Gluten Free Chinese Food


bowl-of-rice1If you have a gluten allergy, suffer from Celiac disease and love Chinese food it may make it difficult for you to know what you should and what you should not eat. Many foods such as breads, baked goods, and other starchy type foods contain gluten in their flour and ingredients.

However with the rise of Celiac disease and individuals who have allergic reactions to Gluten more and more Gluten-free foods are being manufactured. Even with this there are many Chinese foods that you can still continue to enjoy and eat whether it be from the convenience in your home or while eating at a Chinese restaurant..

To better help you understand which foods are safe and which are not, we have comprised an ample list of the many Chinese foods and cuisines that you can eat without hesitation and those foods that you should avoid entirely.

Gluten Free Chinese Food You Can Eat

precious-chinese#1 Vegetables that are Steamed

Chinese cuisines include many side dishes of steamed vegetables that include broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts and more.

As long as there are no sauces on the vegetables you can consider that you are playing it safe. Eat all the veggies you want.

download (19)#2 Baked, Broiled, Steamed and Un-Battered Meats & Fish

Any type of meat that is broiled, baked, and not smothered in sauce should be perfectly fine for you to eat!

The fish, chicken, red meats, calamari, and more can be consumed as long as it is baked, steamed, boiled, or broiled..

bowl-of-rice1#3 Rice

Rice whether it is brown, yellow, vegetable fried rice, or white is also a Gluten-Free Chinese food.

It is nutritious and has essential vitamins and minerals in it that aids digestion, gives you an energy boost, and provides you with calories that you need to sustain your body.

No-MSG2#4 MSG is Not off Limits

There used to be problems with the MSG contained so often in Chinese Foods. Many used to contain Gluten, but these days they are made with other ingredients that are Gluten-Free.

Those who were once sensitive and allergic to MSG are no longer having the same issues since the changes have been made to this food preservative.

images (20)#5 Gluten-Free Foods, Noodles, Sauces

With the Gluten-free revolution in full-play, more and more Chinese restaurants are adding Gluten Free foods to their menu and buffets. If foods are marked Gluten-Free then you should be okay eating all that you want. Additionally, food manufacturers are also adding Gluten-Free items to their oriental lines of foods. You can find TV dinners, sauces, noodles, eggrolls, wontons, fortune cookies, and more prepackaged foods that are safe for you to eat as well.

Chinese Foods to Avoid

Although there are many Chinese foods that are fine for you to eat, there is also equally as many that you should absolutely try to avoid.

Here is a small list of those foods:

o#1 No Fried or Battered Foods

Fried foods or foods that are battered have a high potential NOT to be Gluten-free. You should really try at all costs to stay away from them as these are the culprits that will put your gluten allergies into high gear.

The content of gluten in them is pretty high as well, so play it safe and avoid fried or battered foods.

Soy-sauce#2 Watch Out for the Soy Sauce

Soy sauce unless it specifically states on the label that it is  Gluten free food should also be avoided. If you do need and cannot live without soy sauce we suggest you buy your own and take it to the restaurant with you. You should also be careful to ask about different foods that may be cooked in soy sauce.

2376398865_4b77e78142#3 Brown Gravies, Food Cooked in or With in Sauces

Foods that are smothered in brown gravies and other types of sauces most likely contain gluten. Whether it is brown steak or sweet and sour chicken- most foods that are drenched in sauces you can bet have a high content of gluten contained in them.

You need to skip these types of foods if possible. Even if you are tempted be sure it is worth it!

download (20)#4 Skip the Eggrolls, Wontons, and Fortune Cookies

We know that most likely eggrolls, wontons and fortune cookies are probably your all time favorite Chinese foods, but unless they are labeled and marked Gluten Free we do not advice you to take the risk. Chances are high that these foods contain gluten in them.

They are the worst foods we can list here that you must avoid or pay the price of a flare-up!

Gluten Free Chinese Foods: Stick to Gluten-Free Diet

As you can tell there are many foods on our list that you can choose from, and seeing how much the Gluten Free market is expanding should give you great hope that you do not have to give up all of your favorite Chinese cuisines. In fact, besides grocery stores and supermarkets, restaurants are also beginning to add many Gluten-free items to their menus!

Your best bet is to ask when in doubt, find a restaurant that is advertising Gluten Free selections on their menu, and to also see what wonderful gluten free chinese foods that your local grocer carries.


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