How to Make Yourself Sneeze?


The sneezing act is commonly associated with sickness that manifest itself with a stuffy nose or it may be an indication of the presence of an allergy. Some people even consider sneezing to be rude or even disgusting. Sneezing is also considered to be a major way of spreading the microbes that causes diseases. While sneezing may have a bad reputation, it actually has several benefits to the body As long as you follow some etiquettes such as covering the nose, sneezing is generally acceptable in social settings.

There are moments when you will feel like sneezing only to find that you are not able to do so. Or you may be wondering how you can trigger a sneeze. While sneezing is considered to be a natural reaction, it can also be induced using certain kinds of stimulations. The aim of this article is to offer you some tips and tricks that will make you sneeze. Some of the major ways of doing this is by:


Use of a tissue

You can stimulate sneezing using a tissue paper. All you will need to do is to roll one corner to create a cone. You should then insert it inside the nose before wiggling it around. This can stimulate the action of the sneeze reflex of the brain leading to the tickling sensation. You may need to do this for a period of time and it is advisable to change the tissue in case it becomes moist. This is an effective method of triggering a sneeze and you may even end up sneezing repeatedly. If you would like to increase the effectiveness of the method, you can try to simultaneously vibrate the upper lip or produce a humming sound by letting in air into the mouth.

Use of hard objects

Another good alternative is to take an object that is neither too soft nor too hard such as a pencil, toothpick, Q-tip or hairpin. Use the object to stimulate the nasal lining. Just like it is the case with the use of a tissue, this method works by stimulating the brain nerve. However, you should be careful to avoid injuring the sensitive nasal tissues.

Tweezing your eyebrows

You may find it strange to hear that there is a relationship between sneezing and the eyebrows. However, the truth of the matter is that sneezing is caused by a nerve that is known as the trigeminal nerve which runs to the nose. When you tweeze the eyebrows, it causes an irritation of the nose.

Plucking hair in the nose

It is also possible to trigger sneezing by plucking some few hairs in the nose as this also stimulates the same trigeminal nerve. You can use a tweezer to pluck some hairs in the nose. However, ensure that you do that for each hair at a time as pulling several of them together can end up hurting you. You should be careful as you will be inserting a hard object inside your nose.

Stimulation of the roof of the mouth

Another way that you can use to stimulate the trigeminal nerve is by licking the roof of your mouth. All you will need is to lick the roof of the mouth using your tongue and push it all the way back until it creates that tickling sensation.

Massage the bridge of the nose

There are people who will be able to trigger a sneeze by massaging the nose bridges between index and thumb fingers. However, this technique doesn’t work for all people despite the fact that it can be very convenient. The method also works by stimulating some tickle spots of the nose that touches the trigeminal nerve.

Chewing gum

Another way of triggering a sneeze is by chewing a gum that is strongly peppermint-based. However, it is worth noting that this is mostly as a result of the strong odor and flavor of the peppermint and not the chewing itself. There are people who will even sneeze every moment they try popping the peppermint gum. Mints and candies can also be helpful.

Rich chocolate

Consuming a bar of chocolate can cause sneezing particularly when you start. A chocolate with more cocoa content will work better. Again this method may not work on all people and it is suggested that this method works as a result of some cocoa particles getting into the body.

Sniff spices

You can hold the container of a strong spice near the nose. You can also put the spice in a folded paper and sniff at it for a period of 10 to 15 seconds.  Some of the spices that you can use include pepper, coriander, cumin powder or ginger. However, you should avoid inhaling huge quantities of the spice as this can lead to a burning sensation in the nose.

When you use these methods, it will be easy for you to trigger the sneeze.


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