7 Fun texting games to play with a guy


We are living in the world of Smartphones. We have more text applications than the necessary conversation requirement. However, when you’re bored and feeling sluggish, some typical texting games can be a real fun and boost up your mood. We have listed some of the texting games in this article that are cool, funny to make you giggle, and would definitely encourage attraction when you are playing with a guy.  Go through the following seven fun texting games to play with a guy! fun texting game to play with a guy 1

Would you Rather……….

Would you Rather is a funny classic texting game. Playing this with a guy or your crush can be fun, weird, and illogical and at the same time serious too. The idea behind this game is to build up a conversation and understand the other person. The game is to compare two terrible options generally paradoxes and inquire which one form the options the other player rather choose. Like: Would you rather be buried alive or stabbed to death?

20 Questions

We are aware of this game since we were a kid. It’s just 20 Questions — 20 questions to get to know each other and their past through texts. It will keep the guy interested, and you would get to know the deep dark and the most chilling secrets of your crush. Even though you would be tempted to know all the mysteries of his life but make sure your questions don’t make too hard on him. Just keep the fun quotient high!!

Kiss, Marry, and Kill

This game is totally fun when you are playing it with your crush. While playing with other guys might make your boyfriend a bit envious but it is just for the fun. This texting game has three components as the Kiss, Marry, and Kill. Just pick three people, and guy you texting has to decide which one they would kiss, marry, and kill. Try to give them hard choices of people, or all the people they can’t stand. Easy set of choices might kill the fun.


This texting game is quite challenging and demanding. It will make both the texting partner guess and think. What makes it interesting is the fact that instead of using popular abbreviations, one has to abbreviate what they are doing at that exact moment. Suppose if you’re drinking juice and watching Breaking Bad, you will write DJWBB. Likewise, your texting partner has to guess what this abbreviation means and stands for. It is a fun game but requires a lot of thinking skill.

fun texting game to play with a guy 2

I Spy

It’s really an engaging and fun game. The general idea of this game is to spy on your better half and identify his/her location. Everyone loves to spy, and chicks love to find whereabouts of their crush. However, it’s more complicated when you’re not in the same locality. The game requires texting the picture of the nearby places and make your texting partner wonder about the location of the place. Give them a little hint and keep them engaged.

Build a Story

This texting game is ideal for a couple. It will keep both of them on their toes and result in ultimate fun. One of the partners has to start a story with a word or phrase and by taking turns both the texting partners have to build up a complete story. This game is interesting and entertaining and will keep both the texting partners well occupied. The end result is super fun and an amusing new story.

Emoji Games

Emojis and Smileys are text in themselves. You can convey the gamut of emotions through emojis and smileys. Smartphones have various emojis of all kinds of genre and emotions. However, some emojis are difficult to guess. Generally, sending emoji to boyfriend is always fun, but string them together in a thread can be a lot more fun. Just try to converse only in emojis and get the sense of the meaning. This will keep both of you engaged in a funnier way.


Many people feel text games are very difficult to play.  Text game is like any other game and over a period of time engaging in text game would make you a master of the game.  The game will be a fascinating and wonderful one if you know the trick of the game. Text games are not supported by graphics.  The content of the texts will be left for your imagination.  Your ability to imagine or craft the text will improve over a continuous period of interaction.

Text gaming contributes a lot of general information and interactive skills.  It will help to read out things from a half cooked or not very clear text of words.  There are a lot of fun involved in the text game because you will be learning something new every time of texting.  You can expect to have your typing skill improvement, general knowledge improvement and also ability to dissect a coded text breaking. The above given seven fun texting games to play with a guy can be used to play with your best friend to get to know him close to your heart.


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