How to Make Yourself Throw Up


Although no one enjoys throwing up, it is sometimes a necessary task. If you just ate spoiled food or something harmful, you may need to vomit. Your gag response and nausea are indications from your body that something is wrong. It is a normal human instinct to try to throw up something dangerous. Whether you consumed too much alcohol, old fish or something else, these tips are designed to help you throw up and start feeling healthy again.

Things to Remember

Throwing up is not something that you should do on a regular basis. If you find that you consume too much alcohol on a frequent basis, then the answer to your problem is to drink less. Vomiting will only encourage your problem. Likewise, individuals who have an eating disorder should not use these tips. Throwing up is not something that is healthy to do on a regular basis, and a eating disorder is something that should be discussed with your doctor first.

If you believe that you have swallowed poison or something that you should not have, then you should start by calling your local poison control center. They will be able to tell you if the item you swallowed is dangerous and if you should seek medical supervision. When in doubt, always get medical help.

Other than just vomiting, you should also identify the reason why you became sick. If you have an allergy to something, then you need to know what it is to avoid it in the future. In addition, you will need to know what is causing your nausea so that you can tell your doctor or the poison control center what you consumed. Throwing up is not always the answer, so check with your doctor before you induce vomiting. If you have been told to throw up by a doctor, then you can try some of the following steps to get the chemical or poison out of your body.

1. Create a Mustard Solution

Ideally, you have some emetics at your house that you can use to throw up. If you do not have these, you can always try using a mustard mixture. This is made by using a tablespoon of mustard in warm water. Stir the mixture and then guzzle it down quickly. Since this mixture is not particularly appetizing, it should get you to vomit in 20 to 30 minutes. It may not work for everyone, but a mustard mixture will work for most people.

2. Bust Out Your Toothbrush

Your body naturally has a strong gag response. By using a toothbrush, you can stimulate your gag response and force your body to throw up. Get the bristles wet and then push the toothbrush on the back of your tongue. It may take a few tries to work, but it should stimulate your gag reflex. Once you are done, make sure to clean your toothbrush before using it again.

3. Use Salt Water

With a 16-ounce glass of warm water, dissolve three teaspoons of salt into the mixture. Stir it up and then swallow quickly. Like the mustard solution, this technique can take 20 to 30 minutes to work. If it is still not effective, you can try using your fingers or a toothbrush to stimulate your gag response as well.

4. Try Your Finger

For an extremely basic, simple technique, you can always try using your finger. Push your finger to the back of your tongue until you start to gag. Keep pushing it until you feel nauseous, and it will cause you to throw up right away.

5. Try Soda

The bubbles in soda are known for settling an upset stomach, but a flat soda can make you feel sick. If you have some flat soda in your kitchen, try drinking a glass of this and a glass of water. This technique works best for food poisoning because it can take a while to have an effect. If you need to throw up immediately, use one of the other techniques.

6. Go for Emetics

Emetics are a type of medicine that are exclusively designed to make you throw up. One of the most popular is ipecac, but there are many options available. Follow the directions on the bottle and wait a few moments. Within minutes, it will make you feel uncomfortable and nauseous. Afterward, your stomach will start to contract and you will throw up.

Remember to keep in mind that there are some side effects associated with ipecac. It can cause hypotension, a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, breathing issues and dizziness. It should never be used by children under the age of one, by breast-feeding women or by pregnant women. Do not use it while unconscious or on a long-term basis because this can cause extreme side effects.

7. Try Watching Someone Else

For some people, all it takes to throw up is to watch someone else do it. Watching someone throw up is disgusting, so it may make you feel the need to vomit as well. You can go online to look up videos of people vomiting and see if that works. This is not the most effective method, but it will work quickly when it is effective.

8. Use Bloodroot Herb

A toothbrush or your finger are effective because most people have these items lying around their house. If you have a continued problem with swallowing poison, then you may want to invest in some bloodroot. This herb is used by Native America doses and is known for being toxic. If you consume too much bloodroot, it can cause foot pain, tunnel vision or death. Due to this, you should talk to your doctor before using it and make sure to follow the directions exactly. Once you have mixed the powder into some water, you will feel nauseous and vomit quickly.

What to Do After You Vomit

Throwing up will most likely make you feel fatigued and tired for hours afterward. Since you are throwing up all of the liquids and food that you have recently consumed, you may end up dehydrated. Over the next few hours, you will want to drink plenty of water, ginger ale, sports drinks or broth to get re-hydrated. You will want to avoid acidic drinks like grapefruit juice because they can cause you to feel sick again. Likewise, you should avoid coffee, tea or alcohol because these drinks can dehydrate you further.

After 12 hours have passed, you can begin eating solid foods like bananas, white rice or toast. You will want to eat bland foods to keep your stomach settled while you start to feel normal again. If you are still sick or dehydrated, go to the doctor. Likewise, you should follow whatever directions were given to you by your doctor or the poison control center.

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