How Much Coconut Oil Daily


Coconut-and-Coconut-OilEssential, natural oils are the healthiest that you can use for their medicinal benefits and nutritional benefits. Coconut oil is one of these oils that are employed for a variety of uses that boast great benefit in a number of ways. The entire contents and even the shell of the coconut can be used as food, or for other purposes,however when in regards to coconut oil- consider how much coconut oil per day so you can have the best results with whatever you use it for- and especially when including it in your daily diet.


Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is available in abundance where it flourishes in native exotic lands. Its easy availability also makes it inexpensive to purchase from any supermarket or grocery store. Its nutritional content is impressive and its known to have so many properties that do many good things for the human body including:

Aids Digestion

Coconut consists of essential fatty acids that have been proven to aid in digestion. In studies performed using coconut oil regularly in your diet can help to decrease bloating, nix heartburn, alleviate gas pain and also assist in regulating your bowel habits.

Ignites and Speeds Up Metabolism

A few studies showed that eating coconut oil can have an impact on your metabolism. It is naturally good and contains everything your body needs in order to metabolize it and other foods that you consume as expedient as possible. It can actually optimize a sluggish metabolism brought on by poor diet, and other underlying causes.

Boosts Immunity in the Body

The coconut contains a substantial amount of several ingredients such as monolaurin, and lauric acid which help to fight bacteria in the body. It also helps to fight infections and to keep cell membranes free and clear from illness.

Preventative for Diabetes

Since coconut oil can be used as a natural weight loss aid and it increases metabolism, it is especially beneficial for preventing diabetes. This is because it helps balance out blood glucose levels and also fights obesity (the #1 cause of diabetes.)

Promotes Weight Loss

Coconuts have a decent nutritional value, with little sugars or carbs and more natural vitamins such as fatty acids (healthy saturated fat) it can help to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol as well as promote weight loss.


Coconut Oil: Using it to Benefit in Your Diet Each Day

There are many ways that you can add coconut oil to your daily diet. You can cook it in foods and add it anywhere you want to add flavor and nutrition to your foods. Here are a few samples of how you can incorporate coconut oil into your diet:

Use it in Smoothies and Protein Shakes

If you like to get your blender out and make healthy shakes, coconut oil is a great ingredient. You ca even add the meet for a little texture. Not only will your smoothie taste delicious it will also be nutritious for you.

Use it as an Oil Replacement (butter, vegetable oil, and olive oil)

Coconut oil is a natural oil that can be used to cook food in. It also can be heated to high temperatures without causing smoke or burning like such other oils. Additionally, it retains all of its nutritional properties and its flavor when heated.

Popping Corn Oil

If you like to cook your popcorn the old fashioned way, why not use coconut oil to pop your popcorn with? You generally coo it and use it the same way you would use any other type of oil. Just be careful when popping it on the stove as it can still burn you just as bad as other types of natural cooking oils and greases.

Great for Fried Eggs

If you like fried eggs, you can try your stab at making your eggs in a frying pan coated with coconut oil. The eggs do not stick and come out tasting delicious.

Use it as a Base for your Salad Dressings

There are many oil based salad dressing that use olive oil or vegetable oil as their base. If you want, replace those types of oils to add a whole lot of vitamins and essentials to your healthy diet. And do not forget they may just be as tasty too, especially if you like a little sweet touch to your salad dressings.

Add to Coffee and Tea for Flavor

Honey is great in tea or coffee, however coconut oil can be just as flavorful as a healthy additive to your favorite herbal teas or coffee. Just apply small amounts until you get it to the taste that you like it at. This also works as a sweetener without all the excess calories that make your blood sugar rise so suddenly.

How Much Coconut Oil Per Day?

Generally coconut oil can be used as much as you want in a day’s time. It is not something you have to use in moderation. In fact, the more the better when it comes to the many health benefits that coconut has in one’s diet. However, there is something that you should be well-aware of in regards to hydrogenated coconut oil. Hydrogenated coconut oil is the worst kind of coconut oil you should use it sparingly. Additionally, if you have high cholesterol you may want to watch the amount of coconut oil- because even though it has good saturated fat- it can be too much when you need to be watching everything in your diet.


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