30 Good Questions to Ask Your Crush


All of us at some point have had affection toward someone that we are eye for. However, sometimes we find it difficult in getting along with our crush because we find it difficult to strike a conversion with them. Below is a set of 30 good questions that can help you to get along with that person with that person you are eyeing for.

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  1. Have you ever been in any relationship?

This is a very important question to ask yet it is the most difficult one to ask. This will give you the bearing of the kind of the relationship you are just to fall into because you will handle someone who has been in a relationship differently as compared to someone who has never fallen into love with someone. For instance you will want to know why they broke up.

  1. What are your hobbies?

Getting to know what you partner does when he/she is free is important because it helps you to understand the kind of life they live when they are free.

  1. What is the best moment of your life?

Understand what has amazed your crush in his/her lifetime because you can emulate this and when his/her affection.

  1. What is the worst moment of your life?

Being aware of the terrible situation where crush has had in life is important because you will be able to know what to avoid as you get along with him/her because this is there weakness. A recurrence of such might discourage them.

  1. Which kind of movies do you watch?

Get to know the kind of movies your partner prefers watching. This will help you to know which kind movies to buy so that they can watch whenever they pay you a visit. Do not burden someone by forcing them what they do not like watching. It might be the beginning of the two of you breaking up.

  1. Which kind of literature do you prefer reading?

It is good to know the kind of literature your girlfriend or boyfriend finds appropriate to read. Of course you can buy some and keep them with you so that they have something to keep them busy whenever thy visit. This can also be a present that you can even buy your crush to surprise him/her.

  1. What did you like from the previous relationship?

Be aware of the best moment your crush had from the previous relationship in case he/she has been in one. You can always bench-maker on this and even surpass the standards.

  1. What didn’t you like in the previous relationship?

Understanding this will be important for you to know what to avoid in this current relationship.

  1. What are your expectations in this relationship?

Get to know what your crush expects in that relationship so that you pull together to achieve it. This also encourages commitment in a relationship and one gets to know what to focus on.

  1. What is your favourite meal?

Food is a sensitive area that one needs to be aware of. We all have preferences and therefore you should know the best meal of your partner so that you can know what to prepare whenever he/she visits or when you hang out together.

  1. On which days do you prefer hanging out?

Ask for the time your crush is normally free to hang out with friends so that even as you plan on days when to have a nature walk together you fit into his/her schedule.

  1. Which kinds of people do you like hanging out with?

This is a pertinent question to ask because there are those who prefer hanging out with people of the same gender or opposite gender. Others prefer being in company of the people of the same social status. This helps you to know the kind of friends to pick on hanging out with your partner. Others even do not like hanging out with others.

  1. Where do you like hanging out?

It is wise to know the places your crush is comfortable and enjoys hanging out so that you prioritize these places whenever you want to hang out with him/her.

  1. Which kind of music do you listen to and who is your favourite musician?

Understand the genres of music your crush prefers listening to so that this will be your number choice whenever he/she pays you a visit.

  1. Do you like going out at restaurants?

Get to know where your partner prefers having a meal. Does he/she prefer going out to a restaurant or prefers cooking so that you do not impose anything to him /her.

  1. Where would you choose to live if given a chance anywhere in the world?

This is an important question in order to know where you can settle with your partner and he or she likes it most.

  1. What happened the last time you were most nervous?

Here you are interested in knowing what are your partners fears including all they consider sensitive in their life. It is still part of knowing your partner.

  1. Is there any secrete about you that can surprise your parents?

Knowing something hidden about your crush always keeps you a step ahead. Thos is the reason you are a special friend.

  1. When was the last time you cried?

This ensures that you do not touch that sensitive area that makes your crush emotional or cry. Such areas include death of a loved one or an incidence that left them traumatised

  1. Name the person who knows you closely?

Allows you to know who is close to your partner so that you can consult them on issues about your crush. Ask them what your partner like and what they don’t like.

  1. What age has been most interesting to you?

Just a question when you are relaxing to increase vulnerability between the two of you and feeling free about each other.

  1. What is the biggest advice you could give your younger self?

Such a question helps you to understand the moral values that your partner holds including the principles they have in life. Upholding and respecting such simple issues helps sustain your relationship. Is also shows how you respect each other.

  1. Which is the song you listen to most often?

The song they listen to mostly portrays the personality they are. It might be containing a message they hold dear or memories that are valuable to them. Unleashing that song once in a while when your crush is round makes them feel you value what they hold dear. Simply means you have become part of their life.

  1. What religion do you believe in?

As simple as religion may look it may break a relationship. It is good to understand whether your crush is an atheist or believes in some supernatural being. This helps you to avoid offending them with religious issues they are not interested in.

  1. Tell me about the best gift you have received?

Everyone has a specific thing they would prefer to be given as a present more than the rest. Others may prefer gadgets, clothes or items with specific colours. Observing this rule of like and dislike puts the two of you more together than ever.

  1. What is the most beautiful thing that anyone can say about you?

Knowing what your partner feels about themselves is very vital. It helps you assess their self-esteem and know how they regard themselves. How another person made your crush happy is the same manner you are going to make him or her happy.

  1. What is your favourite TV show?

You can tell who the type of person your crush is by the type of television programs they watch. It helps you tune into a channel they are interested in when they are hanging out in your house. Just the fact that your crush knows you understand them makes them feel secure around you. It shows that you can hardly offend them.

  1. Who is your celebrity crush?

Just helps to know the kind of people he or she is interested in so that you try to be that guy she wants or that lady he admires. Look closely at the qualities of the celebrity crush and try not necessarily copying but aligning yourself with that.

  1. What annoys you most?

What annoys your crush the most is what you should be very much aware of. Such areas should be considered no go zones in order to keep your crush happy. It might be hard not to offend them but apologising as soon as you touch a sensitive area helps a great deal.

  1. Do you have any nickname?

Your partner may love his or her nickname. Calling them by the nickname once in a while makes the relationship romantic. It also shows that the two of you are uses to each other. It is advisable to avoid nicknames that offend your crush or simply replace with a nice nickname.


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