50 Good Morning Texts for Her


There are ways to wake up, then there are ways to wake up. Waking up on a sunny day is usually that much better than a rainy day. Add a cup of coffee and a note from someone you love, or have a crush on, and the morning takes on truly glorious qualities. In places where it rains often, it can be downright essential to add something nice to your morning routine to get you out of bed even!

morningIf you want to make someone you date, or are in a relationships with, feel good, then there are texts that will most certainly help you with that and I’ve listed some below. Of course, if you are there in person with them, some of these can be whispered in their ear, or left as a note on their breakfast table instead.

whisperThere’s a difference between a text and text as well – sometimes you will want to be romantic, others sexy, yet others loving, or just encouraging. We all need different things at different times. A “Good luck on the interview, I know you’ll nail it because you’re the most incredible creature alive” can be the best text ever if your girl has a job interview that day. A sexy text on a morning like that, on the other hand, might only serve as a distraction.

breakfastThere’s also a difference in the kind of texts you send to someone you’re dating and someone you’ve been going out with for three years. There are simply different texts for different days and stages of the relationship. Of course choose texts that suit her personality too – if she isn’t the poetic kind starting to recite Shakespeare first thing in the morning probably isn’t going to work. Unless you want to make her laugh hysterically that is…

1. The sun is up and reminds me how beautiful you look when you wake up in the morning. 

Such a cute text showing you have memorized what she looks like in the morning.

2. Sparkle! Another day has dawned, meaning I have another day with you! 

The sun is out and you’re showing who’s the sunshine in your life…and reminding her to sparkle!

3. Good morning beautiful.

As simple as it gets, yet who doesn’t love waking up to a text like that?

4. I heard my alarm go off to alert me that the most beautiful woman in the world is now awake! 

Both funny and flattering.

5. Being in love with you makes me get out of bed every morning with a smile on my lips. 

Who doesn’t like hearing that? It’s a gift to know you can make someone smile!

6. Morning beautiful! Have an awesome day. I love you. 

Compliments, love and wishing someone a great day – you’ve managed to squeeze it all into one text!

7. Hey wonderful, you gotta wake up! I know it’s hard as you were probably dreaming about me, but I’m even better in real life 😉 

Funny, yet sweet.

8. The sun is rising! And we have a new day together. Isn’t that awesome?! 

Showing just how much you love spending time with her.

9. Good morning gorgeous! The sun is a s beautiful as you today!

On a sunny day, this is the perfect text.

10. Do you see those rays of sun today? They remind me of you as they always make your hair glisten when they dance around in it. You’re so beautiful in the morning you know. 

Is that romantic, or what? A bit poetic too…

11. Morning gorgeous! The sun is out – let’s go play!

A playful text. Will remind her of when she was a kid and always woke up ready to play with a new day!

12. Good morning sweetness, I’m drinking coffee and thinking of you (of course). Wishing you a wonderful day. See you tonight 🙂 

Sweet text to let her know you’re thinking of her whilst having breakfast.

morning-313. I can’t bring you coffee today, but I can wish you a wonderful day! See you later… 

Just to show her that if you were there, you’d make her breakfast.

14. Good morning. I love you. 

Now there’s a thought – love first thing in the morning. Mmmm.

15. Good morning love. Wanna come play with me in the sun today? 

Another playful way of asking her out for the day.

16. Good morning beautiful one. You know, you’re the first person I thought of as I woke up today. And that made me smile 🙂 

How nice isn’t it to know that someone thinks about you first thing in the morning? And it makes them smile!

17. Hello sunshine. Still dreaming? Of me? 

Cute and a bit cheeky.

18. I had a dream about you this morning…

The perfect text to maker her ask what you were actually dreaming of her…it better be good!

19. Brrr. It’s freezing! Wish you were here so we could cuddle all morning…

Sweet on a winter’s day.

20. So grateful to wake up and know I have you in my life. 


21. Morning my love. My pillow still smells like you…wish you were here.

Sweet reminder of her last visit.

22. Each day I wake up and think of how much I love you. You make me feel love in ways I can never possibly express, other than by simply loving you. Good morning! 

Now this is seriously loving. And lovable.

23. A new day is dawning and it makes me smile as I know I will spend it with you. Good morning gorgeous!

Aww. How sweet is that? Doesn’t it make you happy to know someone is grateful every time they get to spend time with you?!

24. Here’s to hoping you’ll have a day as lovely as you are. 

Super sweet.

25. Thinking about you only takes a second each morning, but the smile it puts on my face lasts all day. 

How cute isn’t that? It will make her smile knowing you’re smiling. And remind her of what it’s like when you first fall in love if you’ve already been together for a while. You know that first few days together when you smile so much your face is hurting?! That. (Be warned though – this is kind of a standard text, so you won’t score in the originality department.)

26. Good morning sexy. I just had an amazing dream about you…I’m not sure I want to wake up actually. Unless I get to see you right now. Do I get to see you right now? 

Cute and sexy even if you know you won’t get to see her that minute. Plus she will certainly ask you what your dream was about, so be prepared to share!

27. I’m just making my first cup of coffee for the day whilst thinking about you. It truly is like brewing happiness!

If she loves coffee as much as she loves you, she’ll understand…

28. I’m so inspired this morning – I love my job, I love my home, I love my friends and, did I mention, I love you?!

The perfect message to share some morning happiness!

29. Good morning! I am so in love with you I think I will burst with happiness every morning when I wake up! 

Now, on a scale of one to ten, how happy do you think this text will make her?

30. I just wanna see you smile right now, because I’m smiling thinking about you every morning when I wake up. Are you smiling? 

That’s one message that is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

31. Have a blessed, blessed day…and bless me with seeing you in the evening? 

A lot of yogis have started using “blessings” as part of their everyday vocabulary…so if she’s into yoga, tell her what a blessing she is!

32. Have a beautiful day, beautiful one. 

A lot of beauty. Who wouldn’t smile?

33. So I’m probably late for work, but I just had to say good morning to you. Wish I could kiss you good morning too…

Sweet and sexy at the same time. And sort of funny if you’re the guy that’s always running late in the morning and run around like a tornado unable to find what you’re looking for…

34. I hope you will have a happy, happy day today! 

Not very romantic, but very sweet nonetheless. Especially if you know she needs some happiness in her life right now.

35. I wish I could kiss you good morning right now, but as I can’t, I’m sending you a kiss instead 🙂  

A simple text to let you know you’re thinking of kissing her.

36. I’m still all snuggled up in bed and wishing you were here… 

Could be cute, could be sexy. Depends on where you take the conversation next…

37. Hey sunshine, it’s a new day! And I’m so happy to have you in my life!

Again, you’re showing gratitude for having her in your life, which is always nice. The more grateful you are for her, the more grateful she’s likely to be to have you (so long as you still have your own life that is).

38. Hey sunshine! It’s a new day. What adventures are we going to go on today?

Playful, fun and simply a nice way to start the day as she’ll start thinking about what she’d love to do. With you. Of course.

39. Good morning! Did I tell you I’m madly in love with you lately?

There’s something about not just loving someone, but being madly in love with them. It’s playful, filled with attraction and fun.

40. The morning sun always makes me smile…and think of you.

Very simple and sweet. Of course, it needs to be true though – the morning sun really has to make you think of her.

41. I don’t know if I’m dreaming or awake: I had this dream where I’d found this amazing girl who I was totally in love with…but I sort of think that’s real. Is it? 🙂 

As Dr. Seuss said: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” And sometimes your dreams simply are your reality.

42. Good morning! Are you excited about our date tonight? Because I’m already counting the hours…

If you’ve planned something special this can be a nice text to truly make her excited about your date. You can follow up with another one at midday and then one in the evening just before leaving work… Just make sure you truly have planned a date to remember!

43. Love is in the air this morning. I can feel it. Can’t you? 

A nice reminder that you’re in love with her.

44. Morning gorgeous. I think I’m just going to stay in bed and daydream about you all day. Never mind work…

To show her you are indeed daydreaming about her. Even if you have to get dressed and go to work.

45. Morning beautiful! I think I’ve got an acute case of the love bug this morning. Can’t think straight. Have to kiss you. When do I get to see you?

A nice way of asking for a date, if I may say so myself!

46. Our date last night was super fantastic. Thank you. I’m going to go to work smiling today because of it 🙂 

Women love hearing that you enjoyed spending time with them.

47. It was lovely seeing you last night. 

Same as the previous one – women adore hearing that you love spending time with them. I guess it’s the confirmation we all seek.

48. Look outside Gorgeous. It’s snowing. 

People often associate snowfall with beauty, so sending her a message about it shows you want to share the beauty with her. Unless, of course, it’s snow chaos outside, then this is not the right text to send her! It’s more like “OMG, first snowfall of the year – it’s scenically beautiful and I want to share this moment with you!”

49. Look outside babe. The leaves are literally sparkling in the sunshine today. So beautiful. Hot chocolate and hugs/kisses later? 

Another text where you want to share the beauty of the moment with her; this time the beauty of fall. And it’s a nice way to ask her if she wants to meet up for a date later. You better make sure there’s hot chocolate though! (You can choose if you use “hugs” or “kisses” depending on where you’re at in the relationship and/or what you feel like!)

50. I think it’s the first day of spring today – the sun is out, I have butterflies in my belly and I’m feeling madly in love with you! Want to come round for kisses later? Or maybe a picnic in the sun? 

Those spring feelings… (Don’t tell her to come round for kisses if your relationship isn’t at that stage though! Could be misinterpreted otherwise…)


  1. Good morning baby, they have laws against child labor, so that means you get to stay home with me until further notice.

    Good morning, I woke up thinking I was still in heaven because I woke up with an angel.

    Good morning beautiful, even though it may be cloudy or rainy, thinking of you always brightens my day.

    • I’m not sure about the first one, but the last two are extremely cute. 🙂 I am sure that our other readers will appreciate getting the extra ideas. Thanks for commenting, Joshua Kidwell!

  2. The 50 morning texts are so nice they have updated my morning greetings skill to both my wife & girlfriend as i have two.

    • If your wife and girlfriend are unaware of each other, then it would be best for you to tell them of the situation. It is only fair for their emotional well-being.

    • Good morning baby, they have laws against child labor, so that means you get to stay home with me until further notice.

      Good morning, I woke up thinking I was still in heaven because I woke up with an angel.

      Good morning beautiful, even though it may be cloudy or rainy, thinking of you always brightens my day.

      • It seemed like you commented twice on this one. I have to answer and approve each comment individually, so it may take me a little while to answer all of them. If you do not see a response right away, do not worry because you will. Read through my last response and let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for commenting!

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