How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend


There isn’t a single formula that you can use to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. However, there are a few methods that you can follow when making your intention known. Let us look at some of them.

phpLaynsRPMKnow her well

Before you can ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you will need to ensure that the two of you are casual friends. That doesn’t mean that you have to be BFFs with her. The most important thing is for the two of you to be in good terms.  Therefore, cultivate friendship with her and ensure that the two of you know each other well. When you meet her in the hallway, stop and say “hi” and ask her about work, school, weather or even a popular TV show. You can also take advantage of group settings to interact with her. If she is always surrounded by some other people, make friend with the people in the group.

Have a plan

While it is a good idea to look easy going and casual when asking a girl to be your girlfriend, it is also good to have a plan on how you approach her. One benefit of this method is that you will have an opportunity to save your face if she happens to reject you. This will minimize the pressure and tension between you and her. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to be so casual about it so that you ask her flippantly or spontaneously.

You should also have the first date in mind. Ask her out to a place where you will engage in an activity that is fairly informal and provides a lot of opportunity for further conversation such as a trip in the zoo, coffee shop or even a museum. If you select a movie, you should ensure that afterwards, there will be enough opportunity for a meal or coffee to give room for the two of you to speak.

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Catch her at the right moment

You should wait for the right opportunity to speak to her when she is alone. Asking her to be your girlfriend in front of a group of people will only leave her embarrassed and could make her to respond negatively. Before you can ask her out, you will need to ensure that you can hold a conversation. Avoid bringing up the subject on a sideway even if you are only the two of you. A good idea would be to wait for a one-on-one opportunity where there will be no interruptions. If this kind of opportunity doesn’t seem to present itself, you can create one. When you meet her, ask her whether she would mind sparing a few minutes. Tell her what you need to say and ensure that you aren’t acting overly serious or jittery. You can suggest a meeting in an ordinary place such as outside the workplace, church or school. You can also meet at the nearby coffee shop or park.

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Engage her in a light conversation

You will need to set the mood of the occasion by speaking in a casual manner for a period of a few minutes before you can bring up the question. This will not only put her at ease but it removes any pressure. You can start by asking about her day. You can also speak about your day after you have asked about hers. You should speak about issues that the two of you have a shared interest.

Avoid rushing it

You may already have known the girl for some time now. However, it is until the two of you have gone for several dates and have spent a few months or weeks in dating that you should consider proposing that she become your girlfriend. Avoid rushing in expressing your feelings to her. Love is not a joke and it takes time to build in the heart. Therefore, you should also take time to let love build in your heart and once you are sure that you are in love with her, don’t hesitate to let her know.

Don’t overdo it

Remember that you are not asking for her hand in marriage. You aren’t giving her a ring. It is a beautiful thing to express your love for her. However, this is not a commitment which is as serious as marriage. Agreeing to become your girlfriend is only the first step. Therefore, you do not have to go down on one of your knee. You also don’t need to create a great proposal just to let her know that you feel her. This may be counterproductive as you may only scare her with the overindulgent behavior.

Ensure that it stays memorable

You do not necessarily have to splurge in order to make the proposal memorable. However, you can use some simple ways to ensure that the proposal looks romantic and perfect in some little ways. This will show her that you really love and care about her.

Give her a greeting card

It could be that you have tried to bring up the conversation and you are finding it difficult. You do not have to mind as there is a great way that you can express your feeling. Take a romantic greeting card and use it to explain how you feel. Add some few lines on the side that is blank and hand it to her when the two of you are sitting for dinner. Ensure that you are next to her as she reads it. This way she will be able to watch you and understand that you are serious with what you have written.

Send her a love letter

A love letter is definitely a great way of showing your love for her. Use it to express every single emotion that you may be having for the girl. This way she will understand that you value her. Use the last few lines to express your love for her and use the best words possible.

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Engage in a conversation

It doesn’t matter whether you are giving her a love letter or a card, it will still be necessary for you to communicate your feelings for her in words. The written words are a good choice to making her to warm up to you. Now it is time to tell her how you feel about her. Let her know that she is special when she is next to you.  Tell her that you love her in a sincere way but do not be too pushy. Also don’t tell her so in a carefree or shallow way. She needs to see that you mean what you say.

React calmly no matter the reply

When she says “Yes”, it is easy to have your spirit soar. On the other hand, your heart may crash if she says “no”. No matter the response, it is a good idea to ensure that you play it cool. If her answer is “yes” you can smile and laugh before confessing how nervous you were. However, if she says no, then you will need to accept this graciously. Do not use any cuss words on her or even beg for her change in mind.


    • This article indicates that it is beneficial to nourish relationships with people that you are friends with. If you do not know someone, then attempt to nourish a relationship with them before going out with them. Have a great day, Roy!


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