20 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush


When you start liking someone, and you want to know his/her feelings, it’s pretty obvious you can’t directly go and ask him/ her out on a date you can pop out this important question. Doing that may just ruin your relations until the other person has the same feelings for you. However, still you have the urge to know the other person and can’t refrain from identifying the vital clue that you are looking for, we bring here 20 flirty questions that will indirectly let you know what exactly is in the other party’s mind.

  1. What did you think of me when we met for the first time?first-time

You can ask this question to let you know how what the other party feels about you. Probably, it’s the first sign to let the other person know that he/she has started noticing you and your opinion about him/her really matters. It’s the starting point of something truly eternal and long-lasting.

  1. What are your dreams and who would you like to have beside you when you pursue your dreams?dream

This lets him/her know that you want to share your feelings with him/her and you are interested in knowing your crush. The second part of the question actually tells him/her that it’s really your name that you want to hear in its place.

  1. What is your feeling about me?feelings

This is a sure shot question to let you know the other person’s view about you. It’s pretty much an indirect way to ask, “Do you Love me?”.

  1. What are your expectations in a relationship?relationships

This will let the other person know how desperately you are interested in him/her and what you should do so that the other person pops up the big question. You are giving him the hint that you are the single most important person now in his/her life and will go to any lengths to make him/her happy.

  1. What would be your response if your friend proposes to you today?propose

You just have revealed to him/her that you like him/her and is waiting for the other person to accept it. It also tells that if he/she pops up the question, it’s an obvious yes from your side.

  1. What would you call the person whom you love the most?call-name

You just want to know that name and start picturing yourself with the other person calling that name. Keep repeating it in front of him/her to let him/her know that you want to be that person whom he/she loves.

  1. What do you think is the best thing about you?

After he/she, answers makes sure to tell him/her that “Oh yes, that’s the best thing about you”. In doing so, you are literally complimenting him/her.

  1. Who is the first person that comes to your mind after something good happens in your life?

We all like to share and spend out best times with our loved ones. Of course, if his/her answer is you, you know the obvious fact and if not, just wait for some time folks.

  1. What is the thing that you like about me?

Let him/her come out of his shell and make him/her flirt back with you. Probably he/she will list your best qualities, and if he/she is really onto you, he/she might even tell you something that you might not have noticed in you.

  1. What are your plans for today?today

By this, you are asking him/her, “Are you free tonight. Can we go out today and spend some time together”. If he/she responds positively, you are in for a roll.

  1. What do you expect on a date from your partner?date

This will make him/her speak about his/her expectations about his/her idea of a date, so that you can plan and prepare accordingly in case he/she pops up the question someday.

  1. What are the things that turn you ON?turn-on

Make a note of stuff that he/she likes literally and make sure you follow them to the last point. Also, this will let him/her know that you are interested in him/her.

  1. What are the things that turn you OFF?

Just as knowing the things which he/she likes, it’s pretty obvious to know what your crush doesn’t like and make sure you avoid them for pretty obvious reasons.

  1. If you are given the opportunity of choosing your life partner, who would be it?

Just another way of telling “I want to be that person”. If the answer is “YOU” it will just give you some butterflies in your stomach and some pounding heartbeats.

  1. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

You just want to know what surprise he/she has in store for you. But this is a flirtiest question from your side to let him/her know that you are interested. Also, it will give a glimpse of what the other person has in store for you if you are planning to spend the rest of your life with them.

  1. Who would be the first person to make the first move of the kiss, you or your partner?

Yes, by asking this question you are really divulging your feelings for him/her and want to know how the other person is comfortable with you. If your crush gives an affirmative reply on that, let know that your crush also has started having the same feelings for you.

  1. What would you do if I kissed you?

This will let him/her know that you are ready for the first move, but you really want to judge how he/she is going to react. But do make a note of his/her reply. If he/she is ok with it, literally go for it. By inhibiting your emotions, you are just emotionally hurting yourself.

  1. What is your favourite place to be kissed?

Make sure you crush is absolutely comfortable with you asking this question. If your crush replies positively to this question then make sure you remember his/her answer to this question. If you do get the opportunity to kiss him/her, do remember to follow his answer to please him/her.

  1. Do you prefer to be cuddled or do you like to make out?

Make sure you note his/her answer to this and when you and your crush really get that time to spend your moments together, make sure you do the thing that pleases him/her. This will make him/her go gala all over you.

  1. How is that someone like you is still single?

This is a sure shot way of telling him/her that why do you want to remain single when you are there for him/her. If he/she has the same feelings for her, he/she will divulge all of their secrets and open up before you. If he dodges the question that is a way of telling you that he is not onto you or either he/she is not interested.

These are sure shot questions that you can ask your crush without the fear of losing him/her if you directly pop up the big question. By asking this questions, you are giving him/her the food for thought, he/she will really start thinking about you, or if your crush has already set his/her eyes upon you, then you can surely make the move to take the relationship between you to the next level.


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