30 Funny Questions To Ask A Guy You Like


“Only work makes John a dull boy” we hear this proverb indigenously. Fun and entertainment put a deep impression in our life. Sometimes we feel much tensed during our work, and then make some funny things which will give you relaxed. You will find a very seldom funny persons are in tensed mood. Wrath may result in some obnoxious work. Moreover, communication is the key to any relation, and lack of communication and fun has many adverse effects on a relationship.

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Funny questions are the most interesting thing among two or more while they can break the ice amid them and make smile or laugh out of those questions. Rather than make smiles, it can help to unlock some secrets as well. When someone gets bored at home, and suddenly you ask these funny questions to them, they break into a laugh. In this article, we have listed 30 most funny questions to ask a guy you like.

  1. Why do you think that you are attractive?

Why it is funny: It is a shocker of a question! Because, when this issue occurs, that guy takes a deep breath and tries to get some confidence. This action can make another laugh.

  1. What was your prime date ever?

Why it is funny: When you ask him about his prime date or first date then the guy feel shy and gets ready to express it with a blush, and it seems amusing to others.

  1. What is your favourite joke?

Why it is funny: The joke may be funny or may not be funny. But the amount of effort he puts in to make it funny makes it funny!

  1. If you could be a lady for a whole day, what would thou act at that moment?

Why funny: Whenever a man acts like a woman it becomes hilarious for anybody. Just imagine a boy acting like a girl and walking on the street in a female costume!

  1. What were the most uncomfortable things that have ever occurred to you?

Why funny: It is hilarious! People encounter a lot of unpleasant things in life and while someone explains them to you makes it more comic.

  1. When you become a friend with a guy, and he asked you how did you feel about me?

Why funny: The Sometimes answer will hysterical and make the persons giggle. Because they cannot say anything to that person whatever he or she think bed and tell them a right to that person.

  1. Would you ever miss a game to spend some time with me?

Why funny: This question is a catch! Any guy who loves sports and loves to watch a game of soccer will ty to make funny excuses.

  1. Are you accepting any applications for a girlfriend?

Why funny: Most of the guys are always on the hunt for a girl! So yes, deep inside they are ready to take applications, but they don’t get many applications in reality.

  1. Have you (boy) ever carried makeup?

Why funny: Imagine you guy carrying your makeup and walking on the street! He might have carried some makeup some point of time, and that might have been a part of a truth and dare! When he explains the story, it becomes hilarious.

  1. What are the things you afraid most?

Why funny: He might look rough and tough. But if he answers that he is afraid of spiders or ghosts then it’s hilarious, and you can have a good laugh on that.

  1. What kind of work that makes you best?

Why funny: This question means tell me about your talent. He may show off that he is a damn good driver, and he won a lot of title from racing, but the reality is, he doesn’t even know how to ride a bicycle!

  1. Did you ever been seen naked by anyone?

Why funny: This question is embarrassing for any person. In our childhood life, almost everyone faces this situation, and whenever we imagine this situation and explains this to others, it becomes a matter of joke and fun!

  1. If you could improve any body part, what will you do?

Why funny:  Your guy will freak out in this question! If he says he is not happy with any body part and wants to change this, it becomes hilarious!

  1. What is the extreme intimate moment in your life?

Why Funny: This question can shock him, and the look on his face will make you laugh a lot. However, this question is an interesting one and may open up many funny conversations from it.

  1. How do you describe a perfect girl?

Why funny: If he tells that he like a woman with huge…..! It should not shock you. Rather it is very funny how he thinks about the assets of a woman

  1. Do you believe in the existence of ghost?

Why Funny: Many guys ignores that and say that they don’t but if your guy answers that he is afraid of ghosts then it turns to a funny situation. You can make a lot of jokes and fun with him about this. You may show him a clip of a horror movie to check it out!

  1. Which is your favourite comedy film?

Why funny: Discussing any comedy movie with someone else is always funny. Let him explain and let him act some part of that movie and you can also join the party by cracking some jokes and remembering some funny takes of that particular film!

  1. What will I hear if I can read your mind?

Why funny: Again it must be funny. Every person has something weird in their mind but for guys it’s beyond imagination!

  1. How do you feel when some individual call you the ominous nickname?

Why funny: It is very embarrassing to a person when any person calls him or her with his or her weird nickname. It usually breaks to laugh actually. It might be uncomfortable for him, but his reactions will make you giggle.

  1. If you got a lottery then what will you do with this money?

Why funny: Guys have some hilarious and ridiculous plans with the money. His planning will make you laugh for sure!

  1. What is your excited sexual secret?

Why funny: No need to explain this one! Everybody has their special secret, and whenever he stars telling that to you, you will break in laugh!

  1. How many selfies do you have on your phone?

Why funny: It is a hilarious question. Every girl has a fascination to click pictures and selfies and if you could check there are lots of selfies with the almost same posse on their mobile. However, guys are also doing the same thing, but they are keeping it secret! It is hilarious and funny!

  1. Who is your favorite TV character which you want to play in real life?

Why Funny: What funny about this is, he will compare himself with some character which you can’t even imagine in your darkest dream! Moreover, he gets into the role so much that he starts pretending to be that character!

  1. What do you do when you are drunk?

Why funny: Every man or woman has some crazy stories when they get drunk and no doubt these are hilarious! It’s a chance to have a great laugh while discussing this topic.

  1. Will you be able to touch your nose with your tongue?

Why funny: It’s funny when they starts trying this and mostly he will not be able to do that!

  1. If given a week to do whatever you want, what would you do?

Why funny: Man has some crazy plans when they get time off. It will make you laugh when he says something like; he wants to spend the time by playing a silly Xbox game or by chilling out with friends and pizza!

  1. Is there any enemy of your life?

Why funny: While trying to pretend to be a good guy, he will deny that he has any enemy, but if you poke him a little you will then get a list of probably 100 people!

  1. Do you like when you get tickled?

It’s a playful question. While asking that, you may tickle him a bit to excite him, and that will be fun for both of you.

  1. What pick up line you use?

Guys have some crazy, and corny pickup lines, and these are always funny. Let him apply the same pickup line on you and this will be a matter of laugh.

  1. Do you have any awkward intimate moment?

When it embarrassing and sexual, it is the funniest thing. He might get embarrassed by the question, but it must be a hilarious situation!

Well, these were the 30 funny question to ask a guy you like, and we believe you will have a lot of fun together while discussing these.


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