Headache Above Right Eye 


imagesHeadaches are never a good thing, more so when they occur frequently creating a major problem in your personal and professional life. Some headaches can be benign while others may be quite painful and blinding making you unable to concentrate on anything else. Some of the most common headaches also occur above the right eye. This is caused by many factors like nerve problems, glaucoma, infections, blood vessel impairment etc. It is best that you go to a doctor and get a diagnosis so if the cause is serious it can be treated well in advance. This is especially true if the headaches occur frequently.

What Causes Headaches Above Your Right Eye?

There may be any reasons for a headache above your right eye. Often these may be due to a problem in the eye itself like for instance an infection or glaucoma, some wound that has been aggravated or conjunctivitis etc.  Sinus problems and allergic reactions may also result in such frequent and painful headaches above the right eye. Here are some causes of such headaches:

Cluster headaches

When you have a headache that feels like a sharp pricking sensation that affects your entire head and area around your right eye, it is a cluster headache. These headaches occur frequently in the same day itself and can recur for weeks and months and then suddenly stop.

It is most likely to occur during adolescents and middle-aged people and affects more men than women. The exact cause has not yet been ascertained but it is supposed to be connected with some abnormality in the secretion of the serotonin and histamine hormones. Cluster headaches can be aggravated by bright lights, alcohol, cigarettes, and too much exertion, so try to avoid or limit these factors as much as possible.


If you have frequent headaches above the right eye, it may be due to migraines, and may create problems in the nerves if not treated properly. There may also be side effects like confusion, nausea, vomiting etc.

Sinus infections

You may also be suffering from sinus infections that cause frequent and painful headaches. These headaches occur because viruses and microorganisms infect the cavities in the skull called sinuses. Your whole face will be affected and it may be worse near your cheekbones and eyes. It is best to avoid cold environments as this aggravates your sinus infection or use a hot compress. You can also use ibuprofen or Tylenol to treat these infections.


If you suffer from glaucoma, you may also face frequent headaches above the right eye. There is no exact cause for glaucoma but it is generally linked with increased pressure in the eye. This pressure may occur as the eye fluid may not have been drained out properly or if the iris keeps pushing against your eye lens.

Problems in the blood vessels

You may also face severe headache in this region due to an inflammation of the blood vessel near the eye called the temporal artery. When the blood vessel dilates as the wall weakens, it is called an aneurysm. This needs to be treated immediately as the vessel could rupture and cause severe problems.

Increased pressure in the skull

Any excessive pressure on your skull will cause major headaches above your right eye. Most of the time this pressure is due to bleeding or any abnormal kind of growth near the skull. For example, a tumor that grows inside the membranes of your brain will cause increased pressure on your skull and create severe headaches. That is why it is best to get a checkup done.

Other reasons

There may be many more causes of such headaches such as an injury, an allergy, conjunctivitis, any internal pain etc. Let your doctor determine the cause of your headache so that you can get the appropriate treatment done.

Why You Should Seek Medical Help At The Earliest

There may be many causes of such headaches and it is better to let the doctor determine the reason rather than you trying to figuring it out yourself. If you wrongly diagnose the headache on your own, you may even aggravate the headache. This is especially true if the cause of the headache is severe like for instance a tumor or a problem in a blood vessel.

A doctor will help you treat the headache in the best possible manner and try to ensure that it does not recur. It is best you follow all his recommendations and take all the prescribed medicines. Many people make the mistake of writing off headaches as a small matter and take a painkiller to relieve them of the pain. While this may provide temporary relief, it may not be beneficial in curing the headache that may recur with more severity.

Just be careful and get regular checkups to get rid of those painful headaches above the eyes.


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