How to Make Him Want You


Are you deeply in love with someone and you want to make him want you the way you want? Then you are in the right place. This article will help you to learn some cool ways to make him want you. Eventually, he will want you and need you and we believe that’s all you want from your man!


Wait for him to make a call/text

In old days, a man used to call or text first and that was an excellent form of care. However, nowadays man and woman take the same responsibilities and contact each other similarly. But when you want him to miss you and want you, then let him wait, let him make the call or text first and this way he will want you more.

Don’t be self-obsessed princes

Not many men like to be around any woman who is so self-obsessed. It is the real world so act accordingly. Nobody wants to jump off to please her! So, keep it simple. Be casual and don’t bring the attitude and self-obsession in between.

Be confident

Confidence is the key to grabbing his attention. If you can show him that you are the lady who can work through the room with a big smile on your face, then his eyes will be definitely on you! Be confident and be ready till he makes his move on you!

Always smell good

Every man loves it when a woman smells good. Use the most divine perfume on you to make him go mad! If you smell good, your man will instantly attract towards you and will want you to be around him.

Flirt with him

Sometimes flirting with him can stimulate his feelings about you. The man likes flirting and when you flirt with him and make flirty remarks for him, he will be instantly attracted towards you. It is an excellent weapon to make your man want you!

Be a little touchy

Every man loves a touch from their woman. So touch his arm with a smile and softness and this will make him attracted towards you. He will start focusing on you and also care for you more than before.

Keep yourself down to earth

Down to earth doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with your confidence and classy nature. A woman who can be classy and down to earth at the same moment is more attractive to a man. Let him know that you can also play some games and also cook his favourite dish!

Give him complements

Just like you want to get complements from him, your man also aspects good compliments from you. It might sound like little flirting but unlike flirting, complement is more natural and you will give complements when you genuinely like something about him. It will make him fall for you!

Let him feel jealous

It’s always a very good trick. Let him feel jealous by flirting with another guy. It will drive him crazy. But do not overdo the flirting which may create a negative impact on him. Just let him feel that you are looking for a man and he is not the only one out there! It will make him work harder to get your attention and thus, he will start wanting you.

But you should not feel jealous!

If he applies the same trick on you, then remember not to feel jealous. Act like it dints bother you at all. Here is the trick which will make him go nuts and he will start concentrating on you more.

Show him kindness

Let him show the other side of you by being kind and generous to him. You can, of course, disclose your seductive side when you both are alone but a little extra kindness and helping hand will make him want you more than ever before.

Make eye contacts

For guys, eye contact from their girl or date is a definite turn on! There is no other bigger turn on for them. So, make a lot of eye contacts which will seduce him will make him fall for you. But, of course, do not keep staring which will make the situation weird.

Don’t try too hard

Nobody likes a person if he or she is obsessed and tries hard to get them. Be natural and stop chasing him. It is always good to be relaxed around him which will make him comfortable too. Girls are more tilted to girls who are little shy and less whiny.

Behave well with his male friends

Every guy wants their partner to behave well with their male friends. Do not be rude to them and don’t keep moaning about them. If you respect his friends, he will feel you care about him by caring the people in his life.

Make him laugh

As you like when he makes you laugh, it’s the same with him too. His interest in you and your personality increases when you make him laugh. They will start wanting to spend more quality time with you. Crack a joke here and there and poke a joke at you or him!

Go out without him

Sometimes make a plan without him and let him miss you. If he wants to see you and want to spend time with you but you are not available then he will start wanting you more. But do not overdo this as he may feel ignored. Drop his plans and make your own now and then to let him feel that he is not the only one that you want him in a party.

Keep changing your fashion

You can try different clothes or fashion to make him attracted to you. Try something new to show some new body part of yours! It triggers him and he will want you more that day! When he sees you on something new, then he will admire your beauty and will fall for you.

Smile to him

The man loves when a lady gives a cheeky smile to them. It is a definite turn on for him. There is nothing sexier than a cheeky smile of yours in the presence of thousands of other people. A good smile can take the whole day’s tension out of his brain and he will be instantly attracted to you and will want to be near you.

Whisper in his ear

Whisper in his ears that you want him. It will make him crazy for you. He will start wanting you badly. If you say that with confidence and let him know why you want him, then he will be surprised and stimulated by your words. But of course, try the other tricks before you tell him this. In the end, if he is still clueless then approach him directly. By the way, who doesn’t want to be wanted?

Care about his likes

If you spend some time with him while he is doing something that he likes, will make him feel comfortable around you. He will appreciate your hard efforts and he will try to return the favour as well. As an example, if he likes to see a game of soccer, then do some research on the game and spend a good time watching the game with him and bring some conversation in.

Show him your talent

Invite him to go for a run or swimming with you and show him how good are you in that. If you like to write then send him a piece of your writing to let him know how good writer you are. It will make him attracted towards you. But do not show off your talents which may seem a little weird.

Cook his favourite meal

Every man loves a perfect meal and if you can cook it for him, then you will make him want you around him. Man’s heart is in the stomach. So you are in the game if you can impress his stomach!

Be Mysterious

Let him keep guessing about you and your nature. The more you hide, the more he is interested in unfolding the mystery. The less you express, the more he wants you.

Send him some surprise gift

As you love to get a gift, he also loves the same. Send him a birthday gift or some surprise gifts.

Be a copy cat

The similarity to a person is a very important factor of attraction. It means try to be open to his interests and likes. It does not has to be necessarily a mirror image of each other but try to do some copy-cat dress up at home or for a morning walk or a workout. Copying some of his gestures expresses your interest in him and thus, he also starts wanting you.


Give him a warm cuddle when he is tired will make him feel comfortable and cosy with you. Make him a fan of your cuddle and he will start wanting that very often!

Well, these are some very cool tips to make him want you. Give it some time and let him understand the way you feel about him.  But the key trick is to keep it simple, straightforward and very simple!


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