How to make him miss you


Most of the girls face some common problem during their ongoing relationship. Failure of getting the desired attention from a guy when a girl is in a serious relationship with him and the fear of losing her loved one are the two most problematic situations that arise at some point in a relationship and not getting the proper solution to overcome it. The one and only best solution are to study thoroughly the tips and guides that teach you how to make him miss you badly. This is how one can easily revive her relationship and also able to take the place back in his heart. By following the steps below, you can easily make him start missing you and thinking about you constantly so that you may be able to find your place back in his heart.

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  • Use the perfume that will attract your loved one:

Whenever you’re dating someone or in a meeting, the specific fragrance of his shampoo or perfume will remain attached to your mind for a long time. It is the first key weapon that can be used to make your loved one miss you badly. So try to maintain your signature perfume each time when you’re meeting your loved one so that he can keep you missing whenever you’re not even with him. Try to use top quality branded perfumes, shampoos and body lotions as the guys genuinely get fascinated by them. Try to leave the beautiful fragrance of your perfume upon him by a simple hug or resting your body on his chest so that he will remind you constantly round the clock.

  • Leave your small things behind that reminds him of you:

Another best way is to leave behind your modest but precious things that are easily visible to his eyes during your absence. A small bracelet, hair clip or an ear-ring is enough to remind your presence in his life. Those small things play an important role to keep your loved one missing you badly when you’re not with him, and some of them try to meet you as soon as possible so that they can return it back to you.

  • Look good and positive if you know he will see you:

If you want to make a man miss you, start living positively without him. Try to look awesome and act smartly if you know that he will see you in a public place. Try to pretend that nothing has happened to you, and you’re living your life in the same way as you always wanted to be. By doing this, you can easily create insecurity in his mind that how one can easily live her life happily without him and that will pressurize his heart and soul to return to your life.

  • Expose yourself step by step:

This is the crucial thing that each girl should know during their relationship. Don’t let yourself as an open book and try to expose yourself gradually to your partner so that he will find no way to lose interest in you. Guys love to reveal the secrets and always try to be with the girls who are more mysterious. Always keep some secrets in you and try to be very mysterious with your loved one so that they find it fascinating to disclose them. Let your guys only know the things that will attract him to be in a relationship with you and keep the other talks aside for future purpose so that they find it fascinating to expose you continuously.

  • Don’t make yourself easily available to him:

Another effective way to make a guy miss you is to reject the sudden dating requests and phone calls from him. If you used to make yourself available to him 24/7, he got the courage to think that you have nothing except to do rather than responding his last minute phone calls and sudden dating requests. Never let your partner come to know that you’re thinking about only him and crazy to have a dating with him. Try not to ignore him but respond him the required amount and divide your time equally for the family, friends and relationship. In this way, you gain the attention from your partner much than the earlier, and he will find every possible way to spend more time with you.

  • Show yourself to someone else:

Start roaming with someone else if you come to know that he will see you definitely in a public place or elsewhere. If your guy sees you with someone, it will create an intense feeling of pain, and he will start remembering those beautiful moments he has spent with you. In this, you can easily make a guy miss you badly and also forced him to bring you back to his life.

  • Dressed up nicely so that he will keep on missing you:

By dressing up classily one can easily create an unforgettable image into the eyes of her loved one that will last for hours in his mind. A good dressing sense will help to left a picture that will possibly not forgotten by your guy round the clock. So whenever you’re going on a date, try to dress up sexily that will help you to remain very special in his life, and he will find every possible you to meet you within a short period. This is the easiest and traditional way adopted by most of the girls to make their guys missing them whenever they’re not with them.

  • Leave behind some surprise note:

Another way to make your guy missing you is to put a surprise note secretly in your guy’s wallet, room or the car but make sure that it can be easily visible in his eyes. Your partner found it to be very interesting and effective way of telling him that how much you love him, and he will instantly start missing you without fail. If you’re outing for a date and having a dinner together, just write a love quote on the napkin and put it secretly in his wallet whenever he is busy to pay the bill or doing some other thing and later when he found it he will love you more and keep on missing you for hours.

  • Sometimes act like you don’t even care:

If you come to know that your guy is losing interest in you or trying to keep a distance from you, act like you doesn’t ever care about that. Never let him come to know that you can’t live without him and try to pretend yourself very positive without him. So by following the steps above, one can easily make her guy missing him badly round the clock and is also very helpful to continue their relationship without any hurdles.


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