How to get rid of inner thigh fat


Inner thigh fat is highly unwanted by women, especially, in the summers when they want to wear shorts. Inner thigh fat is annoying, and it can only be removed by a combination of few things, such as, low-calorie and low-fat diet, regular exercise, especially those exercises which targets inner thighs. Doing any of these techniques will not give you a good result but when you combine them and follow them regularly, then you are most likely to get rid of your inner thigh fat. Below some points are mentioned which could help you in losing inner fat.

  1. Low-calorie and low-fat diet
  2. Inner thigh toning exercises
  3. Cardio exercises

Low-calorie and low-fat diet

It is paramount to understand the fundamental principle of proper diet intake. Low-calorie and low-fat foods are best, as these food leave a limited amount of fat and extra calories in our body that are easy to burn off.

It is best to target fat in general to reduce the overall fat in your body. If you combine a low-calorie, and low-fat diet along with thigh toning exercises regularly will lead you to have inner thighs with less or no fat. Our body stores ingested fat very quickly and it does not burn off quite easily, especially the fat in the inner thighs. In the thigh region fat has little blood flow than another region, thus making it harder to burn off this fat. Intake of calories in our body and burning them is just a matter of pure math. Anything, performed by our body, burns a certain number of calories. Calories that are not used is stored in our body as fat, thus, the more calorie we invest in our body, the more we have to work to burn those calories off.

The presence of high calorie and fat in our body is the main reason of thigh fat. When these two things (calorie, fat) are restricted to a limited amount in our body, our body tends to burn them off quite quickly. In general, moderately active women needs to reduce their calorie intake by 1200 to 1500 calories daily and for men this is about 1500 to 1800 calories every day. Avoid foods with high content of saturated fat. Limit your daily saturated fat intake to 35gm to 60gm a day. Try and avoid diet busters (greasy fast foods, packed processed foods).

Restrict the intake of red meat

It is also important to restrict the intake of red meat and have more lean meat proteins. Red meat (beet, pork) has more saturated fat than white meat (chicken, turkey, fresh fish).

Include whole grain foods

Our body requires a considerable effort while breaking down whole grain foods. Whole grain foods provide fiber to our body, which is essential in flushing our system thus preventing our body from putting an extra weight.

Choose low-fat dairy products

Generally, our food determines how our body will store, build and even breakdown fat. This is why it is important to include low-fat dairy (yogurt, milk) in our regular diet. Choosing low-fat dairy is essential, as it has less fat compared to full-fat dairy products.

Inner thigh toning exercises

Although proper diet plays an essential role in reducing inner thigh fat, exercises that target inner thighs has a critical role in it. Few useful practices are described below:

Side and crossover lunge

  1. Stand up straight and keep your feet close together. Place the arms parallel to the sides of your body. Make sure that your posture is straight and relax your shoulders. As this exercise works on the inside of the thighs from other angles.
  2. Now, Use your left foot and take a step wider. During the process of stepping out make sure that you bend your knees and push your buttocks. The left leg should be in an extended position while you transfer the weight of your body at the left side. Keep your back straight and you should face forward when you initiate the movement.
  3. Touch the ground with your fingertips. Place your arms on both side of the right foot.
  4. Cross your legs while you stand up and touch the ground immediately by bending.
  5. Repeat the exercise and get back to the initial standing position.

Scissor kicks

  1. Lie down flat on your back on an exercise mattress and keep your heels on the floor while keeping your hands and palm-side down at the sides. Doing this exercise helps to tone the inner thigh muscles along with the small muscles of your lower abdomen.
  2. Make sure that your hands are on the beneath the rear and also so not forget to stretch your legs. Lift your legs 4 to 6 inches off the floor and while the thighs are kept partially flat, keep your knees and feet off the floor.
  3. Cross your legs back and forth and start performing a scissor-like motion with the legs and squeeze your thighs together with each pass you perform.
  4. Take rest for 5 sec to 15 sec and repeat the exercise. Try to do each set six to eight times.

Inner thigh squeeze

  1. In this exercise you have to find a ball that is used for exercise and make sure you are comfortable with it. For the height between 5 ft. 1 inch and 5 ft. 7 inches, one should choose a 55 cm ball. If your height is more than 6ft. 2 inches then it is recommended for you to choose a 75 cm ball. You can inflate or deflate according to your need and to use it with your comfort.
  2. Lie down flat on the floor (exercise mattress) and hold the ball steadily between your thighs and do not forget to bring the legs in air slightly.
  3. In this step you should insert pressure on the ball using your thighs while keeping your legs straight up.
  4. You can take rest for no more than 30 sec and redo the exercise. It is recommended to do 5/10 reps of this task and keep doing it until you feel your muscles are getting tired.

Squat lifts

  1. A resistant band can be used for the exercise to make the squats lifts more easy and efficient. These lifts improve your body stability and balance and also work on your inner thighs. If you do not have a resistance band, then you can use the weight of the ankles to work on thigh muscles more efficiently.
  2. At first, place any end of the resistance band around the left ankle then connect the other side to a firm or exact thing (furniture). Keep the entire area surrounding the ankle remain slightly tensed and legs apart. Place both hands on the hips while performing this exercise.
  3. Step out with your right leg using your right knee in a slight bent position where you are ready for another set of squat and your legs should be separated and wide.
  4. Bring the left leg up while straightening the right leg slowly. Now you should bring your left leg outside and place it before the right leg. Make sure that your left leg is not touching the floor and keep your thighs crossed. Make sure that the weight of the body is transferred over the right leg.
  5. Rest for 30 sec to 60 sec and redo the exercise until eight repetitions and it is recommended to do the same for 16 times.

Cardio Exercises

Performing cardio exercises is an effective way to reduce overall body fat and burn extra calories. Performing cardio exercises develop lean muscles in your body, which tend to burn excess fat and keeps your legs toned. Select a cardio exercise that involves more thigh movements, to burn fat from the inner thigh region. Exercises like jogging, sprinting, brisk walking, stair climbing, rowing, cycling, and elliptical training are excellent cardio exercises to burn inner thigh fat.

All of the things mentioned are important to reduce the inner thigh fat. Only maintaining a diet or only doing exercise may not give you the result you want. That is why you need to follow the above-mentioned points together.


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