How to Put In a Tampon


The tampon is a useful pad allows you to engage in your routine and tough daily activities during menstruation. People who don’t like using sanitary pads can use a tampon comfortably.


It is very convenient to wear, and people can engage in running, jumping, swimming without any worries. But for people who are using a tampon for the first time will have a lot of curious questions.  The first time people who use it will be confused and worried how this can be inserted properly.  To know more about the issues and answers continue reading the article.

The right way of using a Tampon

People who are using for the first time will think it is difficult to insert the tampon.  There is nothing to worry or become nervous in using it.  The perception about the insertion of tampon changed over time when the two new types introduced in the market.

Tampon with a built-in-applicator for easy insertion

  1. Wash your hands properly with soap and water. Dry your hand before you start handling the tampon.
  2. Hold the tampon in the middle by keeping the string is loose and visible. Use your hand the way it is very comfortable for you.
  3. By using your finger, spread the labia and place the tampon in the opening of the vagina.
  4. Slowly push the tampon inside to vagina until your finger touches your body and also the applicator. The outer tube of tampon must be completely entered inside the vagina.
  5. By using the index figure, continue pushing the inner tube of tampon by not letting the outer tube move further.
  6. After the inner tube is completely entered in the vagina, pull out the outer tube. Let the string stay hanging outside of your vagina. By pulling the string, you can remove the tampon whenever you feel like removing it.

The technique of using Tampon without built-in-adaptor

  1. Wash your hand with soap and water and dry your hand before handling tampon.
  2. Check whether the string is intact with the tampon.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position to access your vaginal opening comfortably.
  4. With the help of your fingers, spread the labia and place the tampon inside the vagina. Push gently the tampon until it reaches deep in the vagina.
  5. Let the string stay hanging from the vagina.
  6. When you wish to remove it, just pull down the string gently.

The video below will clearly illustrate how to place a tampon in the vagina with a built-in-applicator.

What you should know about using Tampon – the FAQs

Using a new method to address the menstruation will naturally put so many questions.  Especially the technique is not traditional, and you need little skill to use it.  Well, here I have produced some of the most commonly asked questions and its answers.  Read it and get some knowledge about the using tips.

  1. How do you know the right size of a tampon suitable for you?

Practice makes you perfect.  You have to start using it, and gradually you can find out which type of tampon will be most suitable for you.  However, for a first timer, it is better to use a slender type one.   If you know the insertion and the pulling out techniques you will know the absorbent level of the tampon what you are using.  This will let you change to lower absorbency type of tampon.  In the event, if you find the tampon saturates in few hours time, you can change to a higher absorbent type one.  If the absorbent level is in the acceptable level, the tampon looks dry when you pull it out.

  1. If you are unsuccessful in inserting a tampon, what is the solution?

There are always chances for an unsuccessful insertion attempt when the hymen has a very small opening.  In that case, it is better to consult a healthcare professional to help you out understand the best way of inserting a tampon. Alternatively, you can try to insert the tampon by standing in front of a mirror, if you are using it for the first time.

  1. What happen to your virginity if you use a tampon?

Using a tampon will not let you lose your virginity.  Virginity will lose only if you have an actual sexual act.  There is a misconception among girls that they should not use a tampon until they have a sexual relationship thinking that insertion of tampon would be a reason to lose their virginity.  It may happen with some girls that while trying to insert the tampon, the pressure may be a reason for tearing the hymen.   But this is very rare.

  1. Will you lose tampon in your body?

No way has it lost in your body because the tampon strings are very strong, and it run through the entire tampon system.

  1. What is the right time to remove a tampon?

A tampon can stay comfortably in the body for 6 to 8 hours.  But in some cases, you have to remove the tampon much before if it gets saturated quickly.  This situation will prompt you to change the tampon immediately.  Women with heavy blood flow need to change the tampon in a short period.  The condition of the tampon can be checked at regular intervals to make sure whether a change is required or not.  Women with high blood flow will observe the presence of blood even after inserting the tampon.  In such case, you have to use a larger absorbent tampon, and you need to change it commonly.

When women are convinced about the convenience of using the tampon, they will never go back to the traditional napkin sanitary pad.  It is much easier to use and dispose of.   The tampon can easily store in the handbag.  Once you are learned using the technique of tampon, it will be a comfortable think to do.  If you know the flow of blood, and you know what exact size are best suitable for you, then using a tampon will be a cool experience.


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