How Much Vodka to Get Drunk?

Learning how much vodka it takes to get drunk isn’t as easy as you might think. A lot depends on the person doing the drinking. Some people will have a higher tolerance, if they drink more often. Some will weigh more than others. As a rule, women will get drunk more quickly, all else being equal, since they are statistically smaller and lighter in weight than men. But we can still draw a general picture.

Some women can actually drink men “under the table”, as they say. Whether you get drunk or not depends also on your mood and how comfortable you feel. If you’re out with friends and have a designated driver, this frees you up to drink more without worrying about getting home. If you are not eating anything, it will take less vodka to get you drunk than it will if you are eating.

Drinking in moderation is certainly the best way of consuming alcohol. But there may be times when you have a goal of getting drunk. Perhaps you recently went through a troubling time or lost someone close to you. There are reasons people drink vodka with every intention of getting drunk. Do you know how much vodka it takes to get drunk? We’ll help you answer the question below.

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How Much Vodka do you need to Get Drunk?

The answer to this question varies from one person to the next. Two to three shot glasses will have the average woman feeling at least a bit drunk, and by the time she reaches five to six shots, or perhaps seven, she will probably feel fully drunk.

Men usually feel just a little drunk after three shots of vodka. However, it generally takes between eight and nine shot glasses to get them truly drunk. If the man is a frequent drinker, it may take 10 shot glasses to get him to the point of being drunk. There are no set rules that apply to everyone. Some men can drink a half a liter of vodka over a relatively short period of time without feeling completely drunk.

The above estimations are based on drinking 40% alcohol content vodka within three hours or so, with each shot glass being filled to 30ml.

If you’re drinking slowly, you may have to extend the period of time in which you drink, if you want to be truly drunk.

Remember that you should not drive even if you’ve only had one or two shots of vodka.

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Why Does Alcohol get You Drunk?

Now that you have an answer to how much vodka it takes to get drunk, are you curious as to why alcohol gets you drunk?

Alcohol affects your nerves and the way in which they transmit messages. It alters your mood because those messages will be slowed down. Obviously, the more you drink, the stronger the effects will be. Drinking just a little will make you livelier, since it affects the brain areas that handle your self-control.

Alcohol enters your bloodstream quickly, since its molecules won’t fit in the cell gaps in your brain. That’s why they interfere with your neurotransmitters. This has a profound effect on how your brain functions. When it is severely affected, you will be drunk.

You’ll notice the signs, before you are truly drunk. You can stop at a point before getting drunk and have a friend take you home. When you get closer to being drunk, you will feel giddy, and you may be off-balance when you walk. You may have less control over your speech.

5 Degrees of Getting Drunk – How You’ll Feel

There are degrees of being drunk and it will be helpful if you know them.

Blood alcohol level (BAC) 0.03-012: You’ll feel very confident and daring, with a short attention span. You will not have the good judgment you usually do.

BAC 0.09-0.25: You’ll start to feel a little sleepy but still excited. You’ll find it difficult to remember things and you will move in an uncoordinated way. You vision may blur, too.

BAC 0.25-0.4: You can’t move if your blood alcohol level is 0.4. You won’t be able to stand or walk, and you may be sick to your stomach. Your consciousness may lapse.

BAC 0.35-0.5: You will not be conscious. Your breathing will slow, as may your heart rate.

BAC higher than 0.5: You will stop all breathing and may well die.


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