How to get a girls number?


How to get a girls number

Statistics indicate that within a period of 30 seconds, a girl will have decided whether she likes you or not. If you have met a woman who you really like, you will be tempted to take her phone number. This can be a nerve-wrecking moment as you bounce with the idea of whether or not she will accept your request or reject it. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be too difficult to get her number. With the right strategy, you can get her number in a simple and quick way. Here are fifteen tips that will make it easy for you to get her number.


  1. Wait for the high moments

One of the major mistakes that most of us men do is to ask for her number just when we are about to leave. This is not a good strategy and instead you should always ask for her number at a certain high point during the conversation. This will ensure that the two of you are able to continue with the conversation even after getting her number and this will only serve to improve the emotion connection. It will also be a good indication that your interest wasn’t only in her number.

  1. Avoid asking for the number

Avoid asking for the number and instead tell her that you need it. This way you will show that you are more confident and stronger as compared to when you simply ask. When you use the power play, it will be quite easy for her to give you her number.

  1. Hand your phone to her

When you say to her that you need to connect with her and therefore ask for her number, ensure that you also hand her your phone. Ensure that the phone is on screen to make it easier for her to enter her number. However, this will only help to make it easier for her to accept your request. Remember that some minor obstacles may also stand in your way as you try to get her number. Therefore, just ensure that you get rid of them.

  1. Ask her “What is your number?”

When you are in the middle of a conversation with her, just say in a calm, cool and casual manner, “what is your number?” You should avoid even making it to sound like you are asking for her number. You should also use a tone that shows that you are 100% sure that she will give you the number. The more composed and calm you will look, the more she is likely not to think about it.

  1. Give her your number

When you give her your number, it will be an indication that you are very confident and you aren’t afraid of being rejected. This is also an indication that you are ready to take the risk. You are showing her that she will be getting the prize and you are aware that she may ignore or even forget to call you. Once you give her your number, it will show that you are one confident person who isn’t afraid of getting rejected. This will make it possible for you to look very attractive. It will also be an indication that you aren’t needy and incase she doesn’t call, it is not a big deal to you.

  1. Say to her “ Let us exchange numbers”

When you request that you exchange numbers, this will feel friendlier, safer and not much risky. She will find it hard to say no to your request. The best time to say this is when you are about to say goodbye or to leave.

  1. Ask her to text you

When you ask her to text you, you should ensure that you do it in a way where she is left with no doubt that she will do it. In case she takes too long to respond, you can ask her what her number is and promise to text her.

  1. Understand when you should back off

There are some strange things that can happen when asking for her number. She may respond that she doesn’t have a phone and you will only be wasting your time writing down your number for her. If she is really interested in chatting you up and it is true that she doesn’t have a phone, then she should ask you to write it down for her. If you find her to be too complicated and sketchy, you should just walk away and forget about the whole thing. Otherwise, you will only be causing yourself a headache.

  1. Present a challenge that you can easily complete

This is akin to rigging the game. You will offer to complete a challenge and if you do she give you her number. Ensure that you include a binding cause before you can start the challenge. This could involve climbing a building or even running an errand for her errand.

  1. Bait and switch

If you are trying to get the number of a girl that you know such a coworker or classmate, you can use the bait and switch. This works by getting something that she likes such as chocolate or milkshake and bringing it to her. However, before you can hand it to her, ask for her number.  This will work best if you have already built trust with her. Even if she turns hostile and refuse to give you the number, you will still go home with a milkshake that you can enjoy.

  1. Exploit the power of walking away.

Probably you have ever met a good friend, had a great chat and felt that they were really intriguing but had to leave? After walking away from you, you felt that you needed more of them. This is what is referred to as the power of walking away. It is a great idea to excuse yourself when the conversation is at its best as you will leave her wanting more of you.

  1. Take time to connect with her

If you have just met the woman and done all the talking without any listening, you can be assured that she will not be interested in talking to you anymore. Why should she go out with you when all you did was to talk instead of asking questions and trying to find out more about her? Definitely no lady will be interested in going out with a chronic talker. Remember that a good conversation should be a 50 to 50 deal. This means that you should never walk to a woman, chat her for 5 minutes and then ask for her number, you will not be pleased with the results.

  1. Ask her friends

If you found the woman with a group of friends, a good way that you can get her number is by asking her friends. Instead of walking over to her and talking to the one you are interested in, you should take your time to talk to them all. Once you show her that you are such a friendly guy who likes her friends, you can be assured that your friends will speak positively about you.

  1. Respect her time

Imagine that you spot that woman at the restaurant wit her friends. You should wait until she is alone to make a move. You can be assured that you will have a great conversation. However, it is important to avoid monopolizing her time. Remember that she is out to enjoy a good time with friends. After chatting her up for a period of a few minutes and you establish the fact that the two of you are getting on well, you should give her your number.

When you do this, you will be distinguishing yourself from the other guys who hit on her. Many dudes would end up monopolizing the girl’s time so that they can chat her up for the maximum amount of time before asking for the number. You should avoid this and be different by showing respect to her time. This way it will not be difficult for her to give you her number.

  1. Put your best foot forward

It will not matter whether you met the girl for one minute, 3 minute, weeks or even months. The main reason why she will give you her number is because she likes you. The impression she will have on you will have a direct impact on whether she accepts to give you her number. Therefore, make sure that you are well groomed and act like a gentleman.  Have a great conversation with her and she will have no problem giving you her number.

Therefore the next time you meet a girl you like, do not be afraid to ask for her number. It is better to ask her out and find out whether she is interested than waste many days later trying to wonder what would have been. Use these tips and you will be on your way to realizing success.


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