How to Get a Jawline


imagesThe aging process contributes to a gloomy appearance of your face due to the pressure on your jawline as well as the facial muscles. The skin is unable to produce adequate protein fibers of collagen and elastic that contribute to the growth of a firm and healthy jaw, face, and neck.

Fitness experts recommend several exercises that help form toned facial muscles as well as a firm jawline.

Common attributes

Genetics are the major determinant of the type of jawline an individual possesses. Exercises will not help you change the bone structure of your jawline. In addition, you must wear clothes that suit the shape of your jawline such as diamond, strong, round, pear-shaped, triangular, square, or rectangular.

In case you have excessive fat in your face muscles, you must tone them and lose extra fat to look beautiful.

Jawline muscles

Before performing exercises to tone your facial muscles, let us know about the different types of muscles present in your face.

  • Masseter: These muscles are present near the sides of the jaw and help in chewing.
  • Mentalis: the muscle is present at the corner of the chin and raises the lower lip.
  • Sternocleidomastoid: It is a large angular muscle present on both sides of the neck and helps rotate the head.
  • Suprahyoid Group: these muscles are present under the jaw and connect the neck and the chin.

Jawline Exercises

1) Eye Squeeze

Open your lips in a scream-like structure. Stretch your lips towards your right; squeeze an eye until it is closed for a second. Repeat the action for ten times. Change to the other eye and perform the exercise again in the same manner.

This exercise helps to tone the muscles present around the eye but avoids wrinkles around the eye.
Ideal duration of this exercise involves 3 sets, 10 times for each eye with rest period before switching to the other eye.

2) Trapezius lift

This neck muscle supports a person to keep the head in an upright position. The exercise requires a person to perform shoulder shrug in order to build strong neck muscles and jawline.

In this exercise, you must stand upright, feet placed at a shoulder-distance, and arms by the side. Lift the dumbbells towards your chest and raise the shoulders up to your ears. Pause for 2 seconds and release. Repeat 3 sets, 15 times each. You may perform the exercise without weights even when you are at your workplace.

3) Jawline Roll

Keep a tight face and stretch your lips while moving them towards right side of your face. With the bent lips try to speak loudly; ensure the teeth do not grind.

This exercise helps build strong muscles below the jawline. Perform this exercise 3 set, 10 times on each side with considerable rest.

4) Tongue Press

Place the tongue on the tip of the mouth, at the back of your teeth. Press the tongue against the tip of the mouth to create tension and make a humming sound. Repeat this exercise twice including 3 sets of 10 times. Take a rest interval of one or two seconds between two instances.

This exercise helps in building facial muscles present under the chin.

5) Lower Face Lift

This exercise aims at building muscles present in your lower jaw. The right posture to perform this exercise is to keep an erect spine and tighten your muscles in the abdomen. With a widely opened mouth, roll the lips over your teeth, touching all corners of your mouth right up to the most internal teeth at the back of your jaw. Smile facing upwards. Put your index finger on your ear tips and move your face ahead, using slight pressure, and keep your shoulders behind. Freeze for half a minute and release slowly.

6) Brow lift

Fold your hands, palms facing each other. Apply pressure on each brow downwards, using fingernails. As you are pushing the skin of the brow down, move the brows upwards and down. Repeat the exercise 3 sets of 10 times on each brow with a rest period of one or two seconds between each brow. This exercise helps in building your forehead muscles.

7) Ceiling kiss

You may sit or stand to perform this exercise to build your neck muscles and a strong jawline. Place your arms on your side, bend your hand slightly towards your back; ensure your head is not parallel to the room’s ceiling. Move your lips as if you are kissing the ceiling. You will feel tension in the neck muscles and jaw. Hold the position for up to 10 seconds, and release. Repeat this exercise five times daily to form a strong and firm jawline.

Other measures to develop a firm jawline

  • Reduce salt intake: Foods rich in sodium chloride lead to an increase in the body’s capacity to retain water as a result the body cells swell up to make your face appear bloated.
  • Increase water intake: Human body comprises of 70% water. Hence, you must drink plenty of water to replenish the essential nutrients and body salt. In addition, water will also improve the metabolic rate.
  • Fat loss: one of the methods of maintaining a healthy and toned jawline is to get rid of the excess fat in the facial muscles that contribute to your swollen face.
  • Facial toner: Before applying moisturizer, you must use a toner in order to highlight your jawline. A toner leads to tight skin pores; the moisturizer contributes to a radiant glow on your face due to the tight pores.


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