How To Approach A Girl Anywhere


One of the major things that men want answers to is on how to approach a girl. It can get a bit tricky when a man intend to approach a girl in public. This is due to the fact that the chances of getting humiliated are always real. This makes it a nerve-wracking experience especially for those men with no prior experience. The good thing is that there are some tips that you can use to approach a girl anywhere.


  1. Choose the right setting

There are several situations that will work against you when trying to have that woman get interested in you. It is for this reason that you should choose a place that is public and is also open. If you choose an area where the woman feels cornered, she may reject your advances.

  1. Show her that she is special

There are few things that will make a woman to be disinterested in you like showing her that you can get any woman you want. This will put her off as she will not feel special in any way. Even when the girl is out with her friends, you should not be afraid.  Be nice to her friends and chat them up even as you show some special interest in her.

  1. Talk about something happening

Perhaps you are searching for a good pickup line with no success. You don’t have to mind. A good way of starting off the conversation is by talking about something that is happening.  You can comment on an event that is going on. It could be that man who is making a fool of himself on the dance floor or the guy who is helping a senior to close the road.

  1. Ask a question

A good way of breaking the ice with the girl is by asking her a certain question. This could on the time or if at the restaurant, you can ask her to recommend a good meal. If in a college, you can ask her for the direction to a certain building.

  1. Compliment her in a unique way

If the girl is attractive, you can be assured that there are lots of guys who are hitting on her. Therefore, you will need to be creative and avoid what she has already heard hundreds of times before. For instance, you can compliment her on the book she is reading or her handmade handbag. This will draw her attention better as compared to telling her about her beautiful hair, something that she has heard countless times.

  1. Pretend to have met her

You can put that confused expression on your face and ensure that she catches you looking at her. After a few minutes, you can go up at her and say something like, “excuse me, kindly remind me your name?” You can also say something like, “Please remind me where we met”. You should then use this opportunity to get into another conversation.

  1. Walk tall

A good way of showing that you are confident when approaching a girl is walking tall. Ensure that you walk straight and with that manly gait. This way you will show her that you are confidence and this will make it easier for you. A good idea is to practice this before going out to meet that woman.

  1. Approach immediately

Perhaps you have ever being in a situation where you were wondering whether a girl saw you or not. The truth of the matter is that she did. It is for this reason that you should ensure that you approach her immediately. Waiting longer will only make you look creepy or even unconfident. Therefore, ensure that you take a short breath, gather yourself before walking over to her. While rejection will not be easy for you, one thing that you will need to remember is that if you are to win the lottery, you will need to buy a lottery. Therefore, if you are to succeed in approaching girls in public, you will need to approach them first.

  1. Avoid over thinking

One reason why you will need to approach the girl immediately you see her is that you will not have the opportunity to overthink on how to do it. The aim of approaching a girl is simply to strike a conversation with her and create that interest spark so that she will want to talk more. Sales expert say that every sentence that you use in your sales pitch should make the listener want to hear the next one. When approaching a girl, remember that your goal is not to make her fall in love with you; you just want to have her to keep talking to you.

  1. Use of body language

When talking to your dude friends, you do not face one other dead on. This also applies to when approaching a girl. It is advisable to approach her from the side or even pivot. This is a good way of speaking to her rather than using the approach of the job interview.

  1. Asking for her number

If you are approaching a woman in a public place and you feel that time isn’t on your side, you will need to ask for her number as fast as possible. You will simply need to tell her that the reason why you need the number is so that the two of you will get together. You can hand your phone to her so as to make it easier for the girl to write her number.

  1. Be straight forward

You will definitely gain some mileage by simply walking up to her and telling her that you are interested in knowing her.  There are women who will appreciate your being honest. However, you should not be surprised if she acts aloof. You may ask for her phone number and she gives you her shoe number.

  1. Introduce yourself

This is definitely a polite thing to do. You can do this without giving her a handshake or any other physical greeting. However, you should avoid making her feel as if she needs to do the same. All you will need to do is to give her your name before moving the conversation to something else. She will feel as if she already has the upper hand and this will serve to make the girl more comfortable.

  1. Look your best

The first appearance will say much about you. This means that you will need to up your fashion sense as well as your overall appearance. Groom yourself nicely and ensure that you get your perfect image. If you are unsure of the perfect look for you, you can ask a lady friend. Another alternative would be to test the different styles.

Once you improve your fashion sense as well as your overall image, you will notice that there will be more girls who will show interest in you.  Unlike what many dudes think, looks do matter a lot in the dating game. The good thing is that it possible to easily improve your look with just but a little effort as well as putting effort into the entire process.

Observe her before approaching her

If you want to get success when approaching a girl, it is advisable to take a bit of your time to carefully analysis how to talk to her. For instance, you can check whether there is a nice item that she is wearing that has been handsmade. You can use this to complement her. If she is dressed in a conservative order, she is trying to prevent dudes from flirting with her and therefore it would be advisable to subtle when approaching her.


After the girl has seen you looking, it is time to either be creepy or confident. Therefore, you will need to be confident and go up to her. Start a conversation while avoiding looking creepy. If she happens to see you and you feel not ready to talk to her, you can give her a smile before looking away bashfully.

Focus on having fun

When approaching a girl, you should remember that your goal is not only to know her but to have fun. Have this attitude and you will realize success as you will talk to only those girls that you find interesting and enjoy your evening. The good thing is that after you have had an interesting time with a woman, she will definitely not mind giving you her number at the end of the conversation. If she enjoys her time with you before giving you her number, it will mean that she will be interested in meeting you some other times.

This is unlike when you approach her as if you are forcing something or with a fake attitude. Getting her number will do you no good if she is never going to respond to you. This is why it is important to ensure that the woman is comfortable and has a good time with you.


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