How To Make Your Nose Smaller


In this day and age, your face is everything and so many women and men often resort to drastic measures in a bid to change things they don’t like. One of the questions often typed into Google is ‘how to make your nose smaller’ and you’ll be happy to learn that it’s not just surgical options giving you the chance to change or transform your face.

How To Make Your Nose Smaller

There are lots of different tactics you can use to amend the shape of your nose but to get things out the way nice and early, we’re going to have a quick chat about those surgical options.

Rhinoplasty – Nose Job 

If you want to augment the shape of your nose, nose augmentation surgery is the most extreme way in which you can do so. Rhinoplasty is the medical name for a ‘nose job’ and although this is the only permanent way to change the shape of your face or its features, there are many risks associated with it.

As well as being an option when looking at how to make your nose smaller, you could also use rhinoplasty to combat a number of other ‘issues’ including removing bumps from the bridge of the nose, decreasing or increasing nostril size or amending their shape and even changing the shape of the nose entirely.

The procedure itself will vary from case to case and surgeon to surgeon but generally should offer no scarring as long as things go according to plan. Any bone structure changes will be done so internally, and as a general rule, will be completed in around two hours of surgery during which you will be under general anesthetic.

The risks of rhinoplasty in a bid to make your nose smaller include infections and problems during healing, the results not being quite as you had anticipated, swelling, pain and bruising and even a couple of impressive bad eyes in some cases.


All the celebrities are doing it these days. That’s right, we’re talking about contouring and in fact, using your makeup in a clever way to catch light and dark, is a great, quick and clever way to change the shape or size of your nose. The only problem, of course, its that it’s not an easy technique to learn. Luckily there are plenty of YouTube tutorials you can turn to for inspiration and assistance.

If you have a wide nose and want to make it appear smaller, you’ll need to invest in a highlighting / contouring makeup kit or just a foundation shade that is one darker than the one you’d normally buy and use. When applying your foundation, use the darker shade in two ‘stripes’ either side of the nose and make sure you blend well. The darker tones will help to elongate the nose especially if you use highlighter along the bridge too.

In fact, there are quite a few clever makeup tricks that you can use to defect from a ‘big nose’ (if you think you have one). By rocking a bold lip, you are taking the attention away from your nose and therefore making it less noticeable. This is a great tip for when you have woken up late in the morning and don’t have tie to undergo your usually highlight and contouring routine.

Heavier eye makeup is said to make a bigger nose appear much bigger still and that is because you’re bringing the attention to the eyes which meet at the centre of the nose. By going heavy on the eye makeup, you’re actually drawing attention to the one place on your face you’d rather not. When looking at how to make your nose look smaller, think muted, softer eye colours and you’ll be on the right track.

You can even style your hair in such a way to make your nose appear smaller. A side-parting off-sets the look, making your nose appear smaller and if your nose has a bend in it, you can counteract this by moving the parting to the other side of your face.

Nose Exercises 

Although there are a number of ‘nose exercises’ you can try to achieve a smaller nose or to change the shape of your nose, studies have recently shown that many of them simply don’t work and in fact, the trauma of the exercises could even do more damage than you first may have thought.

By moving, squeezing and heavily massaging the nose, you could be causing stress to the bones or cartilage beneath. Massaging the nose is one thing but to go do anything more than that, you’ll be running the risk of causing premature ageing and damage that could become irreparable.

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