Green Vomit

No one likes to throw up, and it can be scary when it happens. You may not know why you are vomiting, and not knowing is the scariest thing. Depending on what you are sick with, your vomit may come in different colors. Green vomit or yellow vomit can mean something as simple as the type of food that you ate before you threw up. If you are throwing up because of an illness or medical condition, it is important to seek treatment with your doctor. Nausea and vomiting are natural ways for the body to rid itself of bacteria, but you need to find out the cause to make sure that it will not affect your overall health.

What Are the Causes of Green Vomit?

If you are throwing up a lot of bile, your vomit will most likely look green or yellow in color. There are also other potential causes of green vomit. Since you cannot get an accurate diagnosis or treatment online, it is important to go to the doctor if you believe that you may have a serious medical condition or infection.

1. Food-Related Causes

One of the most common reasons to throw up green vomit is because of the food that you eat. You may have been allergic to something you ate or you may have eaten to quickly. It is also possible that you consume under-cooked food. If the food was made in unsanitary conditions, you may have food poisoning. While most cases of food poisoning will resolve on their own, you may have to go to the doctor if the vomiting does not stop and you become too dehydrated.

2. Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

In rare cases, vomiting does not occur for any reason. Known as cyclic vomiting syndrome, this condition involves vomiting for an unknown cause. If you vomit three to six times a month for no apparent reason, then you may suffer from this condition.

3. Bile and Acid Reflux

Normally, your bile is stored in the gallbladder and the liver. If you have an infection in your liver, gallbladder problems or gallbladder removal surgery, then the bile may not be able to do its job properly. Normally, the bile mixes with your stomach acid to help you break down food. If some part of this process is changed, then you may end up throwing up green vomit. If you recently had gallbladder removal surgery and are throwing up green vomit, then you may have a major infection to deal with.

4. Bowel Obstructions

Your digestive system is carefully orchestrated to process food and remove waste from your body. Normally, your digestive system removes waste through a bowel movement. If your bowels are obstructed by something, then the waste cannot leave your body. As a result, you may end up throwing up partially digested food and green vomit.

5. Medication and Alcohol

When you consume too much alcohol, it can irritate the lining in your gastrointestinal tract and your stomach, This can lead to green vomit. Some drinks also contain green coloring that can turn the color of your vomit green. There are also medications like morphine that can irritate the lining in your digestive system and cause green vomiting. If the cause is alcohol related, then your best course of action is to abstain from drinking. If it is caused by medication, then you should talk to your doctor about alternative medications or ways to alleviate your side effects.

6. You Have an Empty Stomach

Sometimes, you end up throwing up when you do not really have anything in your stomach to throw up. When this happens, you may only throw up the bile that is already in your stomach. This bile can look green in color, which is why your vomit looks green. An empty stomach is the cause of the color, but it does not describe the actual cause of your vomiting. You still have to figure out why you are vomiting in the first place to find the right diagnosis and treatment.

How to Handle Green Vomit

The first goal should be to go to your doctor. Vomiting can be a sign of a major illness and should not be taken lightly. If you are vomiting multiple times in the same day, you should go to your doctor or the emergency room. Bile in your vomit can mean that your liver is malfunctioning, so you need medical care right away. While there are less serious causes of vomiting, it is better to play it safe.

1. Find the Food Triggers

Sometimes, green vomit is caused by food poisoning. It is important to figure out where you got food poisoning from so that you can avoid this in the future. In addition, you will need to consume more electrolytes if the cause was food poisoning. Your body needs these electrolytes to live, so make sure that you stay hydrated. If your vomiting is caused by a food allergy, figure out what the allergen is and avoid it.

2. Children Should Go to the Hospital

There are unfortunately many reasons why children may suffer from green vomit. It could be due to twisted bowel syndrome, the stomach flu, food poisoning or a more serious condition like a birth defect called a meconium blockage. If your child experiences green vomit, take them to the doctor.

3. Bile Acid Sequestrates

Sometimes, green vomit is just caused by an influx of bile in your digestive system. Gastrointestinal disorders and bile reflux can cause this to happen. A bile sequestrate may be prescribed by your doctor to help protect the lining in your esophagus. As always, you should go to your doctor and get a prescription before you take any medication.

4. Change Your Lifestyle

Depending on the cause, there are a few changes that you can make to prevent green vomit. Avoid food triggers like cheese, chocolate or other allergens. Eat on a regular basis and get plenty of sleep at night. In addition, try to avoid emotional eating or eating in an overly excited state because it may worsen your symptoms.

5. Drink Water

When you throw up, your body is losing liquids and electrolytes at a rapid pace. If you have the flu or food poisoning, you can quickly become dehydrated. Even though it may not be easy to keep liquids down, you need to continue to drink water to make sure that you do not become dangerously dehydrated.

Other Tips

– Do not eat right before bed.
– Keep water nearby so that you can stay hydrated.
– Use a hot or cold compress to relieve pain and relax.
– Get plenty of sleep so that your body can recover.
– Drink lemon water or cranberry juice to soothe your stomach.
– Let yourself vomit. It’s your body’s natural reaction to clear out toxins.
– Drink ginger tea to help with nausea and re-hydration.
– Consume smaller meals instead of big ones to make digestion easier.
– Watch your diet and daily habits to see if there is a cause of the vomiting episodes.
– Stay calm since stress can worsen your symptoms.
– Go to the doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment.


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