How to Get Water out of Your Ear

When you get water in your ear, it may feel like you’re hearing things while standing in a well. Your ear(s) may feel very full, and sounds you hear may be muffled. Whether you were swimming or got water in your ear while you were taking a shower, it’s very annoying and may result in swimmer’s ear or infection, if the water wasn’t clean.

You’ve probably found this article while looking for answers to how to get water out of your ear. We’ll tell you how to do it the safe way. Do it as soon as you can. Here are some suggestions on getting that water out of your ear(s).

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1 – Use Gravity to your Advantage

One of the easiest ways to get water from your ear is by standing on one foot and tilting your head to the side. The water-filled ear should face the ground. As silly as it may look, hopping on one foot can help. You can also tug on your earlobe to open that ear canal wider, to help drain the water out.

If hopping doesn’t sound like much fun, try lying down, with the water-filled ear facing the bed. Stay in that position to allow gravity to bring the water out.

2 – Clean out your Ear

You can clean the outer part of your ear by slowly wiping it with a soft towel or clean cloth.  This may start the water draining. Tilt your ear towards your cloth. Do not push the cloth into the interior part of your ear, since it could force the water further in.

3 – Use your Blow Dryer

This may not sound logical, but people have used this method and had success. Set the dryer on cool or low heat and hold the dryer 12 inches or more from your ear. Blow with the dryer until you begin to feel the water begin to drain. Don’t put the blow dryer very close to the ear – you don’t want to burn it.

4 – Create a Vacuum

Lay the water-filled ear face down on your palm and push in and out until you feel the water begin to come out. The action creates a suction that draws the water towards your hand. Don’t attempt this with the affected ear facing upwards. This could drive that water back farther into your ear.

5 – Apply Vinegar & Alcohol

If you’re still seeking to learn how to get water out of your ear and the previous ideas have not worked for you, try this one. Use a solution of one-half rubbing alcohol and one-half white vinegar. In addition to getting rid of the water, this mixture helps to prevent infection. Apply a few drops of this mixture to the water-filled ear to help it drain.

6 – Use OTC Eardrops

Eardrops purchased without a prescription can be used to help in removing water from the ears. You can find them in any pharmacy. They usually contain some amount of alcohol, and this evaporates speedily. Add these drops to the ear and tilt it downward to drain your ear.

7 – Perform the Valsalva Maneuver

This maneuver can be performed to pop your ears and open your Eustachian tubes, which will get rid of that water. Close your mouth, squeeze your nostrils and take a good, deep breath. Blow the air out through your nose in order to regulate the air pressure. If you perform it properly, you’ll hear a popping sound. This signifies the opening of the Eustachian tubes.

8 – Yawn or Chew

Chewing gum may help to displace the water in your ear. Water may become lodged in the Eustachian tubes in the inner ear. Chewing gum can help to free it up.

Yawning may also pop that “bubble” of water in your ear. You can tell when your yawning is working if you feel water shifting, or a “pop”.

9 – Use Olive Oil

Olive oil can be a useful remedy when you’ve been trying to determine how to get water out of your ear. Olive oil may help to drain the fluid that is trapped within your ear. It also has antiseptic properties, meaning that it can reduce your risk of ear infection.

Warm a bit of olive oil in your microwave. Using an ear dropper, put a few drops of the warm oil into your ear. Allow it to remain there for about 10 minutes. After that, tilt your head sideways and remove the oil and water with a soft ear bud.

10 – Use Steam

Try using steam to push out the water that’s found its way into your inner ear. Place some steaming water carefully into a large bowl. Use a clean towel to cover your entire head. Slowly inhale the steam in for five to 10 minutes. Then tilt your head to the side where the ear was plugged, and the water will start draining from it.

11 – Use Motion

Move your head to one side and then the other. Then bend the water-filled ear towards your shoulder and hit the opposite ear, using only your palm. The force may help the water to drain out.


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