How to make yourself poop fast


How to make yourself poop fast

On a perfect race morning, you had wake up, have breakfast and use the bathroom at least once, maybe twice –and then head to your starting corral feeling great not worrying whether you will have to stop along the way for an emergency Number 2.But sometimes your routine fails you. Maybe you are traveling and in a different time zone maybe your diet’s been a little off or maybe you have just got a nervous stomach. But some mornings you just can’t go no matter how much you know it’s essential for a good run. If you are facing infrequent pooping then day by day it moves to be very dangerous and create pains. There are some techniques you can help your metabolism and make yourself poop. There are many causes for costiveness problems. We are giving some tips to relief from this pain.

How To Make Yourself Poop Fast:

If you want to poop fast then you can try the following steps that are given bellow:

  • Change your position:

That’s right. If you are suffering from pooping, then you have to change your sitting position to a squatting position in the toilet. It will help to make poop fast. The concept of squatting when excreting is not a new one. This position is the ideal position for pooping. Industry professionals say that squatting position is very helpful for pelvic floor diseases, haemorrhoids, constipations and a number of clone diseases. Many pregnancy side effects are often caused by Haemorrhoids which is very unfortunate. When you are sitting in squatting position, your rectum will feel an upward pressure, and you can feel the poop movement and keeps the faces inside. This position helps you to eliminate things quickly. So squat is the best position to poop fast. Even when you are sitting on a toilet in that time, you should adjust your position like squat that will help you to poop easily.

  • Make Time for Bowel Movement:

If you want to make pooping fast, then you have selected a particular time. Choose a time to have a bowel action and stick to it. It will make pooping regularly, and it will make your body understand that it is the time to have a bowel movement. Then you will able to poop fast. You can make the schedule any time- it can be early morning, it can be after taking your lunch, it may be in the evening or many times in a day. But the time should be a stick.

  • Drink Coffee and Warm Beverages:

Drinking coffee and warm Beverages creates typical healthy bowel movement habits. Most of the people who had taken regularly coffee or warm drinks get effective results. Coffee is very helpful because it has caffeine. Of the large bowel, the stimulating thing is Caffeine, and it can increase your poop movement. In this way, stool will come to your rectum and gives you the sensation that you need to have a poop movement. After taking any food for breakfast or lunch or dinner, you might feel poop movement. So drinking coffee or warm beverages is a very effective thing to make a bowel movement.

  • Try Olive Oil:

Olive oil can give relief from constipation problem. Olive oil has fats that can increase your poop movement. Olive oil can lubricate your digestive system and make the easy movement of things, and things will come easily on the colon. If you regularly take one teaspoon of olive oil, it will give good results. Olive oil does not have any side effect because it is a combination of natural product. So, if u takes more than you need than don’t be afraid.

  • Consume Molasses:

Blackstrap molasses can prevent constipation problem. It contains essential minerals such as copper, iron, potassium others that are helpful for creating bowel movements. It can help to stomach for digestive foods and can prevent irritable bowels. If you take blackstrap molasses regularly, you can find useful results very soon.

  • Let Prunes Help:

Prunes the official name is dried plum are very much helpful for popping fast. It’s not only useful for preventing constipation but also well for overall health. You can take it as juice. Children or adults both can take it regularly. You can take prune juice in the morning and at night which will stimulate your bowel movement. But taking too much prune juice might create others problems.

  • Eat Yogurt:                                                                                               

There are some good bacteria present in yogurt that can help to stimulate the bowel. If you are experiencing from constipation problem, then you can take it regularly. But if you take it too much a day then it creates problems.

  • Exercise and Move:

Exercise or yoga is most important in human life. If you do regular exercise every day, then you will never face constipation problem. Most important thing is you can never do exercise any time whenever you want. In a day, you have chosen particular time, but it should not be after taking meals. If you do it regularly, you will get useful results n your hands.

  • Add Fiber-Rich Foods into Diet:

When you are suffering from constipation problems, you should take fiber food that you can find in all plant foods. In vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts and legumes you can find a fiber that helps to a natural laxative.

  • Try Acupressure:

Constipation can occur in all ages, so it’s a very common thing to all of us. If you want to retrieve from this, you may take acupressure. Acupressure is a therapy that can stimulate the bowel and get relief from the pain.


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