Healthy Substitutes for Heavy Cream


What is heavy cream

Also known as whipping cream, it contains 36 to 40% milk fat. If you whip heavy cream, its volume will increase two times. However, you must not use it wrongly as a double cream. The thin line of difference is that fat content – double cream contains 48% butterfat, which is higher compared to heavy cream.

Prior to the process of homogenization, the liquid containing butterfat is removed from the milk; it is called heavy cream. Extra heavy cream contains more than 40% of butterfat. You can add 821 calories, 88g fat and 5 g protein if you consume one cup of heavy whipping cream in its liquid state.

Uses of heavy cream

Heavy cream is a major ingredient of tasty dishes such as sauces, ice creams, soups, puddings, stews, etc. you can also use it for preparing cakes. You can also add heavy cream to your whiskey to enjoy a smooth taste. Alternatively, add a refreshing taste to your coffee by adding a teaspoon of heavy cream to it. You can also make caramel custard using this ingredient.

Half-and-half butter

It is a healthy substitute of heavy whipping cream. You can substitute heavy cream in equal proportion to add refreshing taste to your recipe. You must take 1/6 cup of butter and melt in a pan. Keep aside and let the butter cool down. However, you must not allow it to solidify. Now, take a bowl and put 7/8 cup half and half; put the butter and stir well to make a smooth blend.

Half-and-half substitute

You can add half cup of evaporated milk (fat-free) to get a smooth texture of mixed vegetables. When you cook cauliflower, use half-and- half instead of heavy cream. A healthy alternative to heavy whipping cream is meat stocks; it yields a thicker sauce and reduces the intake of extra calories.

Dairy Substitutes

Half-and-half, evaporated milk, low fat sour cream, non-fat sour cream, Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, cream cheese. The proportion of adding these ingredients varies for each recipe.

Milk & Butter

UntitledYou need milk (3/4 cup) and unsalted butter (1/3 cup) in order to prepare this substitute of heavy cream. This recipe is suitable to prepare 1 cup of healthy substitute. Firstly, you must melt butter. Transfer the melted butter into a bowl and add milk. Replace the mixture with a cup of cream. In case, you are using low-fat milk, you must add 1 tbsp flour to get a thick mixture. This thick mixture replaces heavy cream in your soups and sauces.

Brown Rice Cream

To prepare this recipe you must add two cups chicken stock (unsalted) and half cup raw brown rice in a saucepan. Boil the mixture over medium heat and switching to high heat occasionally. Cover the pan and cook the mixture at simmered heat for 25 minutes. Remove the saucepan and keep aside for 5 minutes. Now add a cup of low-fat milk into a blender along with this mixture; make a smooth blend. The recipe is suitable for preparing 3 cups of brown rice cream that will act as a good substitute for heavy cream.

Low –fat cream cheese

UntitledUndoubtedly, heavy cream adds a distinct flavor to your sauces, soups, and pastas due to its thick consistency but it also increase the fat content of your body and you consume excessive calories than the normal limits. However, you can add the similar distinct taste and consistency by adding low-fat cream cheese to your dishes; in fact you will consume only 9 gm fat and 120 calories overall. To prepare this substitute, you must add 1 cup of 1% milk and 1-tablespoon cornstarch in a bowl and stir well. Now the substitute is ready to add the same level of thickness and consistency to your dishes.

Healthy Substitute of heavy cream

You must add a cup of fat-free milk or 1% milk, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, a tablespoon of whole-wheat flour. Take a bowl and whisk the milk. Now, add cornstarch and flour simultaneously. Continue the whisking process until you get a thick mixture. You have just prepared a healthy alternative for heavy cream that can be added to your sauces and soups. When you mix it in the soup, you must keep the soup aside for at least 3 minutes to add to the soup’s thickness.

Cashew Cream

Try another healthy alternative to heavy cream for increasing the consistency and thickness of your dishes. To prepare this substitute you have to keep raw cashews in a bowl of water overnight. The next day, you must blend the soaked cashews with water until you get a smooth paste.


Nuts comprise of healthy saturated fats that decrease the level of lipoproteins, promotes good cholesterol, and avoids the risk of developing heart disorders.

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