40 Good Morning Texts For Him


Nothing brings that magical feeling like being in love with him.  Making your man feel that you love and treasure him can come naturally if you truly love him. You don’t need to give expensive gifts to your partner or take him for expensive dinners but there are other simple methods that you can use to make him know that you value him. One of the best and simplest ways that you can use to show him that you value him is by sending him some love quotes. These can show him that you feel happy and blessed to have him. If you have no idea the kind of message to send to him, you should not worry; we have 40 cute messages that will show your affection for him.


  1. The reason why I did not put sugar in my coffee this morning is that your love is so sweet. Good morning my love.

Men love girls who are intelligent and have a sense of humor. This message will bring out your creative side as well as your light side. He will understand that you mean that he is so sweet but you just decided to put in a creative way.

  1. Good morning love. I have a surprise today. I want to let you know that I will count every second until you come home tonight.

While there may be many messages that are more romantic that you can send to your love each day, at times it can help to send a message that is lighthearted. Nothing can help you to do this like this message. While he will understand that you are joking, this will also prove to him how much you treasure him.

  1. Though I am not the best in fishing, I thank God for helping me get the best catch. Good morning love.

This message will show him how much you treasure him. You appreciate the fact that you got him and are always ready to keep him. Send him this message and you will keep him smiling the whole day.

  1. Hello my Love. I first fell in love with your pretty face but with time, you touched my heart with your intelligence, kindness and sense of humor. You are my treasured possession and I thank God for you.

Every man wants to hear that he is intelligent and has a sense of humor. These qualities don’t come easily and even if you don’t believe so, send him this message and you will make him feel like the king.

  1. I was wondering where I saw you today and you looked very stunning. I just remembered that it was in my dreams.  Good morning handsome.

When you tell your guy that you dreamt with him last night, he will understand that you truly treasure him. However, you don’t have to tell him that in a plain way; you can add some humor to put across your message and I guarantee you that he will like it.

  1. Our anniversary is only once in a year. However, I celebrate having you every day as if it as our first day together. You came into my life and transformed everything for the better. Good morning my love.

It is not always easy to keep the flame of love burning especially after marriage. Nothing proves this than the fact that most marriages are collapsing. To keep your love flame burning, you will need to keep doing the small things that matter. And this is one of the messages that will help you to do that.

  1. I woke up this morning only to find that someone had stolen my heart. Then I discovered that it was you. Good morning Honey.

What to show your creative side? This is just the right message to do that.  He will appreciate your efforts and consider you to be intelligent.

  1. I hated morning until I found you. Now I look forward to each morning. Every day you make my morning brighter. Good morning dear.

Mornings can be very groggy. However, you can always feel very lucky to know that you already have him. Send him this message and he will appreciate the fact that he brightens up your morning.

  1. This morning I believe that you woke up with a smile and definitely that is the most handsome thing that I have ever seen. Good morning dear.

Who doesn’t want to be told that he is handsome? Send this message to your guy and he will really feel loved and treasured.

  1. This morning I cannot stop thinking about you. You are definitely my superstar who rocks my life. I can’t wait for the evening so that I can give you my hugs and kisses. Good morning Sweetheart.

If you want him to know that you adore him, this is just the right message for him. This will help you send out a message to him that you are truly obsessed with him. And I assure you that he will reciprocate by loving you back.

Good morning quotes_09

  1. This morning as I play our song during my commute, I can’t just stop thinking that I am the luckiest person in the world for being married to you.

This message will make your man appreciate the fact that you are enjoying every part of your life with him.

  1. When I was a little girl, I dreamt that I would only have that perfect husband. I thank God for making my dream come true.

Every husband would love to know that he is the perfect husband. Even if you have already told him that a thousand times, it will not do any harm to tell him these words again and again. Who doesn’t love hearing those sweet words?

  1. I do not need an alarm because I have you and you are the perfect wake up call. It is a joy to see you every morning.

Love doesn’t come automatically, it needs to be nurtured. And the best way to do this is making your hubby to know that every day he is the joy that drives you. Send this message to him and you will put across the point.

  1. There is only one man that I will love forever. And that man is none other than you. I look forward to the day when I will wake to your handsome face. Good morning honey.

This is the best message for you to confirm your love. If you are feeling sentimental, this is the right message to pour out your love to him.

  1. When I wake up in the morning, all I need is to think about is you and that is enough to brighten my day. Good morning my Love.

You can’t get him out of your mind and you want him to know that? Send him this message and you will have passed the message in a romantic way.

good morning text-1

  1. From the rising of the sun to the sunset of the same, I cannot stop thinking about you even for a single minute. I love you with all my heart.

This is another great message that you can use to confirm your love for him. Send it to him and he will feel so lucky to have someone who loves him with all her heart.

  1. If I was asked to make a choice to love again, I would choose you again. I promise that every morning that comes, I will love you more. Good morning Sweetie.

Have you ever thought of how we love hearing the words that someone loves us every day? This is the right message to brighten his day and know that you truly love him.

  1. Whenever I wake up in your arms, I just remember that you are the strongest! Thank you for being the joy of my life. Good morning Sexy.

Your man will definitely love to hear that the hours he spends in the gym are not in vain. Send him this message and he will truly appreciate.

  1. You are my hero; there is no other person to adore other than you. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to love you. Good morning darling.

Nothing makes a man proud than knowing that the love of his life adores him. Why not make him proud by sending him this romantic message?

  1. Last night I dreamt that I was with you; only to wake up and realize that you were by my side. That was the sweetest ending to a dream ever.

This is the perfect message as he will not be sure whether you picked it someone or it happened to you. When you send him this message, he will feel loved and treasured.

Good morning quotes_05

  1. The day may look gloomy but as long as you are there for me, there is nothing to be afraid of. Good morning dear.

We all love to know that we are important to someone and it can even feel better when you know that someone feels secure in you. Why don’t you brighten up his day by sending him this message?

  1. The day may have just begun. But all I want this day is to be in your loving arms. I can’t wait to be with you tonight.

You have the most loving man in the world. Why don’t you let him know that by sending him this message?

  1. This morning when I woke up, all I wanted was your kiss. Good morning dear.

If you have a man who is a great kisser, he will really appreciate the fact that you know that and you long for his kisses. Why don’t you show your sentimental side by sending him this message? This can be a good message to send to him if you feel as if some of the spark in the relationship has died off.

  1. When God created heaven and earth, he did one great thing; Creating you for me. Good morning my love.

You will definitely want your man to know that he is the perfect man for you. Why don’t you send this message to him and he will really feel loved?

  1. When I remember all the things you do and the romantic words that you speak to me, I just fall in love with you over and over again. I will never stop loving you.

Is your man so romantic and you have no words to say thank you? Why don’t you show that you appreciate him by sending him this message? This will take his game to the next level.

  1. Thank you for replacing my nightmares with sweet dream. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

There is always something nice about knowing that there is someone special you connect with and that person cares about you. Why don’t you also show him your feelings for him using this message?

  1. Whether I take tea or coffee, it doesn’t matter as I feel the same when I know that you love me. You are the sugar that I need in my morning cup. Good morning.

Want to get a little bit sentimental? Send him this message and he will understand that he means a lot to you.

  1. Whenever I see the warm rays of the sun shine through my window in the morning, I am always reminded that we were always meant for one another. I thank God for you. Good morning Honey.

The reason why you chose your guy is that he makes you feel good like no one else. Even if this is obvious for you, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like hearing it from you. Send him this message and he will feel your love.

  1. Tonight I did not need a blanket because I could feel your warmth embracing me. With your affection, everything seems right. I feel in cloud 9 when I am in your company. Good morning

With this flirty and lighthearted message, you will show your humorous side and sentimental side.

Good morning quotes_04

  1. Mornings can be boring. But knowing that there is someone who loves me makes them a joy to face. I wouldn’t have asked more from God other than you.

It is true that morning isn’t the best part of the day. If you want to brighten his morning, send him this message. You will see him respond with a romantic message for you.

  1. Have you ever wondered why my pillow doesn’t love you? It is because it knows that I don’t need it when you are beside me because of your warmth.

Do you want to send your morning love to your guy in a playful way? This is the right message for doing that. Send it to him and he will definitely love it.

  1. Your hugs are enough to make my day sweeter while your kisses give me a new meaning to life. Good morning sweetheart

This is a great message for showing your man that you treasures the romantic moments with him. When you send him this message, he will never forget to give you a hug or a kiss.

  1. This chilly morning I was searching for something to keep me warm but then I remembered that I had you.

Do you want your guy to know that you appreciate the great things he does? This is the best message for doing that. Send it to him and he will know that you truly treasure him.

  1. This morning I wish that you were close to me so that I would look into your eyes and say I love you.

Do you want to show your man that you mean every sentimental word you speak to him? Send him this message and he will agree that you truly love him.

  1. Gazing into the bright morning sun and thinking about you as I drink my coffee is the best thing that I do every morning. Good morning Sweet heart.

If you want to show your man that you treasure him and cannot stop thinking about him, send him this message and he will feel truly loved.

  1. No words can describe the bond that is there between you and me. No quote can describe my feelings for you. This is why I strongly believe that destiny has brought us together. Good morning

Do you feel that you lack the words to describe what you feel for him? You can let him know that by sending this message.

  1. This morning I woke up sweating. Not that it was too hot but I just remembered how hot you are. Good morning Sweetie.

What to tell him that he is handsome in a flirty and playful way? Why don’t you send him this message and you will start his day with a smile.

  1. Sending a good morning message to you is always the hardest thing for me to do. You want to know why? Because I always wish I was close to you to say that with a kiss. Good morning.

If you want to express your love for him and at the same time drop a hint that you wouldn’t mind an engagement to him, you should send him this message.

  1. As I start a new day, I take confidence in knowing that there is someone out there who truly loves me and cherish me. I love you too babe. Good morning

This is the best message for showing him that you truly appreciate his love. Send him this message and he will truly show his love for you.

  1. I think in your past life you must have been a coffee bean. This is because every morning, I start my day with you. Good morning dear.

If you want to tell him that he is always in your mind but in a playful way, why don’t you send him this message? It will definitely put a smile on his face and he will love your playful nature.


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