Funny Relationship Memes For Her


Memes. They are the universal language that is trending even as this is being typed out. The word itself was first widely used by Richard Dawkins in a book from 1976 titled The Selfish Gene. It was a word to describe a certain way cultural information spreads. That term began to rise in the early 2000’s when the internet started using funny pictures to spread the current cultural trends and info. Interesting, huh? That is exactly why on your great search for funny memes for her, you ended up here. Because you want to share some good laughs about current events and jokes with the person you love the most. The more time that seems to goes on, the more popularly memes are used as almost a form of communication with the people you consider closest to you. It has become a way to show someone you care about them and think of them on a day to day basis. Memes have generally become the language of the entire internet and is spoken by virtually everyone connected by it. There is not a greater feeling, though, than receiving some from the person you are in love with! The reason it is the best is because they are just so darn easy to find yourself relating to!  Memes always bring fun to the equation of love and also brightens up the day between two lovebirds. These memes that we have gathered below are the best around and are all women, all the time! Everything about these are so easy to relate to if you are a girl, it’s almost unbelievable! So whether you are a woman looking for some funny and easy to connect with or you are a man looking for some awesome memes to send your girl to get her laughing nonstop, these are the perfect memes for you!

There are those days where you are searching for a certain kind of memes. Those are the memes of a girl being, well let’s not put it lightly, a little bit of a drama queen! If you are a drama queen, you need to learn the laugh at yourself. Yep, these memes are perfect for just that. They perfectly sum up all those fierce women with strong attitudes! They may be cute and quirky, but they sure know how to put on a show. Maybe you are one of those girls, maybe not! Check them out anyways just for a good laugh.

Other days you and bae might find yourself not quite getting along as well. It could be temporary or it could be the start of a downward spiral. Either way sometimes a meme about it is really what you need to lighten the mood and bring a smile to everyone’s lips. A little arguing is totally normal for couples. Did you know partners bicker an estimated  two thousand times a year? Yeah! Crazy, right? So the best you can do is bring a little bit of positivity to a fairly negative situation. Whether she is stubborn or just plain crazy, these memes are perfect for her when a little laughing is need. It’s said laughing is good for the soul, might as well give it a shot!

 Then you have those rare occasions where the mood is completely light and nothing has yet gone wrong. So you find that you are itching to look some cute, uplifting, yet extremely funny relationship memes. Memes that make you realize you are with the perfect partner after all! If you share things like these with each other, you may just even be soulmates. These are the very definition of something that we now call ‘relationship goals’.

Lastly we have gathered a great collection of simply chuckle-worthy memes for her. These memes are, in simple terms, cute in every single way. These are the memes that get looked at and the person viewing them says, “Oh, that is SO true!” Every relationship can relate to these. 

Every special woman out there deserves amazing memes to laugh at and relate to throughout the day! They may just be the thing she finds herself looking forward to in the mornings. Who knows?  There is no better way to cheer her up than by sending her one of the memes we have put up here for your viewing. Relationships are such a special bond between two people. Nothing else in the world can ever start to compare to bringing a smile upon your partner’s face with a funny picture and quote! Laughing brings people together and brightens anyone day in a matter of mere seconds. So why not do it with some fun, quirky and cute relationships memes meant just for her? Give them a shot anytime, anywhere and let us know just how much these made you laugh!


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