How to Make Your Period End Faster


There are many women who experience pain during their menstrual cycle. On top of this, a heavy flow adds to the misery despite the fact that menstruation is something that women must put up with. A heavy or unexpected flow can spoil your weekend getaway or even your favorite outfit. The good news is that there are some measures that you can use to reduce the flow and length of the periods by just incorporating a few changes in your life. Here are a few measures that you can use to ensure that your periods end faster.


Trying to exercise when you have periods can be quite challenging. However, it is very important to engage in exercising. Ensure that you come up with an exercise routine. When you have regular exercise routine, it is possible to make the pains more manageable. And the good thing is that it doesn’t matter the kind of exercises you engage in whether cardios, running, yoga or spinning. The most important thing is for you to ensure that your body remains active. Exercising will minimize the flow and shorten the length of the periods.

Taking vitamin C

By taking Vitamin C in large doses, it is possible to reduce the progesterone amounts in the uterus. This makes it possible for the uterus walls to break down more quickly. When the uterus walls break down faster, it is also able to leave the body more quickly and this means that the periods will end faster. However, before you start increasing your Vitamin C dosage, you will need to speak with your medical care provider to ensure that it is okay to do that.

Take ibuprofen

Take a dose of ibuprofen 3 or 4 times in a day. However, it is important to avoid exceeding the maximum dosage that you can take in any given 24 hours. This can help minimize the period pains and also reduce the flow by as much as 50%. However, there are women who claim that the drug causes a complete stoppage of their periods. Many women also opt for any pain medication to relieve painful periods. However, ibuprofen is still the best option.

Use pads rather than tampons

Many women prefer to use tampons during their periods. However, this may not be the best choice for those who are searching for a way to make their periods to end faster. Pads are a better option. Also known as sanitary napkins, pads make it possible for women to bleed freely. However, tampons can block the flow making the periods to last longer.


Most women hate having sex during their period. This is despite the fact that it can shorten their periods. The orgasmic contractions can affect the flow. During organisms, fluids are usually released by the body and this includes the flow of blood. However, it is also important to remember that having sex during periods can turn out to be a messy affair and therefore you will need to discuss this with your partner.

Taking lots of water

It is important for women to drink a lot of water as a way of maintaining good health. This is also a good way of reducing your period’s length and even shortening the length of the flow. Water helps to flush the body and this gives room for the release of fluids from the body including periods.

Heating pad

Many women have tried using the heating pad to deal with the painful period cramps. This is also good in reducing the length and flow of the periods as heat encourages the fluids to leave the body. By putting a heating pad on the abdomen, this encourages the fluids in the uterus to eject from the body. The quicker it will be for the fluid to be released from the body, the quicker it will be for the periods to end.

Birth control pills

Women who are already in their child-bearing age already understand the effectiveness of birth control pills in preventing pregnancies. However, they are not aware that it can also be a good method of handling their periods. This is due to the fact that oral contraceptives can make their periods to be more regular and they can also help to reduce the flow of periods while making the period shorter as compared to women who don’t take the pills.

Health diet

A healthy diet is good for many reasons. One more reason that you may not be aware of is the fact that a healthy diet play a key role in relieving painful menstruation. It is important to ensure that you eat a health and well balanced diet that includes veggies and fruits as these  play a key role in reducing the symptoms of painful periods.

Acupuncture/ herbal remedies

When people hear about acupuncture, all that comes to mind is about needles. While needles are sued by acupuncturists, these are not your normal needles. You should also realize that most of the acupuncturists also work as herbalists and this is definitely a reason why you should consider a visit to your acupuncturist. Your acupuncturist can also recommend a wide range of remedies and herbs that you can use to relieve period cramps and ensure that the flow ends faster. Some of the recommended herbal remedies include angelica roots, tea from dried or fresh raspberry leaves, garden sage, shepherd’s purse etc.

Take a shower/bath

There are moments when your periods will stop temporarily when you get into water even though they will start again after coming out of the water.

Surgical options

If you are searching for a long term method of making your menstruation end faster, you can discuss this with your medical practitioner. There is an injection that is known as Depo-Provera that can be used to stop the menstrual flow. You can get this injection regularly from your general practitioner. There are also some surgical options that can be used to stop the permanent menstruation flow.


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