How to Grow Facial Hair


UntitledJust a few years ago, many Hollywood actors had started giving public appearances with heavy beard. The somber look given by the beard to the actors is liked by men all over the world. But, not all men are lucky to keep that cheek fringe easily. They have to make a lot of effort and wait for weeks to get the look they want. Why would a man not want a good facial hair growth? It is not only a symbol of wisdom in many cultures, but a trendy look as well. Moreover, it is also used as a symbolic gesture to spread awareness about different issues like cancer, women empowerment, etc.

If you have a slow facial growth, do not get impatient. Just go through the following tips and keep patience. You will achieve your heavy beard look in a few days.


Clean your face and moisturize it regularly

Yes, it is true. It sounds obvious but many men do not even buy a face wash ever! Just keeping your face clean and moisturized will stimulate the growth of facial hair. The hair follicles can get a slow growth due to clogged pores over your face. Use warm water to wash your face. You can also use facial cleanser. Buy high quality soap or face wash to clean your face. The regular soaps sometimes damage the facial skin. It is not necessary that you have to follow a time table to wash your face. You can clean it any time you feel that it is oily and dirty. Do not forget to moisturize after washing your face. Dead cells develop faster on a dry face.

Facial massage

A new beard can be given a good growth if you give yourself the luxury of facial massage. Take out 10-15 minutes daily and give yourself a light massage on face. Light circular movements with your fingers will do the trick. You do not have to shell out dollars in a salon for such an easy job. Massage really helps to encourage the growth of hair follicles.

Exfoliate your face

To open up the pores, you need to exfoliate your face. Dirt blocks your hair follicles and prevents their growth. You can use an exfoliating mask which contains eucalyptus. It is good for facial skin and also promotes growth of hair. Also, use lotions and shampoos which contain vitamin B complex.

Increase testosterone through exercise

Yes, testosterone also plays a major role in hair growth. When you exercise, the testosterone level of your body is increased. You can do weight lifting or any other strength oriented exercise. However, any form of exercise is good for this purpose. Increased blood circulation will stimulate hair growth on your face. And of course, exercise will make your look good.

Reduce stress

It is easier to say that you should not take stress. But, if you pledge that you will take care of your mental health, nobody can stop you. Stress causes hair loss, not only from your scalp, but also from your face. It also causes thinning of hair and hinders their thickness and growth. Also, some people are stresses over the future that how they will look when they grow beard. Do not be anxious over this petty issue. Do the experiment and go ahead with life with a cool mind. Chill out with happy friends. Avoid company of such people who make you tense.

You can try meditation or yoga to avoid stress. Exercising also relieves you from stress.

Take good sleep

If you sleep for less than five hours, your body hormones get disturbed. Your body needs good quality sleep for at least 7 hours. A healthy body needs deep sleep to function properly. You will also notice changes in your day time routine if you have proper sleep. Get rid of the drowsiness and pledge to take proper sleep. It will give you more energy. Do not consider the extra time given for sleeping as a waste.

Have a good diet


You cannot just keep sleeping and expect your beard to grow. If you are overweight, it may become the cause of slow hair growth over your face. You need to eat foods rich in nutrients to stimulate hair growth. You might already know that you need to consume maximum protein to ensure a rich density of hair. It applies to your facial hair as well. Eat leafy vegetables for an ample supply of proteins.

Groom the facial hair

Embrace the hair growth you already have. Keep stubble till the time you do not get full hair growth. Stubble will give you the thicker and fuller hair. You can try out different styles with trimmed beard. Invest in a good facial groomer. It will help you too style your facial hair as they come. You already know that trimming the hair on your head increases their growth. The same logic applies to your face as well. Keep trimming the beard in small bits if you want a better density of hair.

Give time to your beard

Do not get impatient if you hear the nasty comments of people around you. Men often lose patience in the initial phase of beard growth. We understand that it is a tough time to wait. But, once the waiting period is over, you do not have to hear those things again. Learn to forego such things.

Testosterone therapy

There are many people who do everything and still cannot achieve the desired facial growth of hair. You can opt for testosterone therapy in such a case. But, be careful in choosing a doctor. Go to a well qualified doctor only. Even excess of testosterone also has its side effects. It is important to know that your body is not designed to store this hormone. You might have to develop a strict regime of supplements and stick to it. Testosterone can be taken through injections, oral consumption or topical application.

Plastic surgery

If everything fails, you can go to a good surgeon for plastic surgery. It will definitely work for hair growth on your face. The process of plastic surgery involves transplanting hair follicles taken from the scalp to your face. This method is effective but it takes some time. You will have to be prepared to spend at least a year to notice the results.



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