9 Fattest Women in the World


Since from the beginning of human civilisation, fat people are seen in various places in the world irrespective of any caste, creed and culture. Fatty people are seen from prehistoric times. In early ages, exact weight is cannot be measured due to the weighting mechanism, it is twenty centuries phenomenon. Reading this article, you can easily imagine about the size of the fattest women’s weight or structure.

9 Fattest Women in the World

Many people are seen in the world who are more weight to height ratio. But here you will find world’s fattest woman, which makes you curious.

  1. Carol Yag

Carol Yager was born in 1960.She was from Flint. She was overweight from her very beginning of childhood.


At the age of 33 years, she has a weight of 1189 pounds, and due to her growing overweight problem she hospitalised in Hurley Center for the treatment of cellulitis. No other woman till date is as fat as her. During the time of her hospitalised period she lost 500 pounds by maintaining a diet of 1200 calorie. But after her early discharge, she regained this very quickly. In the year of 1994, she died due to kidney failure. Till date, she is in number one in the position of fattest woman in the world.

  1. Rosalie Bradford

Peak Weight: 1053 pounds


Rosalie Bradford was an American woman born in 1943.From her early twenties, she started to gain weight. After observing her overweight condition, she tried various step to lose weight like the popular diet but after no of attempts she failed. She was admitted to hospital as she was suffering from the blood infection. For this disease affected her so much that she remains in bed for eight long years. Seeing her health condition she was so upset that she thought there is no option left other than suicide and tried many times to do so. She also takes painkillers but due to excessive overweight, it also not work. At last, in 2006, she takes her last breath.

  1. Mayra Rosales

Peak Weight: 1036 pounds


In 1980, Mayra Rosales was born. With 1036 pound she was also Wold’s heaviest person. This makes you so curious that recently she was 200 pounds by losing her overweight. In the suspicious case of the murder of her nephew, she was arrested by Police. It was found from the medical person’s report that this young boy was died by hitting her with massive force and Marya was not in a condition to move her hand at that time. Till date, she is most popular as she lost about 800-pound body weight and attended various health programme.

  1. Susanne Eman

Peak Weight: 800 pounds


The body-weight of Susanne Eman was 800 pounds.  She is an overweight model. She tried to be world’s number one fattest woman as by gaining weight of 1600 pounds. But during the period of her wedding she was able to lose half of her body weight, but with this health condition her fiancee did not agree to marry her. Susanne was feeling very upset due to her weight loss. After her marriage breaks up, she started to fulfil her dream to be an obese model and regained weight as much as possible. She was recently 600 pounds and she found her new love.

  1. Charity Pierce

Peak Weight: Almost 790 pounds


When Charity was 39 years of age, she was one of the world’s fattest woman. She was ashamed of her butterfly body shape with which she was unable to move. Then he has undergone a weight surgery done by Dr Nowzaradan, which make her lose forty-nine pounds. With regular exercise of four months, she can able to lose another twenty pounds. Then she was at 709 pounds. It was a strong motivation for her to be slim like normal persons, so she work out regularly and make a control on her lifestyle as well as diet. Doing this after twelve months, she became 587 pounds. Then she went for another surgery by removing of extra mass from her fatty leg. This surgery would leave her 496 pounds. She was so much self-motivated that she believes that she can continue to lose her weight and in some day she can usually walk with her husband in the street like an average couple.

  1. Teri Smith

Peak Weight: 700 Pounds


She is a record holder of one of the fattest ladies in the world and she topped this chart at the age of 49. She has gained so much of weight that she cannot even move and is totally trapped in her room and because of that she is not even able to go for a M.R.I scan to find out the reasons for her severe headache.

  1. Pauline Potter

Peak Weight: 678 pounds


Pauline Potter is in the list of world’s fattest women. At that time, she was fifty years of age. In 2011, in the Guinness World Records, she renounced the title of “World’s Heaviest Living Woman”. The secret of her losing body fat when unveiled she became famous, it was actually for her ex-husband who did sex regularly in seven times per day. It was a remarkable contribution by him as he can do sex in a tough position.

  1. Donna Simpson

Peak Weight: 630 pounds


In 1967 Donna Simpson was born, she has a dream to be world’s heaviest person. To make it happen, she gains 1000 pounds body weight. In 2008, she was 630 pounds and in 2010, she lost her body weight to 602 pounds. “Heaviest Woman to Giving Birth.” this Guinness World Record was already owned by her.

  1. Joan Thorpe

Peak Weight: 532 pounds


In the ages of her twenties when there is no limit on her eating span she will become Britan’s fattest woman. At that time, she was with a body-weight of 532 pounds that was maximum in her life spam. At the ages of thirteen, she has undergone a hip surgery due to removing her excess fat. And at the age of eighteen, her doctor advised her to lose weight otherwise her life will be in danger, and she will live only at most two months. In her whole life span, she struggles every time for her fluctuating weight. He lost her body weight and reached 232.6 pounds at the time of her youth. But after some years again she regained her body-weight. At that time in 2013, her doctors warned her because during this period she was 322 pounds. At last, for the year of 50, she was gained the size of 18.


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