How to Make a Girl Like You


I think the age long question for all men is, “How do you make a girl like you?” Let me tell you, there is no simple answer to this very complicated question, but there are certain things you can do to make the chances of a girl liking you much higher.

Girls are pretty complicated people. We overthink everything and that means one little thing you do can be taken in a completely different way than you intended. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also just a fact of life that you’ll, no doubt, learn to maneuver with ease.

If you’re looking for a way to make a girl like you without making it completely obvious, we’ve got the answers for you. Just remember, some girls won’t like you no matter what, that’s just life. However, with these tips, you’ll have much more luck in that department.


  1. Make Sure She Knows You Exist

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard guys complain about a girl not liking them when they had never actually met her in person. This may seem obvious but it’s something a lot of guys miss altogether. They expect that a girl will just look at him over a crowd of people, lock eyes, and immediately formulate a crush on them. It doesn’t happen like that. You have to first make sure she knows who you are. Go up and talk to her, introduce yourself, get a friend to introduce you. No matter what, she has to know you exist before she can like you.

  1. Be Around

The more a girl sees and hears you, the more chances you’ll have of her liking you. So make sure to be around her but not in a creepy way. If you find out she’s going to a party, then make sure you’re there. End up walking near her in the school halls or just going to a coffee shop you know she frequents. When you bump into her from time to time it’ll make her think more about you and that will increase the likelihood of her liking you.

  1. Compliment Her

Girls love compliments and we love guys who compliment us. If a guy is being upfront about giving us compliments, we always take extra notice to them. If she’s noticing you a lot more than other guys, it’s taking her focus off anyone else that could catch her eye and putting it on you. However, you can’t just use standard compliments that she probably gets all the time. You have to personalize them and make them more meaningful. Compliment her hobbies and interests. Not only does this show that you’ve taken the time to get to know her, but they will resonate with her much more than just telling her she’s pretty.


  1. Ask Deeper Questions

When you do talk to her and get to know her, don’t just ask about her favorite food or favorite color. You have to dig a little deeper and ask her more personal and deeper questions about herself. Ask her what her life goals are, where she sees herself in 5 years, and even how she feels about certain terrors going on in the world. This will help you understand who she is better and give you more material to work with. It will also help her see that you care about her more than just what’s on the surface – something that will make her like you much more.

  1. Look Your Best

Girls aren’t super shallow and only care about what guys look like. In fact, we’re much less superficial than guys, however, it never hurts your chances of a girl liking you if you look amazing all the time. If you act just as these tips advise you and you look adorable and handsome, she’ll fall hard for you. Make sure to keep yourself looking fresh and well groomed. You should also try your best to dress in well and put effort into how you look. Girls like a guy who takes care of themselves because it means he’ll also take care of her.

  1. Smell Amazing

On top of looking great, it always helps if you smell really, really good too. Girls have a thing for guys that smell great. We always want to be around them simply because it’s pleasant. If you smell great and keep her around you longer, she’ll be able to get to know you more and enjoy her time with you. All of these are bonuses in getting her to like you.

  1. Don’t Flirt with Her Friends or Other People

Just don’t do it. Girls hate players and we will be immediately turned off if you’re just flirting with very single girl that’s around – especially with her friends. She’ll think that you’re not a very serious person and dismiss you as a possible boyfriend. If you want to make a girl like you, you have to focus your flirtatious efforts on her only and forget about the rest of the girls – even if they’re trying to flirt with you. Just brush them off and get back to flirting with the girl you want to like you.


  1. Openly Treat Her Better Than the People Around Her

This is also related to flirting with only her, but it’s even more important. While you’re only flirting with her, you should also visibly treat her better than anyone else when she’s around. Ask her if she wants anything to drink at the bar, offer to go dump her lunch tray, ask if she’d like to be walked home, and put her up on a pedestal. Girls love to feel like they’re special and if you do this, it’ll heighten the chances that she’ll like you.

  1. Be Funny

There is no doubt that girls fall for funny guys. If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do damn near anything. Girls really like guys that can make them laugh in ways that other guys can’t. Not all guys are going to be able to make her laugh so if you’re the one that can, she’ll take special note of you in her mind and want to keep you around even more. Eventually, that closeness will make her like you.

  1. Get Along with Her Friends

Now, just because I’m telling you to get along with her friends doesn’t mean you have to flirt with them. All I’m saying is that you should become friends with them and also make sure they all know you’re only interested in her. Girls love a guy that can hang out and enjoy himself with her friends.

  1. Let Her Catch You Looking at Her

Only sometimes, though. Don’t make a habit of always staring at her because that can get a little creepy after a while. I suggest just letting her see you staring and then giving her a genuine smile. More than likely, she’ll return this smile and think of you later that evening when she’s away from everything.


  1. Be a Gentleman

This is the best way to make a girl like you. You may think that girls like jerks, but we don’t. We like men that treat us right and are chivalrous. So open the doors for her, pull out her seat, and act like a gentleman and she’ll fall for you.

Getting a girl to like you isn’t an easy task and sometimes you just can’t do it. But with these tips on how to make a girl like you, it’ll be much easier to get her attention and keep it.

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