How to Conceive a Boy

Are you trying to conceive a boy? While scientists say that you cannot choose the gender of your baby, that does not stop you from trying. Technically, the father is the one who chooses the gender of the child. It is up to his sperm to fertilize the egg with an “X” or “Y” chromosome. If the egg is fertilized with an “X,” it will become a girl. If he fertilizes it with a “Y,” it will become a boy.

While you may not be able to actually choose the gender of the child according to science, that fact does not stop couples everywhere from trying! For millenia, couples have tried to determine the sex of their child with strange, wacky techniques. Out of the many old wives’ tales and popular superstitions, we have rounded up some of the best. Science may not be on their side, but there are some ladies who swear by these methods. And who knows? It could work.

How to Conceive a Boy

Stop Having Missionary Sex

You may enjoy being in the missionary position, but one old wives’ tale says that this is the last position you should be in if you want to conceive a boy. Apparently, deeper penetration is supposed to place the sperm as close to the uterus as possible. This is supposed to make it easier for the sperm to travel to the uterus and “win” the race. Instead of missionary sex, proponents of this superstition say that you should try having sex on all fours, with the girl on top or while standing to allow for the deepest penetration possible.

Check Out the Chinese Lunar Calendar

There are many people who swear by the Chinese method of predicting gender. Used for thousands of years, this technique looks at the age of the mother and the month that she wants to conceive in. According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, these two factors will help ensure that a baby’s gender will be either a boy or a girl. Experts at the Chinese Lunar Calendar even promise that their results will be 99 percent accurate.

Cough Syrup for Conceiving a Boy

We have no clue where this superstition started, but it has hung around for decades or longer. According to believers in this tale, taking a dose of cough medicine before sex will help you have a boy. The believers in cough syrup say that the ingredient called guaienesin helps to make the mucus membranes around the cervix a little thinner. In theory, this is supposed to help male sperm to get through easier. Some women even take cough medicine before sex just to conceive because they believe that they will get pregnant faster. If you are one of the people that this worked for, leave a comment below so that our readers can gain some personal insight!

Using Ovulation Timing

Experts say that male sperm swim the fastest, but they also die much faster. Female sperm are able to hang around for longer for a chance at fertilizing the egg. In theory, this means that timing sex for as close to ovulation as possible will make sure that male sperm have a fighting chance.

How to Conceive a Boy: Orgasm

When you orgasm, it helps to create an alkaline environment in your body. This is supposed to help with making boy children, and it is recommended in the Shettles Method of gender selection as well.

Pump Your Guy Full of Coffee

There are no scientific studies or basis for this superstition, but some people still try to use it. According to believers, feeding your guy a cup of coffee before sex will increase your chances of having a boy. While the science behind this is unknown, it could never hurt to try it out.

Eat a Manly Diet

Male sperm likes to have an alkaline environment and low acid levels. Red meat, soda and salty food helps to naturally increase the alkalinity in your body. Even if this technique does not work, at least you will get to enjoy a few delicious, meat-filled meals as you try to get pregnant!

Have Your Fellow Wear Boxers

Apparently, male sperm hate high heat, so your man is less likely to release male sperm if things are too warm. Switching to boxers will help make it breezy and cool for all of the male sperm down there. Plus, you may want to ask your boyfriend or husband to skip out on the hot baths and hot tubs for a while.

Look at the Moon

Another common old wives’ tale is that having sex when there is a quarter moon guarantees that you will have a boy. Obviously, this superstition could be a bit difficult to use in practice since you would also have to have sex near the time when you ovulate. If these two things happen to coincide though, go for it!

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