How Long do Hemorrhoids Last?


images (2)Hemorrhoids are those blood vessels in the anal area that have become swollen. These hemorrhoids can even become inflamed and cause immense pain to the individual. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, it is best to get medical treatment before they become more severe. It is hard to say how long a hemorrhoid can last as it differs from individual to individual and are of various types.

There are some that can be cured in a few days while others that are more severe may last for months. It is best to let the doctor diagnose the hemorrhoid so that you can get proper treatment and make sure it does not reoccur.


There are two types of hemorrhoids and treatment differs for both as well as the duration and symptoms. These are:

Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids are found generally near the anal canal, are not painful, and cannot be seen. However, they may change over time into a prolapsed hemorrhoid that comes out of the rectum during your bowel movements. These are quite painful and cannot be put back into the anal canal once it has come out.

External Hemorrhoids

When you notice brown lumps on your anus, then it is a case of external hemorrhoids and these are very painful. The location may differ but it is generally found somewhere around the anus. They generally bleed and can be very itchy as well. These hemorrhoids generally deteriorate into thrombosed hemorrhoids that are very dangerous as they can cause blood clots.


Natural recovery time

Depending on the type: Some hemorrhoids can disappear within a few days while some more severe ones may last for weeks.  If you are suffering from internal hemorrhoids, it may take around two months for these hemorrhoids to heal. In case of any external hemorrhoids, especially if there is a blood clot, the duration may last for as long as three months. If you have got hemorrhoids once, be careful and take preventive measures to ensure that it doesn’t occur in the same place again

Depending on the frequency: If you have had hemorrhoids more than once, then you are more likely to be prone to this condition in the future as well and each one may be more severe in nature. If you are pregnant, obese or participate in anal sex, you are more likely to get hemorrhoids. Be careful and take precautionary measures to ensure that these hemorrhoids do not keep occurring in your body.

Medical intervention

If you have visited the doctor to treat your hemorrhoid, then it most likely will heal faster than naturally but it depends on the severity of the hemorrhoid as well as the treatment used.

  • Ligation treatment: If the doctor uses rubber bands to cut off the blood supply from the hemorrhoid, it is called ligation treatment. The hemorrhoid will disappear within 7-10 days in such cases.
  • Infrared coagulation: If the doctor uses an infrared device to cure the hemorrhoid that makes the blood coagulate, then it is called infrared coagulation. The hemorrhoid will be fully cured within 3-4 weeks.
  • If you have undergone surgery for a severe hemorrhoid, then it could take several weeks to be fully cured.


In order to ensure that these hemorrhoids do not reoccur, you can follow the following methods:

Topical treatments

  • Triphala: You can use the herb Triphala to cure the constipation that occurs due to a hemorrhoid. You can use it as a compress, bowel tonic or as an ointment.
  • Self-made Tea: Mix a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds, honey in boiling water and drink it daily to cure the hemorrhoid.
  • Self-made balm: You can mix bayberry, white oak, myrrh and goldenseal root to create a balm that can help reduce hemorrhoids.
  • Olive Oil and Chamomile Tea: If you drink olive oil and chamomile tea, it can help reduce hemorrhoids to a great extent. You can also apply almond oil to soothe the area and baking soda will help relieve the itchiness.
  • Witch Hazel: A hemorrhoid can be greatly reduced if apply witch hazel on it thrice a day. Make sure you use an aseptic cotton pad to do so.
  • Butcher’s Broom Ointment: You can apply butcher’s broom ointment to help bring down the swelling caused by a hemorrhoid. This is safe even for those who are pregnant, who have high blood pressure or are suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Horse Chestnut: You can either drink horst chestnut tea or eat capsules of it to bring down hemorrhoids. But avoid it if you have severe bleeding disorders.
  • Aloe Vera: This is helpful to reduce the pain associated with hemorrhoids. Just apply it regularly on the affected area.

Daily Tips

Remember to stay hydrated, consume a diet full of high fibers and a high amount of bioflavonoids to reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids and to lessen the pain.


  1. Hey there. So I found out I have internal hemmorhoids. There is no pain but the sensation of them are there. Ive had them for a couple of months. There has been no bleeding or the like. Will these go away eventually? I just want some peace. Thank you

    • Your hemorrhoids may be related to your health concerns. Because of your symptoms, it would be highly beneficial for you to make an appointment with a medical professional at this time. Monitor your symptoms so you can better address any questions that your doctor may have. Have a great day, Christopher!

  2. I am a body builder, I never had any anal problems before. But these days I am going through heavy squats. I started suffering a little pain near anus. Is the heavy squats is the main reason behind this problem. If so what are the remedies to cure it.

    • It seems like you may have commented twice on this one. I have to answer each comment individually, so it may sometimes take me a little while to answer them all. If you do not see your response right away, do not worry because you will. Read through my last response and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I am a body builder, I never had any anal problems before. But these days I am going through heavy squats. I started suffering a little pain near anus. Is the heavy squats is the main reason behind this problem. If so what are the remedies to cure it.

    • Hemorrhoids can be exacerbated by pressure such as the heavy lifting that you are doing. You might need to give your body a break to see if that helps. If they do not heal, you should definitely go to your doctor to discuss your other options.

  4. I have a small swelling around anus. Its very small. Also there is blood in stool and it pains while passing stool. Also i am on bed rest due to accident hence i even have burning sensation most part of the day. Should i go for home remedies or consult doctor for surgery as you said it is external homerroid if there is swelling.

    • Make an appointment with a medical professional. Continue to monitor the symptoms that you are having so you can best answer your doctor’s questions. It would be best to speak with a doctor anytime that you pass blood. Best of luck, Rohit!

    • I am not sure, but your best bet would be to talk to your doctor. Your doctor or naturopath may also have other remedies in mind that could be more effective. Garlic has antimicrobrial properties, but it can be harsh on the body if you use it for longer than recommended. I would be careful and talk to your doctor first. At the very least, you should check with your doctor to prevent any other complications from your condition.

  5. Thanks for sharing this information. If you want to treat hemorrhoids then you take medications properly which is recommended by a doctor. Because without this medication, this problem can’t prevent easily.

    • You may an excellent point, Melissa Mellie. It is also important to never diagnose yourself from just what you read. We write these articles for information purposes, but only your doctor can really prescribe medication or make an accurate diagnosis. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Laran,

    thank you for listing those topical treatments for hemorrhoids, I didn’t know all of those. However, there are plenty of other things you can do to get rid of hemorrhoids and not just surgery. Personally I had an amazing experience with homemade suppositories out of pressed garlic, witch hazel and coconut oil. They actually cured my internal piles within a week or so. Definitely something worth looking into.

    • Thank you for your insight. We always appreciate our readers sharing their natural remedies. I have found garlic and coconut oil to be helpful in many situations. I have heard a lot of good thing about witch hazel as well. Thank you for your comments!

      • It seems like you have commented twice on this post. I have to answer and approve each comment individually, so it may sometimes take me a little while to answer all the comments. If you do not see your response right away, do not worry because you will. Read through my first response and let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for commenting!

  7. I had emergency surgery then two more surgeries in the next two months. It was hell on earth! The started on a Sunday morning at work, I just didn’t feel right but was not in pain. By the time I started hurting and went to bathroom to see what was wrong I had a hemorrhoid big as my thumb. It started hurting so bad I left work and went home. Got in a warm tub of water but no relief, it was 6-7 pm then and the hemorrhoid was almost the size of my fist. It was so painful I couldn’t walk, sit or hardly move! I had my step father come over to help get me in the car to go to hospital. When my wife signed in the nurse laughed and said no surgeon is gonna come in on a Sunday night to do a hemorroid surgery. When they examined me it was bigger then my fist and the called a surgeon in for emergency hemorrhoid surgery! I have since been diagnosed with lupus sle and raynauds, I’ve always thought that one of those diseases might have caused this sudden giant hemorrhoid. Surgeon said I had a blood clot that was keeping it from going down, I don’t know.

    • That sounds likes a rather crazy experience. I am happy to hear that you were able to get an emergency surgeon after all–that would have been quite painful to deal with for even an hour longer. Thanks for commenting, Preston Caldwell!

  8. They last forever if you don’t reduce the straining. Quick Help: you need to reduce the straining, this is the most basic cause of Hemorrhoids and the easiest and more efficient way to do that day in and day out is when you are on the toilet by using water from a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer. Like a mini-power enema you can shoot some water up inside to get thing looser and moving without straining. As little or as much as you need.

    • That is a good point, David. It is also useful to change the angle. In countries where squat toilets are the norm, hemorrhoids are actually very, very uncommon. While we do not use the squat toilet in the United States, there is a way around this. New products like the Squatty Potty work with western toilets so that the angle is more ideal for your body and colon. I have not had a chance to try it yet, but the science behind it is quite sound and they are fairly easy to put into any bathroom. Thanks for commenting, David!


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