Eye Contact Attraction With Your Love


When there is a sizzling eye contact, this is one of the greatest sign of an attraction. This could be in a room, a crowded restaurant or even in the church. This is considered to be the first step towards the initial connection. With eye contact, you can show a girl that you are interested in her; you can gauge her interest or even deepen the attraction.


Showing interest using eye contact

Eye contact is the easiest way of showing your attraction in a girl. However, you will need to do it in the right way. Once you give too much eye contact and too soon, this is likely to work against you. You should bear in mind that eye contact is a good indicator of your level of interest. If you have seen a beautiful girl in the restaurant and you are interested in her, you should use eye contact around 50% of the time. Ensure that you are looking somewhere else during the rest of the time. When you interact with her and find out that she is quite awesome, this can be the right time to show more eye contact.

Gauging interest using eye contact

Eye contact can be the right indicator of a girl who is interested in you. Probably you are thinking of approaching a certain girl in the room but you are wondering how she will respond, here are a few indicators that you can use:

  • Is she is making eye contact with you before looking away and again looks at you all in a span of 30 seconds? It is an indication that she is interested in you.
  • If the girl looks down when you lock eyes with her, it shows that she is embarrassed. It could be that she is interested but is a bit shy.
  • When you lock eyes with a girl for a longer period of time than the normal quick glance, it shows her interest.

Use confident eye contact to create attraction

Our eyes are a good indicator of the state of our emotions. When someone allows you to look directly into their eyes, they are giving you an opportunity to understand how they are feeling at that particular moment. They are making themselves vulnerable and they are allowing you to have a glimpse of the kind of person they are. It is for this reason that attraction and eye contact is one and the same thing. Eye contact can be used to show confidence.

When someone is feeling insecure, it is difficult for them to maintain eye contact. All that their eyes are likely to do is to dart around a room as a way of hiding. However, when they are confident, it becomes easier for them to maintain eye contact. When a person is confident, it should not be hard for them to maintain that steady and strong gaze. The eye contact will not dart nervously and will instead move with intention and purpose. Therefore, it is important to maintain a steady gaze when speaking to a woman. If you must look away, this should happen for a reason. This way you will show your level of confidence and this will help to increase the attraction feelings.

Use friendly eye contact to create attraction

A common mistake that most dudes make is to make some strong eye contact but still be unable to build a lot of attraction and connection. This is due to the way they make the eye contact. If you would like to create eye contact, you will need to show that there is more than just confidence. You have to come out as a friendly and positive guy. The only way of doing this is by ensuring that you smile using your eyes.

Watch or listen to someone who can make you laugh hard. When done, find out how eyes feel and have a look at the mirror. You will feel and see the warm positivity that comes from the eyes. Always bear in mind the feeling as this is what you need to have whenever making eye contact with a girl. This will help you to come out with a warm and friendly vibe and the girl will tend to be more receptive.

The secret to perfect, effortless eye contact

Eye contact can be used to show interest and confidence but this is not what it is all about. Use eye contact as a way of giving respect and attention to the woman. This is on top of showing her that you appreciate her inner beauty on top of the physical beauty. By looking at her in this light, you will find that the perfect and effortless eye contact will come naturally. Some other tips for a perfect and effortless eye contact include:

  • Relax and don’t wear shades. When you happen to look at someone no matter the situation, one of the most important things to do is to relax. Ensure that you begin by taking a deep breath and allow the tension to leave. If you happen to be wearing shades, do away with them and allow your bare eyes to do the talking. Shades can cause distractions making interaction to be less meaningful.
  • Focus on the target. You will appear more attractive when you make direct and intense contact. Many people tend to cower at these thoughts. However, when you manage to overcome this fear and hold her gaze, this will show the member of the opposite sex that you are not afraid of handling the challenge.
  • Combine eye contact with body language. Though eye contact is powerful on its own, you can make it even better when you match it with body language. Ensure that you body also send message that you are comfortable and relaxed. To send a welcoming picture, avoid crossed arms as well as other negative gestures. Adding that subtle smile to the mix will also help.

Remember that eye contact is just but the beginning. You will need to make a move if you are to win the girl.


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