How to Induce Your Period


The average woman has a menstrual cycle that ranges from 24 to 34 days, although there are many women who have longer or shorter cycles. Once your period begins, it is normal for it to last for about two to eight days. Depending on your current stress levels, dietary changes and hormonal factors, your period’s length may vary greatly. Women who have irregular cycles may want to induce their period earlier. In addition, some women may want to have their period earlier so that it does not start on important days like the first day of school, during a wedding or on the first day of a new job. If you are trying to find out how to induce your period, the following tips can help.

How to Induce Your Period At-Home

Start Exercising

One of the main things that you can do to ensure that your period is on time every month is to get a proper amount of exercise. In addition to making your period come on time, exercise can also reduce the amount of cramps that you have to deal with. It also stimulates the abdominal muscles, which can get your period to come faster. Top exercises include sit-ups, jogging, stair walking or jogging.

Use Medicine

Birth control is typically made of a synthetic type of estrogen. By taking birth control, your levels of progesterone and estrogen are regulated so that you have have a stable menstrual cycle. During several days of the month, you are essentially taking a sugar pill. Since these pills lack estrogen, they cause your period to start on schedule. If you often have problems with an irregular menstrual cycle, birth control can help. For an immediate remedy, you can try crushing up two aspirin tablets, ½ teaspoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of sugar into ½ cup of water. This should help your period to come on time.

Change Your Diet

There are certain foods that are able to induce your period. Celery is a natural source of apiol, which increase blood flow to your pelvic region and uterine contractions. Meanwhile, a cup of warm water with a little honey can also help. An ancient Chinese remedy to boost blood circulation and limit blood clots is eating red dates before menstruating. Other foods like papaya, mango and pineapple can also help your period to start on time.

Try Herbal Remedies

There are some herbal remedies that have been used for years to start menstruation. Some are known as emmenagogues, which means that they help to induce your period by causing uterine contractions. Green tea, parsley and ginger tea are all considered emmenagogues. Drink two cups of parsley or ginger tea a day until your period starts. For an additional boost, pulsatilla, white peony and primrose oil are also effective.

Some women also use Dong Quai to get their period started. This works by increasing the blood flow and circulation to the uterus. It also boosts the strength of the uterus and can limit the intensity of menstrual cramps. Depending on your goal, you may want to take Dong Quai throughout the month, right before your period starts or during menstruation.

Have Sex

Like exercise, sex can increase the amount of blood flow to your genitals. It can also make your uterus contract naturally. Hormones that are naturally found in the semen can soften your cervix and prepare it for menstruation. Meanwhile, the act of having sexual intercourse will also make your vagina relaxed, which can help the uterine lining begin to shed.

Limit Your Stress Levels

Cortisol and adrenaline are chemicals that your body will normally release when you are under stress. When these hormones are present, it can stop your fertility hormones from being released. Fortunately, you can change this problem by limiting the amount of stress in your life and learning how to relax. Meditating, deep breathing, listening to music, taking a hot bath or going for a walk can help you to de-stress so that your period starts.

Use a Hot Compress

A hot water bottle, heating pad or just hot bath water can help to induce your period. If your period is late, spend some time soaking in a hot tub or relaxing with a heating pad on your lap every day until your period starts. You can boost this effect by drinking lukewarm water when you want to induce your period.

How to Induce Your Period Using Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural way to increase your estrogen levels. This increases uterine contractions and improves the growth of the uterine lining. At the same time, vitamin C stops the production of progesterone, which is normally required for a fetus to develop. Since vitamin C can cause a miscarriage, kidney stones and diarrhea, you may want to check with your doctor before doing this technique. At the very least, you will want to drink a lot of water while you are taking vitamin C.


  1. Hi. According to my period tracker app, my period was supposed to start on June 24th. I’m 2 days late. I’ve never had sex. The first day of my last menstural period was May 26th. My cycle usually lasts 21-38 days avg being 29 days. I’ve been having abdominal pains. I’ve been applying a heat pack on my abdomen and drinking ginger tumeric tea. What should I do? I’m freaking out.

    • You have not had sexual intercourse, so it is not possible that you are pregnant. It is possible that you are having an unusual period. You may be having a medical problem at this time. Continue to monitor your experiences. If you find that your symptoms worsen, then visit a medical professional. You may want to visit an emergency medical professional. Best of luck, Lia!

  2. Hi I am 11 days late and have been having cramping and I thought I started but it was just light spotting. I am sexual active, but aways safe comdom every time. No birth control it gives me mood swings. What should I do wait until the end of the month for it to come? Or just take a at home test?

    • If your period was supposed to start 11 days ago, you can go ahead and take a pregnancy test. Your period may just be late, but a pregnancy test will let you know for sure. It is still possible to get pregnant when you are using condoms, although it is much, much less likely. I would take a pregnancy test just to make sure and then wait for your period to eventually start (assuming that you have no other symptoms that need to be checked out).

    • Wait for it. Take a pregnancy test to make sure that isn’t the cause. If it still doesn’t start, go to your doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. While there may be ways to induce your period, it is healthier for your body to just wait and let your body do its job.

    • If you have an infection, then you should speak with a doctor as soon as you are able to do so. Make an appointment at this time. You also may be pregnant, so take a pregnancy test. You will be able to confirm the results of your test with the doctor that you are speaking with about your infection. Best of luck, Aimee!

  3. Just to clarify.. the sexual assault was incredibly traumatic (obviously). He didnt penetrate me other than with his fingers, but my boyfriend and I have a lot of sex (3-7 times a week) using the pull out method.

    • You may want to speak with a doctor about the results of your tests. Your doctor will be able to give you a blood test to confirm the results. You may want to speak with someone about the sexual assault. It is important to seek legal advice in cases like this. Precum has the potential to cause pregnancy, but it is unlikely. Continue to monitor your experiences as you move forward. Best of luck, Lorraine!

  4. Hi there. My cycles are usually long, especially around the winter time, but I’m really nervous I am pregnant. I did a homemade test about 5 days after I was supposed to start my period and it seemed to say yes. I then took 2 pregnancy tests that both said negative. I then waited 3 days (until today) to take a third. All three were negative. I have been trying to induce my period with vitamin c and parsley, but it still hasn’t started and it’s been 3 days since I started trying to induce.

    This past month I have gone through a lot stress wise like finals and then I was sexually assaulted by one of my best friends (he fingered me). I also have been exercising a lot more lately and have been way more stressed. Perhaps this is causing the delay? When should I start to worry?

    Thank you.

    • You may want to speak with a doctor about the results of your tests. Your doctor will be able to give you a blood test to confirm the results. You may want to speak with someone about the sexual assault. It is important to seek legal advice in cases like this. Precum has the potential to cause pregnancy, but it is unlikely. Continue to monitor your experiences as you move forward. Best of luck, Lorraine!

  5. I had my period about a month ago, but two weeks later around 3am I was vomiting. And the same happened two days later but hasn’t happened since. I haven’t had intercourse since the period but the vomiting has me worried. Is there any possibility I could be pregnant?

    • You should call your doctor. If your doctor does not give you any other information, then you would be correct to attempt to speak with another doctor. Ask for a copy of your medical history from your doctor so you can give it to another doctor for a second opinion. Continue to monitor your symptoms as you move forward. Best of luck, Charlotte!


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