How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men


image001All those men looking to maintain a well-toned body and stay fit and healthy should get rid of the thigh fat first. There are many ways you can reduce the excessive fat in your thighs without starving yourself, like for instance exercising and performing physical activities. Such remedies not only help you lose fat on your thighs but also help you keep the rest of your body toned. It will give you more strength and energy and make you more active and will help you achieve the body shape you desire. The ways in which you can keep your things toned and lose that fat are:

How Men Can Lose Thigh Fat

Practice thigh-toning exercises

Exercise is definitely the number one way you can do away with those bulky thighs. You can practice some specific thigh-toning exercises like the following:


You should first stand up properly with your feet apart as much as your shoulder width. Keep your back straight at all times and then slowly bend your knees. Make sure your butt is also inclined backwards and lean forward to keep yourself balanced. Make sure you don’t lean too far ahead and bend as far as you can without letting your heels leave the ground. Come back to the beginning position and then repeat.


You should stand with your feet apart like scissors and then slowly bend both your knees. Move one knee backward at an angle to the ground. The heel of the other knee should be placed firmly on the ground. Keep your body straight while you engage your abs. When you come back to your standing position, avoid locking both knees. You can add intensity to the exercise by holding a barbell over the shoulders or lifting some weights while you lunge. This exercise also helps you keep your body balanced.

Lying Butt Bridge

Lie down properly on a mat with your knees at an angle and both feet on the ground.  Now slowly raise your pelvic region and keep your body at a 45-degree angle. Keep flexing your thighs and your butt on each count and then come back to your normal position.

Back Kick

Stand straight and then raise your left leg slightly and move it backwards. Keep your body balanced on the right leg and then slowly kick your left leg backwards. Make sure you keep your right leg bent to avoid locking of the knees and lean forward slightly. Make sure that your body is straight at all times so that you can feel the exertion in your hamstring. Then come back to your normal position while flexing your butt muscles. Switch to the right leg and do the exercise again and use weights to add more intensity.

Downward-facing dog

aid1510678-728px-Perform-Downward-Facing-Dog-in-Yoga-Step-15This yoga stance helps you lose weight in your arms and thighs. Start by lying flat on the floor with your stomach facing the ground. Then slowly raise your hands until your shoulders and then push yourself off the floor. Let your butt be up in the air and make your body form the shape of the letter A. Hold this stance for 60-90 seconds and then come back to your normal position. Keep repeating the process.

Cardio exercises

To lose thigh fat, you should engage in some physical activities like biking, swimming and walking that help burn fat. You should also play some sports like basketball, football or volleyball as these can also convert the fat into energy within no time. Cardio exercises not only benefit the thighs but the entire body as well as the excess fat in your body is converted into usable energy. This energy then allows you to perform strenuous activities for a long time and keeps you active and fit. This excess energy can also help get rid of the excess fat.

Some dietary changes

No sugar-loaded liquids

We all love to drink sodas and cols and generally, after a strenuous workout, we are parched and drink some energy drinks to make sue feel better. However, all these liquids are full of sugar and are thus high in calories. You should avoid them and drink either water or green tea. Water and green tea have no sugar content or added calories and help remove toxins from your body and thus refreshes not only your body but your skin as well. You should also have tea or water before eating as they can fill you up and keep you satiated for longer.

Go on a low-carbohydrates diet

When you consume too many carbohydrates, insulin is released and then the body converts this into glucose. This creates excessive fat in your body. When you go on a low-carbohydrates diet, you are getting the right amount of carbohydrates and are also reducing the fat content in the body. You should generally consume food items like leafy greens, unprocessed cheeses, chicken, and fish. You should avoid eating breads, pastas, processed fruit juices, starchy vegetables, and any sugar-laden food item. Avoid consuming any processed food as these mostly have preservatives and additives that increase the glucose level in your body.

Maintain a low calorie diet

You should ideally consume fewer calories than the amount you lose in a day and generally, you should lose around2 pounds every week. Ideally, you should only consume 1500 calories on a daily basis. Your total fat consumption in a day should only be between 35 and 60 grams. Consume around 170 to 240 grams of complex carbohydrates daily. These complex carbohydrates include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. These are low in fat and give your body the right amount of nutrients. Also keep your daily protein intake to 55 to 95 grams and the proteins must be low in fat.


  1. if you want to lose thigh fat, you may want to combine proper diet with good exercise. Exercising and eating healthy food will also ensure that you lose weight in other parts of your body as well. you can also try cardio routines for at least 30 mins per day

    • Those are both good tips. You cannot lose fat in just one location, so the only way to lose thigh fat is to lose weight in general. Plus, working out will increase muscle tone to make any fat on the thighs less apparent. Thanks for commenting, Clarice–great insights!


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