16 Fun Things to Do with Your Boyfriend at Home


There are moments when being in a relationship will leave you financially strained and you may not have the money to go out on a date. However this should not be a cause for alarm as there are some fun activities that you can engage in from the comfort of your home. Even if you have the money, there are moments when you and your boyfie will be trying to save some money and this means that you will have less of restaurant dates and less of going to the movies. If you are looking for a way to enjoy your date at home, here are some 15 fun things that you can do with your boyfriend at home.

  1. Enjoy a video game marathon

There are many guys out there who enjoy playing a video game. If this sounds like your man, why don’t you let him join you in something that you he loves? Not only will he love you more but he will love the good times that you spend together. You can maintain a sheet of paper where you can keep the score of who has won. Also ensure that you have played as many games as it is possible. You can try out different games from the dance revolution to the Fifa world cup to the Dance Revolution. However, it is also important to avoid getting too competitive or else you might end up getting in a senseless argument.

  1. Have a routine for a home workout
    Are you looking for a way to get into shape but have never being to a gym? All you will need to do is to begin a workout routine at home. It doesn’t matter whether it is just but a jog around a particular block or you just need to follow a workout video; it can be great to have someone to push you as you exercise. This will help you to burn the calories and you are also likely to have a blast as you follow your routine.
  2. Get into a cooking competition

It could be that you have various groceries and leftovers that needs to be gotten rid of. You can create a swimming competition with this. All you will need to do is to use the ingredients in your kitchen to concoct something that is different for you to eat. Ensure that at the end, you can taste each other’s meal to see who makes a better one, You can give each other marks based on taste, creativity and presentation, just like it is the case with any other cooking competition on TV. This can even end up giving you a favorite recipe.

  1. Create your own game

Do you feel that the games that you already have are boring? You do not have to worry as all that you will need to do is to create your own game. It could be a drinking game that is out of your favorite show on TV or even a movie. You can also create an own sport to play while outside. You don’t have to join a game that is completely logical and it can even be more fun if the game doesn’t make much sense. You can also write down the rules so that you can play the game with your friends and family later.

  1. Enjoy pillow talk

There are moments when spending the entire day is bed can be a good thing. All you will need to do is to have enough stock on movies and snacks. You can then spend the entire day together without even leaving the bed. You will disconnect from the world for a day or even two and this may be just what you need to relax and enjoy one another’s company. You can also take the time to watch an entire series that you didn’t have the time to watch. Ensure that you play and talk around one another too. Switch off the laptops and cell phones and wear something that is comfortable.

  1. Board games

There are many people who love board games. If you are the kind who can spend the whole day playing the games without ever giving up or trying to be a control freak, this would definitely be a good  idea of having fun. You will definitely have a lot of fun.

  1. Movie marathon

Nowadays there are so many ways I which you can access movies with your boyfie. These methods range from Redbox to Netflix. This means you can have a wide range of movies that you can use to embark on a movie marathon. However, you will also need to remember to have the popcorn as well as some other snacks. It could be that you don’t want to watch the old movies. You can decide to watch the other person’s favorite movie or even a classic movie from your early childhood.

  1. Scrap-booking

This can also be an enjoyable activity that you can engage in. You can make a scrap book from the great vacation that you went to or just one for the relationship. Not only will it be fun but it will also be something that you can look back several years later. You don’t have to go showing it to everyone. Instead, you can just let it be something special between the two of you.

  1. Indoor picnic

Incase you were planning to get into an activity but you found that it was raining outside; you do not have to mind. You can join in an indoor picnic. You can get some foods, drinks and snack, spread a blanket and enjoy your picnic while indoors. The fact that the weather isn’t good is not a reason why you cannot have fun. You can lay the blanket into the living room or bedroom and enjoy a romantic picnic for the two of you even without necessarily leaving the comfort of your home.

  1. Know one another better

This may seem dumb or boring but after a period of time together, couples find themselves hitting a rut where they no longer get to know one another. However, there is always an opportunity to understand your partner every day. You will be surprised to find out that there is more that you do not know about each other. You can just choose to sit with one another and take time to ask all the silly questions on your partner. These can be silly questions like. If you had the opportunity to become an animal, what animal would you be? If you had an opportunity to meet the person of your dream, who would that be? What would you tell them?

11. Camp in the living room

Can you remember those moments when you were little and took time to create forts in the home? You can bring the inner kid in you back to life and create a big adult fort in the living room. Take time to heat the TV diners or lounge in that inflatable bed.

  1. Enjoy a photo shoot

You can take the time to be a little silly by engaging in a funny photo shoot. You can choose to dress in the way you want in the house and put makeup. You can then set a self-timer with which you can take several pictures. If you feel that pictures aren’t really your thing, you can choose to try out videotaping the good time s and even post them on Youtube.

13. Enjoy a karaoke night

Choose lyrics from Youtube and enjoy singing some of your favorite tunes together.

14. Decorate mugs

Buy some mugs at the local store and decorate them. This will be a good reminder of how much you love one another as you drink from the mug each morning.

15. Play games

You can engage in some games where you run after one another around the home or even engage in other fun activities. You can pose for pictures while dressed in masquerade or ball gowns dresses, carry out a boudoir shoot or even engage in some silly shots of one another. The most important thing is for you to ensure that you engage in an activity where you have fun and have a hearty laugh. Unless you want to be that professional photographer, some of your photo will look weird, wonky or just wonderful.

16. Spoil one another

You can some great moment by just spoiling one another. You can cook the favorite dish for your boyfie, give him a bath or just a good massage. You can also read for him his favorite book while adding some naughty, romantic or other twists that are just relaxing. All this will depend on your feeling. You can also ask him to do the same for you the next time.

With these interesting things, it is possible to bring your love sparks together even without having to spend a fortune. So, what are you waiting for? Try then and you will have fun at a minimal budget.


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