional effect a few drops in the room may be sprayed.


Lavender oil relieves depression, dizziness and helps in sleep. Their sweet smell can help in relaxation and vertigo too. A few days on the skin or as in room diffuser or sprayed on pillows does an excellent job.


Cypress increases the flow of blood and assists the better flow of blood to the brain. It takes away the dizziness that comes with cold and flu and relieves congestion. It has long been used as natural antiviral remedy and Cyprus oil is one of this woody scent oil in diffusers and breathe easy and relax as it does its magic.


Basil has antiseptic properties that help in reducing dizziness and relieve vertigo. Though it is used for different things, one may have heard of basil and thought of spaghetti sauce it can be a remedy to vertigo. Just take a few leaves in a pot and boil them. Place your face when the steam forms over it and breathe in the aroma within few minutes one will find great relief.


This herb stimulates one’s senses with its aroma. Clary sage acts as a sedative and helps balance the nervous system that makes it one of the most effective oils for vertigo. Clary sage has been used as a remedy for hysteria episodes, anxiety attacks and seizures. One must be careful while applying sage oil on the skin as it may have an adverse effect but a few drops of clary sage oil in a vaporizer when inhaled it will heighten scenes and nerves will be calmed.


Rosemary oil relieves fatigue, depression and dizziness and also alleviates a migraine. Just put a few rosemary leaves in boiling water and breath in the air and soon the symptoms of vertigo shall vanish into thin air.


It is more than just a thing of beauty. A few drops of rose oil fragrance when inhaled it will relieve vertigo, depression,  and give relaxation the sweet, flower scent worked in room diffusers, sprays directly on skin and added in bath water for aromatherapy session.


Tangerine oil is most active when fresh and dried peels are placed in boiled water. Any citrus oil helps with headaches, migraine and vertigo. Just breath of the fragment steam can help ease vertigo.


Frankincense has its source from the sap of the Boswellia family of trees and very pungent in smell. It in uses for centuries to heal and enhance spirituality. One may place the oil at the nape of the neck or crown of the head, burned on charcoal or placed on the skin behind ears or under the tongue. It may be breath into by putting few drops in boiling water. This does an excellent job in reducing anxiety attacks, stress, and vertigo from a middle ear infection.


Vertigo may not be a disease in itself but a symptom of a serious health condition that needs an expert advice, evaluation, and treatment that only can be done by health professionals. Therefore, if the problem persists and one fails to get relieved, it’s most important to visit a doctor for evaluation.

It may be noted that essential oils with strong scent need to be used with more caution than others. These oils may have side effects and people with respiratory illness need to be very careful as to which essential oil they choose as it will be very hard for them to tolerate it’s after effect if not suitable.

One may check with an aromatherapy provider or herbalist to find to find which essential oil suits them best and quantity and frequency of doses. Essential oils are not to be used by people who have immune system deficiency, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



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