How Long Do Shrooms Stay in Your System?


Shrooms are mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties. The properties that create hallucination or psychedelic effects are due to the presence of psilocybin and psilocin.  Because of this particular compound, these mushrooms are called as shrooms and also magic mushrooms. Shrooms are consumed to get magical hallucination experience and is used a recreational drug.  It is also used as an entheogen for enhanced spirituality.  The common effects noticed are creative thinking process, daydream visuals, euphoria, non-corroborative timing experiences and anything that is with a boosted hallucination. More than 100 species of Psilocybe are so far identified.


Shrooms can be consumed along with pizzas or mixed with salads or along with other foods.  Those who consume shrooms regularly and want to take a blood test to know the presence of Psilocybin will always want to know how long the shrooms organic compound stay in their body system.  It would be quite interesting to read further and know about it.

What is the maximum duration Shrooms can stay in the human body system?

The presence of Shrooms may stay in the human body for an indefinite period.  Upon conducting various test can confirm the presence and each test has to be conducted within the prescribed time frame. If a urinary test is done within 2 to 5 days time, the presence of psilocybin can be confirmed. But, if saliva is taken for testing, then it should be conducted within 1 to 5 days time. The hair test can detect the presence of Shrooms in the body even within 3 months period.   The hallucination effect of psilocybin may present in the body for about 3 to 6 hours.   The hallucination substance can be detected by testing urine, blood and hair follicles.

What is the action of shrooms on the human body?

It is quite interesting to learn the action of shrooms on the human body.  The substance that provides the kick for the human is the organic compound psilocybin in shrooms.  After consuming shrooms, the blood cells absorb the psilocybin in the form of psilocin.   The psilocybin is converted as psilocin and absorbed to blood cells.  These organic compounds create hallucination situation and will influence on muscle contraction and work on sensory illusions. Also, it will affect in leading to mood instability.

The mood change is happening when the receptor site absorbs the psilocin. Serotonin is the main organic compound that can develop visual distortions and auditory hallucinations.  Both Serotonin and psilocin are having identical chemical structure.  Since the chemical structure is the same, the psilocin works like a serotonin and influence the receptor site to play with the hallucination effect.  Age also has a direct role in playing the hallucination effect.  Similarly, more consumption will lead to stronger and prolonged experience of euphoria.  Further to the above two factors, the type of shrooms also plays an important role in maintaining the kick for a prolonged period.

What are the known side effects of shrooms on our body and brain?

Depending on a person’s body resistance the side effects will vary from person to person.   If the person is very much healthy, then the side effects will be negligible comparing to a weak bodied person.  Let us examine here what are the main side effects.

  1. A mixed feeling of hallucination, euphoria and anxiety are the common symptoms that we can see with people who consume shrooms. When some are tensed, other will be very much relaxed and remain in a very enjoying situation.  Many people had recalled their experience as if they were flown out of their body and mingled with nature.  For spiritually influenced people, they can have a high level of spiritual salvation as the psilocin compounds confuse the sense of action.
  2. The shrooms can produce a lot of changes in your body such as unnatural sweating, unusual expansion of pupils, numbness of limbs, severe touch sensitivity, high heart rate, poor appetite, frequent urination and hot flashes (a kind of feverish heat), etc. After consumption, some people will have strange, violent color visual experiences. While eating, people will feel unexplainable sensitivity around the teeth.  This may be followed by improved taste sensitivity and textures.
  3. Some people will have the experience of improved vision by which they might be able to see everything around them more clearly than the previous stage if they are consumed high dosage of shrooms. The consumption of shrooms will also create some physical complications such as vomiting sensation, cramps, diarrhea, muscle pulls, stomach disturbances, nausea and perceiving issues, etc.  This condition is called as hallucinogen persisting perceptual disorder or long lasting hallucination disorder.


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