How to kiss a girl for the first time


You have met that beautiful and sweet girl and now you have started clicking. If you would like to kiss her for the first time, it can feel intimidating. However, you should not worry; All you will need is a bit of preparation and some practice and you will be able to kiss her like a pro.

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Here are 10 steps on how to kiss a girl for the first time.

  1. Practice

If you would like to be more comfortable when kissing and even kiss in a better way, you will need to ensure that you do a lot of practice. While kissing may look obvious, practicing can really help. Practice using your hand or even an object.

  1. Check your breath

Nothing can turn off the girl like kissing her for the first time when you have bad breath. This can even make her to dislike you.  She will definitely not like the taste of garlic in your mouth or some other funny flavors. Before you go out on a date with her or meet her, ensure that you brush your teeth. To maintain that good breath, ensure that you drink water during the date rather than soft drinks. Another option would be to chew minty gum during the date.

If you happen to be meeting her in a restaurant, be sure to take your preferred breath fresher. After, dinner, visit the washrooms and ensure that you have a fresh smelling breath.

  1. Have an action plan

While it is good to kiss a girl in a spontaneous manner, it is advisable to at least have a basic action plan for the smooch, one that will at least offer you some level of privacy. It will do you more harm than good if you give her your first kiss in the middle of that noisy party. However, when you do it during an evening walk in a beach, it is likely to be reciprocated better.

  1. Choose a private location

Like you would expect, you should avoid kissing her in public especially when you are doing it for the first time. If you do this, it might just be the last time that you will be seeing her. Remember that it can be awkward to kiss the girl for the first time and it only gets perfect with time. In order to smoothen the transition, it is advisable to avoid all kinds of distractions.

Ensure that you are just the two of you with the girl. It could be in a room or even in a car after a date or a quiet corner as you walk home. Finding the right place can be quite important if you do not want to spoil the opportunity to kiss the girl. Good timing can also help to make it easier for her. A good idea would be to kiss her at the end of your date when saying goodbye, when going for a walk or after watching a romantic movie. One common thing that you will notice about these moments is that they are all private and involve just the two of you. It is also important for you to ensure that the kiss remains private. You do not have to go announcing to everyone that you kissed her.


  1. Avoid talking about the kiss

If you already know her, there are high chances that you have already spoken to her about kissing. This could even be through the phone or a flirting text. However, when you get to the actual moment when you are just the two of you, avoid talking about the kiss. When you try to arm-twist her to give you the kiss, you will only be making the moments awkward since the two of you have already talked about it.

If you ask her whether you can kiss her, you can be assured that the answer will definitely not be in your favor. However, if she already loves you, she may agree to the kiss but she will still be surprised by your question.

  1. Take time

There is no perfect time for kissing a girl. However, you do not have to rush into it. Be sure that the two of you are relaxed. Remember that the more comfortable she will feel, the more she is like to enjoy that first kiss. All you will need to do is to flirt with her and talk about something that the two of you did.

  1. Flirt a bit

In order to set the right mood for the kiss, start by flirting a little. You can complement her on something like her lovely dress.  She will definitely appreciate that. You can also wrap your arm around her waist and remind her how beautiful she is. This will ensure that she becomes open to appreciating your kiss.

  1. The right way to kiss

To give a signal that you are about to kiss her, you can start by moving your face towards her. This will provide her with the opportunity to decide whether she is uncomfortable. You will also be able to avoid getting slapped. Avoid closing your eyes until when you are about to get into contact with her lips.

For the first time, it would be a good idea to choose the close-mouthed kiss. Avoid using your tongue when kissing her for the first time. Before you start kissing her, make sure that you have closed your eyes. Move your head sideways a bit. When you try to kiss her with your head upright like hers, you may end up bumping on her nose instead of your lips coming into contact with hers.

Move in a slow manner and follow any leads that she provides. In case she is a deep and passionate kisser, she will hold her lips close to yours for a longer period.

  1. Where to place your hands

You may already have a picture of the perfect kiss, looking at it from different angles and wondering where to place your hands when you kiss the girl for the first time. If you happen to be walking while holding hands, it would be advisable to continue holding her hands as you kiss her. Another alternative would be to move your hands in a romantic way on her hair. However, this is just one idea and it is advisable to go with what you find natural but you must remember that during the first kiss, it is not the time to touch her boobs.

Now that you have kissed the girl, you do not have to get carried away so that you end up ruining the moments. Instead, you must ensure that you are delicate and gentle. Ensure that your lips are on her and kiss her in a soft way. Relax and enjoy the feeling of her lips against yours. Remember that you will have all the time that you will need to try put some new things. Therefore, for the first time, you will need to focus on kissing her and not to take her to bed. With these kissing steps, you will be on your way to a successful first kiss.


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