How to Conceive a Girl

You just gave birth to a boy, and you now want your second child to be a girl. Learning how to conceive a girl is important if you want to make sure that the gender of your next child matches up. While there may not be a scientific technique behind having a daughter, there are many old wives’ tales that cover the topic. While these may not always work, there is no harm in trying them out.

How Does Sex Selection Work for Conceiving a Girl?

The gender of your son or daughter is predetermined by the chromosomes that they are given. “XY” chromosomes make a boy, while “XX” chromosomes make a girl. Women only have “XX” chromosomes, so they can only contribute an “X” to the baby. It is up to the male’s sperm to the second “X” or a “Y.” If you don’t conceive a girl, you can always joke that it is your husband’s fault.

When ejaculation happens, 200 million sperm flood into the vagina. Some sperm contain an “X”, and others have a “Y”. Out of the 200 million sperm, your future child only needs one of them to fertilize the egg. Once you have a child, you can quite literally tell them that they are one out of 200 million and exceptionally special.

How to Conceive a Girl

While science may not back up these methods, they have been used by couples trying to conceive for years. Some people swear that they are completely effective, while other people dismiss them as old superstitions. Whatever the case, it could not hurt to try one or more of them out.

Pick the Right Sexual Position

Male sperm are supposed to swim faster, but they also die faster than female sperm. In theory, this means that deeper penetration will produce a boy because it places male sperm closer so that they have a chance to access the egg before they die. Likewise, less penetration would produce a girl because they can outlive the male sperm. With this in mind, you may want to stick to missionary sex or similar shallow penetration. Another reason that this may work is because the entrance of the vagina is more acidic, which is better for female sperm.

Have a Hot Bath

Some people believe that female sperm are better at living in warm or hot temperatures. In theory, this means that taking a warm bath before sex will increase your chances of having a girl. You should not do this forever though because high heat is not good for the male sexual organs. It would probably take a few weeks to really start to have an effect, so you do have some time around ovulation to test this theory out.

Start Getting Busy

When the male ejaculates more frequently, his sperm count will contain less male sperm than normal. While this will not guarantee a girl, it will increase the chances. Start having sex as much as possible for a few days before you ovulate. That way, your partner will be primarily sending out female sperm by the time you do ovulate.

Try Not to Orgasm

As the least fun tip on this list, we completely understand if you do not want to try it. Orgasms cause your body to create an alkaline environment. While this environment is great for male sperm, it is not ideal for female sperm. If you want female sperm to fertilize the egg, avoid orgasming during sexual intercourse.

Test Out the Shettles Method

According to this method, you need to have sex each day for the two to four days before you ovulate. Afterward, you need to stop having sex for the one or two days before ovulation and for several days afterward. Since male sperm die sooner, this ensures that the only sperm hanging around for the extra couple of days are females. According to proponents of the Shettles Method, this technique works 75 percent of the time.

Change What You Eat

Girl sperm like to have an acidic environment, so you need to eat foods that are naturally acidic. A vegetarian diet rich in vegetables and fruits is perfect for this goal. Plus, magnesium and calcium rich foods like kale, rice and fruit can help with this goal. You should also try to eat a low-salt diet to increase your chances of having a girl. Avoid processed foods, salty chips, blue cheeses and salted meats.

Howl at the Full Moon

Just kidding, no howling is required. If you believe in old wives’ tales though, you may want to try having sex on the full moon. According to this superstition, only daughters will be produced on the night of the full moon.

None of the previous methods are full-proof, and most of them rely on superstitions instead of science. With that said, there are many people who swear by these techniques. And, you never know, they could work!


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