How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text


The good thing with texting is that it offers you an opportunity to communicate with the girl of your dream without getting nervous. You will not have to worry over having to forget what you were saying, looking stupid or stuttering.


Since the guy is not in front of you, you will get the opportunity to say exactly what you want to say before you can send it. Be sure to proofread every word. Also ensure that every word is written in good spelling and good grammar when texting. Not doing so will create the impression of a lazy and unintelligent person. Avoid shortcuts such as ty for thank you. However, shortcuts such as lol for laugh out loudly are okay. It can be quite tricky to flirt over text with a guy as the conversation doesn’t flow naturally like it is the case with the face to face conversation. This is why it important to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of flirting with a guy over text.

Don’t look desperate for him

One of the most important thing to remember when flirting with a guy over text is to avoid looking as if you are the only one who is after him. When the dude learns that you are interested in him, he usually takes the back seat and will start to take you for granted. Instead you should make him appear as if he is the one who is trying to seduce you and you will find the flirting to be fun.

Say that you remember him

When you tell a guy that you remember him, this will not only act as a compliment but it will also be a big boost to his ego. Not only will he feel warmer but he will also spend time thinking much about you. You can even tell her that you saw his Facebook status and that was funny. This way he will pull up his socks in trying to please you and thus win more attention from you.

Use smiley

These can be fun and flirty particularly when you are using them in your texts. At times you can communicate a lot with just a smiley accompanied by a wink. Therefore, try as much as possible to use the smiley faces in your texts and you will also leave him smiling.

Use his name in text

When you use his name in the texting, this will make the exchange of the text to be more intimate and personal. Therefore, after every few texts, you can use his name especially when you are complimenting him or saying something cute. This way he will like you more. If you have given him a pet name, you can use it too.

Arouse him but in a discreet way

You must avoid looking naught while texting a guy. You should therefore make him to answer questions or think in a certain direction. For instance, you can say something like, “I have just taken a shower” This way you will be flirting with him indirectly.

Keep the text short

You do not have to explain everything that you say. Instead keep them mysterious. This will give him room to create stories inside his head. If he fails to understand something that you said or he would like to confirm what you said after being flirty, you can change the topic or even ask another question. By leaving him confused, he will try to keep the conversation going and in the end he will pursue you more.

Compliment him

You should try to be sweet to him while texting. Guys love attention as well as compliments. When you tell him how sweet he is, he will try harder to be nice to you.

Don’t insist that he meet you

Avoid telling him right away to join you for coffee. While he may join you, he will end up feeling pissed when you make some last minute plans. Remember that he also has a life and treating him like a trailing dog will only make him to hate you.

Avoid being clingy

If the guy doesn’t respond to your text, you should leave him along. Don’t even try to text something that is funny just to have him respond back. If the guy doesn’t respond, it could be that he is either busy or he isn’t interested in a conversation. You will need to understand this and avoid being pushy.

Avoid making the conversation boring

You must ensure that the conversation doesn’t bore either of you. If you find that the texts seem to be losing direction, you should end the conversation or just think of something to say to keep it going. A good idea would be to excuse yourself and tell him that you will be back. When flirting with a dude on text you must keep the conversation interesting. This will ensure that the interest that he has in you does not wear off.

Be yourself

While you will not be flirting with a guy face to face, you will need the guy to know the kind of person you are. Therefore, you must avoid putting a façade just because you feel that he will like you more. When texting, you can easily end up acting differently. However, you must ensure that you remain true to yourself.

Avoid overdoing it

When flirting, do not overdo the text messages by using lots of emojis and abbreviations. It should be easy and simple to flirt with text messages. When you add tons of the smiley faces, the guy will have a weird impression of you.

Avoid sarcasm

Remember than when texting, there are no facial expressions or vocal cues and therefore, it can be difficult to learn when someone is just being sarcastic. Instead of finding yourself in that awkward position, it is advisable to save the sarcasm for the face to face conversation.

With these tips for flirting with a guy over text, you will leave him asking for more of you.


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