Although a lot of people don’t like to admit it, there is one thing right now that is trending so hard, it has almost completely taken the world by storm. You have probably already guessed it- MEMES! Yes, that is right, memes have become the newest form of quick communication between you and those who are closest to you in this world. Memes are a great way to bond with the people you love and bring you closer together, literally any time of the day! They are a great way to spread a message you are trying to tell to someone or even just a great way to bring some humor to your conversations. You must find yourself on social media tagging your friends, family and your partners in memes at some point during the day, right? That is most likely how you stumbled here. Our guess- You are on the hunt for some strong, funny and amazing memes because you need a good laugh every now and then. Who doesn’t? Memes bring so much joy to everyone who has the pleasure of viewing them. But the very best memes, are the ones you get to share with the person you love. Relationship memes are the number one memes when it comes to getting a good chuckle. There is nothing funnier than a meme that relates to your relationship. These following memes are memes that any guy will be able to relate to. Whether you are a guy looking for funny memes that you feel at one with or a girl trying to find memes to your favorite guy- They are all man, all the time! Any guy will get a good gut-wrenching laugh from these.

Sometimes all you really need in your life is a great meme to make you laugh when there has been a few bumps in the road. Like all the hilariously unfortunate things that happen when you have been in a relationship for a crazy long time or if you tend to get in a lot of heated arguments. Or maybe your girl gets a little too crazy at times. It happens. There are a lot of different kinds of ups and downs in any relationship. However, you know you will always (usually and hopefully) make it up at the end of the day, but until then here are some great, laugh-worthy memes that will most definitely make sides start to hurt.

Then there are always those days where you just seem to need to see something that you can relate to when it comes to having a totally off-her-rocker type of girlfriend. You know the kind, don’t you? The ones who always accuse you of cheating or taking ‘too long’ coming home. Sure, she probably does it out of love, but you can also have a good time laughing along with these types of memes. Although jealousy is not always so much fun to deal with in person, the memes about it sure are! Take a look below.

But there does not always have to be negative connotations that come along with extremely funny relationship memes that are meant for and related to by men. No, there are some very cute, lovable and adorable memes out there for the man who is feeling all the love in the world for his babe. There is nothing sweeter than a funny AND cute relationship meme, is there? These are perfect memes to share with your partner. They are something every couple can relate to no matter how long they have been dating.

Last, but not even close to least, are the plain and simply hilarious memes. Sometimes you just need something a little sillier to get you by. Something without any hidden messages, but that you can still empathize with. Like when she wants to meet the parents! These memes are just too good not to share! Give them a quick glance over and if you aren’t laughing by the end, you may just be dead inside.

There are hundreds of thousands of funny-as-heck relationship memes out there to bring you closer together with the love of your life. Or tear you apart. KIDDING! It all depends on the type of memes you share, that is. Love is a crazy, beautiful, messy thing, but it is so totally worth it in the end. Especially when the two of you can have a good laugh together sometimes. You know what they say- “A couple who looks at memes together, stays together!” They say that, right? Now that you have seen all the great, funny relationship memes for him, let us know what you think!


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