How to Produce More Sperm

Everyone knows that when men ejaculate during sex, they release millions of sperm. Although they are many, only one will successfully swim upstream to fertilize an egg. Man’s sperm has more jobs than simply fertilizing an egg, forming a fetus.

Sperm live fast lives and die young. This isn’t usually an issue, since men have a constant sperm supply. They produce 1,500 sperm cells or more per second. The supply needs to be replaced constantly, since their life span is so brief. How valuable are healthy sperm when you are trying to create a healthy fetus?

If you wish to increase your sperm count, there are various ways you can utilize. The easiest way is in adding specific foods to your daily diet. This type of food offers health benefits, in addition to working to increase your sperm count. Keep on reading to learn more ways you can produce more healthy sperm without making huge lifestyle changes.

How to Produce more Sperm

It just takes a bit of time eating the proper foods and exercising, and doing other sperm-strengthening stuff to help your body in producing more sperm.

  1. Keep your Swimmers Cool

Your sperm will develop most efficiently if they live in an environment with a temperature between 84F and 95F. Sperm production will significantly slow down if the temperature in your testicles is higher than 97F.

The process of producing sperm is very sensitive, not just to temperature, but also to resource availability, hormones and other factors of their environment.

You can take some simple steps that will minimize the heat you expose your scrotum to. Avoid long sessions in the sauna or tanning bed. Don’t wear clothes that fit tightly. Avoid working with your laptop on your lap.

  1. Improve Your Diet

Eating poorly is the number one reason men have issues with fertility. Eating fast foods and processed foods will not help you to produce more sperm. You should include unprocessed, whole foods in your daily diet. Eat plenty of fish, steak, vegetables and fruits. Drink green tea to improve your blood circulation and increase your levels of energy.

Foods that are rich in trace elements, vitamins and amino acids help to improve sperm shape, mobility and quality. Here are some foods that are simply loaded with nutrients to improve your production of healthy sperm.


Oysters are zinc-packed, and this helps in improving your testosterone levels. This will improve the quality and number of your sperm. Increasing your level of testosterone will also boost the libido and give you more pleasure during sex.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate – not milk chocolate – contains L-Arginine, which is a powerful aphrodisiac. This amino acid improves orgasm intensity and your sperm count, too. Don’t eat a lot of chocolate, or you’ll end up gaining weight.


These are quite beneficial when you’re attempting to discover how to produce more sperm. Bananas contain bromelain, which increases libido. Bananas give you more stamina, too, since they have plenty of vitamin B.


Eggs have lots of protein and vitamin E, which are both essential for strong, healthy sperm. Eating eggs also reduces sperm-killing free radicals.


Garlic has been used for hundreds of years for heart problems and respiratory infections. It’s just as beneficial to your sexual health. Garlic is an aphrodisiac, which also boosts the volume of your sperm.


Spinach and other leafy vegetables give your body folic acid, which prevents sperm cell damage. If sperm are damaged, they won’t be able to reach eggs. If by some chance they do reach an egg, they may not be able to fertilize it. Folate is helpful in the prevention of these chromosomal abnormalities.


Walnuts provide the body with helpful Omega-3 fatty acids. They increase blood flow to the penis and improve your sperm count, too.


Vitamin C is plentiful in asparagus. It prevents sperm cell damage and reduces free radical effects, which improves the quality of your sperm.

Pumpkin Seeds

These work for this purpose because they are high in phytosterols. These trigger the production of testosterone. In doing so, they help improve semen volume and sperm count.


Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which improves sperm production and motility. Other effective sources of vitamin A include dried apricots, red bell peppers and oatmeal.

  1. Masturbate Less

If you are healthy, and don’t have any issues with your fertility, you release about 300-500 million sperm when you ejaculate. But only 100’s of the spermatozoa will survive the vagina’s acidic environment.

Your sperm need time to mature, so you need to do less masturbation and engage more often with your partner in sex. Intercourse with your partner helps to produce more sperm, largely because of stimulation of the nerves across your sensory systems.

  1. Sleep and Exercise

Getting plenty of deep sleep is important, since your levels of testosterone increase in REM sleep. Try to get seven or more hours of sleep at night. To get better sleep, engage in rigorous exercise and train your large muscle groups. Doing bench presses, pull ups, squats and dead lifts will improve your levels of the male sex hormone.

  1. Stay Away from Toxins

Don’t smoke or use illicit drugs, and avoid drinking alcohol, which will limit your toxin exposure. Steer clear of recreational drugs, too, since they may limit circulation to the penis and lower your sex drive. In addition limit any exposure you might have to chemical solvents, lead or heavy metals. They can damage your sperm cells.

  1. Keep your Smartphone in your Jacket, not your Pants

Studies have discovered that radiation like those emitted by cell phones can negatively impact your sperm health. Keep your cell phone in your jacket instead of your pants pocket.

  1. Control your Weight

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and being active will keep your body weight where you want it. If you are overweight, this affects libido and reduces your sperm cell production.

  1. Take Fertility Supplements

Even while you use more natural ways of producing more sperm, fertility supplements can help in improving your sperm health. These supplements usually contain vitamins E, A, D, C and B, in addition to folic acid and zinc.

Watch this video to learn ways to produce more sperm.


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