How to Hit Puberty Faster?

graduation-521545_1920 Puberty is the time when a child becomes a grown man or woman. Everyone wants to grow up quickly, but is this really an issue? Why didn’t you see the changes on yourself like you saw on your friends and folks your age? You don’t need to worry about, not everyone matures at the same time. So, puberty for boys starts with testicle and penis enlargement, pubic, face and axillary hair, deepening of the voice. Your body will also start to develop a more muscular structure and shoulder widening. It usually happens from 9 till 14 years old in boys. For girls, it can start from 7 and a half till 13 years old, which is characterized by first menstrual cycle, also called menarche which usually comes after two or three years after breasts start to develop. Also for girls, there are present changes like pubic and armpit hair and growth spurt.

Why Does This Happen?

This can be due to late maturation which is considered to be constitutional and genetics related. So, if you see your siblings, parents and other relatives having similar symptoms or if they tell you they have had the same situation when they were little, it is possible that you have delayed puberty.

What Is Delayed Puberty?

Delayed puberty is the condition where puberty comes later in life, but the bodies at the end develop the same as to a normal puberty time children.

For girls, delayed puberty manifests as no breast development until 13, and no menstrual cycle until 16.

For boys, it is no testicular enlargement till the age of 14.

This happens to some children who are “late bloomers” so their development comes later in life, but they eventually catch up their friends. This is not a medical disease and does not need any treatment to this condition.

Is There Something I Can Do To Change It?

  1. Acceptation Of This Condition As Your Normal State

You should know if this does happen to you, it is totally normal and you shouldn’t be worried about it. You should not think or dwell about it and how to solve it. It will solve itself with time. You will start to mature in time and it will be all right.

  1. Being Young Is Not That Bad

When you think of puberty, you think only of its presentation of transition from child to adult. But, being an adult is not that great. See, you will have to shave, you will have to wear pads due to having a menstrual cycle and this is not that pretty part of being a grown up.

  1. Keep Your Weight Optimal

Delayed puberty can be caused by overweight because your sexual hormones that stimulate your maturation are steroids which are fat tissue like structure, so if there are too many lipids in your system, it can be diluted and spread inside your fat tissue, making it impossible to influence the body because its smaller concentration. Regulating your body fat can make a big difference and can make you mature faster. Also, fat cells that are made in the early age are most dangerous ones because they grow in number, not in size and it will keep that number during your whole life, allowing you to fatten up faster.

  1. Devote Yourself To Improving Your Skills

basketball-784097_1920In time you are waiting for your body to wake up and start surpassing all others in puberty
and growth, you should devote yourself in sports and other activities which can help you get more socialized and feel better about yourself. You will feel accepted and you will show off your talents and you can work on your body, making it more muscular and create a path of the development for the maturation when it comes. Your attitude will be bold and you will feel strong.

How Common Is Delayed Puberty?

Delayed puberty is roughly estimated that it happens in 3% of all children, with 90% of causes that lead to constitutional delay. This type of delay is more common in boys than in girls.

What Are Other Possible Causes Of Delayed Puberty?


Besides constitutional delay, there are some other conditions that can lead to delayed puberty. Sometimes, this can be due to malnutrition or some chronic diseases, even stress. Other are diabetics, cystic fibrosis and also one disease which is often misdiagnosed, coeliac disease. There are also some disorders on the level of hormone synthesis where glands do not secrete enough hormones for the body. This condition is called isolated gonadotropin deficiency (IGD) where there is a lack of LH or luteinizing hormone or FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone. This can be diagnosed with no puberty symptoms till 17 years old. Others are chromosomal disorders like Klinefelter’s syndrome in boys and Turner syndrome in girls. It leads to abnormal development of testicles and ovaries where there is no secretion of the hormones and both are sterile.

Can Delayed Puberty Be Treated And How?

ice-skating-235547_1280Depends on the cause of the delay. If it’s constitutional delay, the main thing you can do is wait. Puberty will come with time and there is nothing wrong that should be fixed. But, there is a possibility to go to pediatrics endocrinologist to take some shots of testosterone to bust your puberty. The shorts of the testosterone can be received in sessions of a few months, and studies show that testosterone doesn’t affect the height of the boy, but it can cause a faster grow. The rest of some other diseases are treated in ordinary therapy for that condition.


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