How to Make a Girl Smile Through Text

How do you make a girl smile? That is the question. In reality, it’s quite easy…if you only know how! In this article I will provide you with some tips and tricks for how to make a girl smile when texting her!


Compliments said in earnest are powerful. Simple things like telling her you just came to think of her beautiful smile, or letting her know that what she does for a living is incredible, can make a girl smile a very big smile.

In fact, if you’ve dated for a while compliments become even more important because it’s only too easy to take each other for granted – you’re together so of course you appreciate each other, but you have to tell each other why and how you appreciate each other too.

Be sure to vary your compliments – some for her looks, some for her personality, etc.


Have you invented a name for your girl yet? Otherwise now’s a good time. A cute, or sexy name is preferable, such as Angel Eyes. You can also relate it to something in her personality, for example if you one day speak about how incredible she is you can nickname her Wonder Girl. Or you call her your Little Witch as she’s enchanted you. Basically, it’s born out of banter between the two of you.

Of course, you might just have started to date her and haven’t had a chance to find the perfect nickname for her yet, but that doesn’t stop you from using more generalized nicknames such as Babe, Cutie, Sexy, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Sweetness, Pumpkin Pie, etc.

A perfect way to start a text, for example, is “Hey Beautiful One…” You better mean that though as “Beautiful One” is a compliment that relates both to her personality and looks and comes across as sincere. If you’re just playing around and flirting, Cutie, is better.

Text After a Date

If you just went on a date together, send her a text when you get home telling her you had a great time, or that you wish you were still on a date with her…

You could also simply text her to ask that she got home safe – it’s a very gentlemanly thing to do.

Tell Her You Thought of Her

Sending a simple text saying you just came to think of her and it made you smile, will make her day. Knowing you smile at the thought of her…what could be better than that?

You can send a message saying you came to think of her because you just saw something that reminded you of her, be it something silly you discussed (like her quirk when it comes to hating green cars) or something cute, like seeing a puppy who was as sweet as she is.

Good Night and Good Morning Texts

Being thought of is sort of the key here as well – if you receive a message as you wake up saying someone just wanted to say good morning to you, it’s darn cute! It shows he thought of you and cared to wish you a good morning/day.

If someone thinks about you just before falling asleep, that’s rather flattering too. Especially if he says he’s going to dream about you… But a simple “Just wanted to wish you good night babe – sweet dreams” is also terrific. It shows you care to wish her a good night’s sleep.

Tease Her

Teasing and challenging is part of the game of flirting. For example, if she’s telling you she’s cooking, tease her about it. “Oh, really? You can cook? I never imagined anyone as sexy as you to be able to cook… I mean that’s total multi-tasking – looking hot and cooking ;)” If you aren’t at the stage where you’re able to compliment her for being sexy, then say something like “Oh, really? I can’t imagine a girl who likes horror movies as someone who can cook… Hell’s kitchen? ;)” This can lead onto challenging her to cook for you: “Maybe next time we meet you’ll have to prove me wrong….” (See below for more challenges.)

If she says she’s watching Star Wars, say something like “Knew it I did. A secret Star Wars nerd, you are!!!! ;)”

Remember when teasing that emoticons can be very, very helpful as they’ll clarify that you’re teasing and not being rude. That one wink, or smiley, can really enforce your intentions.

Challenge Her

You know those old stories about slaying dragons? Well, they’re partially true. Only both of you need to slay a few dragons.

She asks you if you want to see her tomorrow? You say it depends on what you’re going to do…how will she convince you to come meet her?

You ask her for a date, she says yes, you give her a condition for the date, such as she’ll only get to see you if she promises you a god night kiss…if you promise behave yourself throughout the date, of course. Never negotiate for kisses without also promising to be a gentleman…

Banter, Role Playing and a Bit of Innuendo

You ask her what she’s doing. She’s working on her next exam. “Very goody, goody girl sounding…it makes me suspicious. Tell me, are you truly a bad girl? A little bit naughty under all that good stuff?… ;)”

You can use the same principle if she’s actually doing something naughty, like taking a secret break from her studies: “Oh, very, very bad of you. Naughty girl. Maybe I need to teach you a lesson or two? Come help you study? ;)” You can also turn it around and tell her clearly she’s not practiced hard enough on being bad and maybe you need to come teach her a lesson or two in the art of being bad?

You can just as easily turn that into a roleplaying game where you’re the police and she needs to get arrested for misconduct.

Play a Game of Truth

There is nothing quite as flattering as knowing someone wants to find out about you. Whilst interrogation is not fun, a playful game of truth most definitively is. The rules? Take turns asking questions where you have to answer truthfully. Ask about quirky and fun things, as well as deep things. Stay off the sexual stuff till you get to know each other…but that’s not to say that you can’t play around with innuendo a bit sooner…


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