How to Cover Up Stretch Marks


stretch-marks1If you have been searching for an ideal way to cover up stretch marks … then you should look no further as we have all the different ways that you can cover them up and help them to fade so you no longer have to be self-conscious of them. Stretch marks are often associated with pregnancy, but they can also occur when a person gains or loses a drastic amount of weight.

They can also become present when there are hormonal imbalances, during puberty, and if someone is taking synthetic hormones. Stretch marks appear all over the body, but are most prominent on the breast, stomach, thighs, buttocks, and hips. These marks that show up for no good reason can range in hue to red, brown, or purple when they are new, and usually fade to a silver-like shade when as they grow older.

But one thing is for certain, no person EVER said “Gee, I wish I had me some of them.” There is an abundant number of natural remedies and treatments on the market that can help fade them out, but what really works?

How to Cover Up Stretch Marks

Although stretch marks fade and lighten over time there are ways that you can cover them up and also other home remedies & treatments you can employ to help them be less noticeable.

OTC Treatments & Creams

With skin care science and advancements growing so rapidly, more and more products are being developed. There are creams, lotions, and serums that you can purchase that will help to lighten the appearance of stretch marks. Not all these products work the same and some can be very expensive. However, they work to moisturize, alter the skin pigment, and to improve collagen production.


If you want to wear a crop top or have a flat belly with stretch marks, you can get creative and use different types of make-up to make the skin tone more even. Whether your stretch marks are red or light silver makeup effects can help make the skin look like it is all one color and totally cover ip stretch marks. Use concealers and other colors to tone the skin, and noone will even be able to notice those ugly marks!

Skin Lighteners

There are lightening creams and natural skin whitening treatments such as lemon juice, bleaching, and other scrubs that actually work to make stretch marks less apparent by lightening the skin tone which has been impacted by the dark purplish tone of the stretch marks. Some of these skin lighteners are not 100% safe, while using these treatments may help you, using natural home remedie sare safer and often just as effective.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil  is a great natural oil that is known to promote skin health. Additionally, its unique properties can help soothe stretched and discoloration of stretch marks on the skin. Just apply coconut oil 2x per day 3-5 x per week in liberal amounts and you should begin to notice a difference in several weeks.

Spray on Tanners

Spray on tanners are safe and can give you a temporary solution to cover up stretch marks. Because this also works to draken the skin’s pigmentation- it may even out the skin tone so the marks are less noticeable and the tones of the stretch marks are invisible to the human eye.

tattoo cover up

Get a Tattoo

Although this is permanent for life, getting a tattoo in the are where your stretch marks are most saturated can help to cover them up for good. You should always note that getting a tattoo is also permanent so make certain you like the tattoo you are getting because it will be there for life as a mark on your body.

Bottom Line: How to Cover up Stretch Marks

Stretch marks never vanish, although they fade. There are remedies and products that can treat them and make them less visibly noticed, however its just a part of weight gain and pregnancy for the most part. Its not uncommon to have stretch marks, but if you they really impact your self-esteem and you want them to fade, be lighter, and to cover them up- you can certainly try the various ways you can cover them up mentioned above.


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