How to Get Cheekbones


Let’s be honest about this, all women want killer cheekbones. If our cheeks don’t resemble a cross between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, we’re just not happy. Killer cheekbones have the potential to completely change the look of your face but luckily, there are some ways you can fake the look if you’ve not been blessed with good bone structure yourself.

Contouring – Make Up

Contouring is all the rage these days and it’s a very simple way of using tones and shades of makeup to create a more sculpted look. The idea is to use lighter, reflecting tones to reflect the light whilst incorporating darker shades to add as ‘shadows’.

If you look at yourself in a mirror and suck your cheekbones in, you should aim to contour and shade the natural areas. The hollow section just beneath your cheekbones would be darker to make it appear thinner and more ‘sucked-in’, whilst at the same time highlighting the top of your cheekbones to make them light-reflective.

The aim of the game is not to recreate a brand new face look but instead to work with the natural contours of your own face and accentuate them.

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to contour your face if you want to learn how to get cheekbones, but the basics can be seen below:

How to Get Cheekbones

You will need to ensure you blend the makeup together properly to make the look more natural than blocks of makeup. You may also wish to consider seeing a professional makeup artist to give you a tutorial on how to recreate that flawless look to start with.

Cheekbone Exercises 

Believe it or not, you can work the muscles in your face just as you can work the muscles in the rest of the body. When learning how to get cheekbones, these facial movements must be taken seriously and over time, will show results.

You can start with lip exercises. Pucker your lips together in a kiss or pout motion and hold for a couple of seconds before breaking your face into a beaming smile and holding for a couple of seconds. Repeat this whenever you remember (and you’re alone…).

You could also suck in your cheeks (like the motion you do when applying your contouring or blusher / highlighter) together and one at a time, first left than right. Again, repeat as often as you remember and can get away with it. The more you do, the quicker you’ll see results. As with other muscles on the body, after a while they’ll start to ache and when you experience pain, you should stop.

Mouth Exercises 

Puff your cheeks out and fill your mouth with air. Try to move all the air over to your right cheek and then over to your left, one at a time, ten to fifteen times. Then do the same with the upper lip, pushing all the air to the top, and then the lower lip, pushing all the air to the bottom.


When you apply your moisturizer, how do you apply it? Up and down? Left to right? You should be working in a circular motion to get the blood pumping and encourage the cells to wake up. If you use a skin-stimulating moisturizer at the same time, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

You could perform your facial exercises at the same time as massaging whilst cleaning and moisturizing too.

Plastic Surgery 

One route that many women are turning to now for killer cheekbones and with the likes of the Kardashian’s opening up and admitting to having plastic surgery, cheek fillers and implants are now a more popular procedure than ever before.

As we age, our cheekbones are known to lose volume and this is what it leads to sagging skin mixed together with the reaction of collagen production. Silicone or porous polyethylene implants can be added permanently to enhance cheekbone appearance.

If that sounds too ‘permanent’ for you, you could also look into the idea of fillers which last approximately six months.

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