How to get Lighter Eyes

Are you less than impressed by your eye color? This article gives you insights on how you can lighten the color of your eyes, naturally and quickly.

article-1-pic-1How to lighten eye color quickly

Lightening Eye Color Quickly

If you’re attending a big event and want your eyes to look lighter fast, there’s a way to do that.

article-1-pic-3Use make-up to help in lightening eye color

  • Apply white eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyelids. This reflects in the entire eye, which makes eyes appear lighter.
  • Use mascara that is navy blue instead of black to make your eyes appear lighter. The whites of your eyes will look whiter, and your irises will be bright and vibrant. Other colors may leave your eyes looking dull.
  • Use indigo eyeliner. This will reflect back to your eyes, giving them a lighter look.
  • Apply an under-eye concealer. This covers the dark parts of your eyes, making them look lighter.
  • Apply color enhancing eye shadow. These eye shadows enhance and lighten your eye color.

These methods for lightening eyes are quick and easy, but temporary.

Lightening your Eyes in Natural Ways

You probably thought you were stuck with the eye color you were born with. However, you can lighten them a couple shades using natural methods.

article-1-pic-2Use your diet to lighten eye color

 Lightening Eye Color through your Diet & Lifestyle

  • Get enough sleep.

Getting sufficient sleep causes your eyes to be a bit lighter colored. You need eight hours of sleep every night to help in brightening your eyes. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your eyes may look darker and duller, as compared to someone who gets enough sleep.

  • Drink plenty of water.

Your body needs a great deal of water to function normally. When you keep your body hydrated, it allows your eyes to look brighter than they will if you don’t properly hydrate yourself.

  • Protect your eyes from sunlight.

Wear sunglasses on sunny days and on snowy winter days. This will protect your eyes and the tissues around them from the sun’s harmful effects.

  • Include lots of vitamin C in your diet.

Vitamin C is plentiful in fresh fruits and some veggies, too. Eating plenty of citrus fruits and vegetables will give you brighter eyes. Vitamin C is also available in multivitamins and supplements. They prevent your eyes from appearing reddish or yellowish.

  • Minimize or avoid your intake of caffeine and quit smoking.

Drinking caffeine and smoking dehydrate your body. This can lead to duller, darker eyes. When you’re smoking, the smoke enters and irritates your eyes, making them look darker. Limiting caffeine and smoking will help you to keep your eyes looking lighter in color.

  • Exercise every day.

Exercise allows your blood to flow more evenly to all parts of your body, which makes your eyes brighter. If you don’t get enough exercise, your eyes may look reddish and dull.

  • Don’t eat junk food.

Junk food makes your digestive tract work harder. The liver is especially hard hit. This can result in yellowish eyes. Replace junk food with fruits and veggies that will keep your eyes looking brighter.


Honey is often used to lighten the color of people’s eyes. It is also used to treat eye infections, as an antibacterial agent. You can’t just take honey from a jar and apply it to your eyes, though. That would be dangerous.

One of the simplest procedures when you are determining how to get lighter eyes is by the use of honey.

Honey in its raw form contains its own hydrogen peroxide, and this will be activated when you dilute the honey. Hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic properties that can treat infection, and it is used in lightening skin, too.

CAUTION: You cannot use store-bought, chemical hydrogen peroxide in your eyes. This is very dangerous. Diluted honey mixes with the tears within the eyes, releasing just enough hydrogen peroxide to help in lightening the eyes. The concentration is controlled naturally.

  • Purchase only raw or pure honey.
  • Mix 50ml of honey with 50 ml of distilled water.
  • Combine well and boil the mixture.
  • Allow to cool for about five minutes, until lukewarm.
  • Fill a clean, sterile eye dropper with the mixture. Store the rest in your refrigerator.
  • Use only two or three drops of this mixture into your eyes two times a day. It’s easy to do it in the morning and evening, so you’ll remember.
  • Repeat this procedure for about two weeks for best results.

This process lightens dark brown eyes to light brown eyes and darker green eyes to a lighter green. You can use this on blue eyes, too, but the difference won’t be as dramatic.

Non-Honey Eye Lightening Methods

Your eyes are your most attractive organs. You can even predict someone’s personality by looking into his eyes when you first meet him. For some reason, lighter eyes are often coveted, especially by people who have dark brown or dark green eyes. That’s the main reason why people are always finding new ways to change the color of their eyes.

The color of your eyes will differ, depending on the melanin levels in your body. If you have a lot of melanin in the body, a brown layer forms around your pupils, effectively giving you brown eyes. Of course, your natural eye color is determined by genes long before you are born, but melanin plays a role in the darkness of the color. If you’re not happy with your eye color, there are ways to lighten the color of your eyes.

Permanently Lighten Eye Color with Eye Lightening Surgery

The Stroma Procedure

The surgery that accomplishes permanent eye lightening is only done for people with brown eyes.

This is one of the methods that allows you to have the color of your eyes permanently changed. In this process, the thin brown layer around your pupil is disrupted with a low-energy laser device, in order to reveal the layer underneath the brown. You must then allow the tissues of your eyes to heal naturally.

As you undergo the stroma procedure, your head will be positioned and stabilized in the gaze of a stroma laser, with a small light. Each eye is treated separately. The eye not being treated will be covered with a patch, for safety reasons.

The laser will scan the iris of your eye, for a maximum of about a half a minute, in order to be thorough. You must allow your eyes to heal themselves after this procedure is done. In two to three weeks, your eyes will be permanently lightened.

Lightening the Color of your Eyes Temporarily

article-1-pic-4Temporary lightening of eye color

You can change the color of your eyes using these methods:

  • Herbs for Eye Color Lightening

Herbs like Uva-Ursi, Chamomile and Licorice help in lightening your eyes indirectly and naturally by making sure that your colon is fully cleansed. Detoxifying your body and keeping it cleansed do work well in keeping your eyes lighter and brighter.

You can use these natural lightening essentials and apply them by themselves, or you can consume them orally in paste, tea or capsules.

  • Train your brain.

You’ve probably never heard of this eye lightening method. If your brain is less taxed by puzzles, negative patterns or doubts, this will lower your body’s levels of norepinephrine. That will prevent your eyes from looking darker. This method should not be overused, since you do want to keep your mind sharp.

  • Light up your eyes.

This sounds really simple, but it does work. Just expose your eyes to natural sources of light regularly. It may eventually cause a lightening of your irises. This is certainly not a permanent eye lightening method, but it works well on hazel or green eyes, especially.

  • Colored Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a simple method to lighten the color of your eyes. You can choose the color of eyes you would like from eye glass shops or optometrists. If your eyesight is poor, you can get the proper prescription that will allow you to see more clearly, too.

This is the most effective way to change your eye color. You should follow some simple steps to make wearing your eye lightening contacts safe:

  • Disposable lenses are helpful for just a few special occasions, or for use just in the short term. These tend to be more expensive.
  • Check to see how long the contacts you choose can be left in your eyes. Some can be used just for a day, while others can be worn for longer periods.
  • Don’t wear your contacts any time you don’t need them. This will be helpful in avoiding side effects like eye infections.
  • Clean your contacts properly and regularly. You may develop infections if you wear dirty contacts.
  • Be sure you wear the proper size contacts for your eyes. Otherwise, you can displace them when you blink, and they may allow your own iris color to become visible.

Before you choose the methods you want to use to lighten your eyes, consult your physician or ophthalmologist. You want to use a method that is well-suited to your body. Your eyes are delicate organs, and you need to be very cautious in what you do to them. Take all precautions you can, and if you’re in doubt, don’t put anything in your eyes. You need them to make your life complete.


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