How to Remove THC From Urine?


Some of you might have to face pre–employment drug tests before you can start working with a company. Some of the companies around the world are known for conducting random urine testing of their potential employees before selecting them for a permanent position. If such is the case, it is advisable for people to ensure that their systems are clean, and they are ready for the upcoming urine tests. Failure of such event might result in a candidate being rejected by the company. The most convenient way of not having the drug in your system is to avoid using them. However, you need not worry. There are certain ways of removing THC from the human urinary system. These could be listed as follows –

Knowing the factors

Once marijuana is smoked, it is evident that there will be traces of THC present within the human system. This is the primary psychoactive compound present in the human body after consuming marijuana. However, the duration of time up to which marijuana could be detected varies from person to person. The period is also based on the certain factors related to the health and lifestyle of human beings. Some of the factors that are key to the removal of THC from urine are as follows –

Frequency of usage

The frequency of using marijuana is an essential factor and helps considerably to determine the length of the detectable period. As, the presence of THC and other psychoactive compounds are evident in the human body upon consumption of marijuana, too much use of these drugs or the drug – like compounds would result in the increased overall levels of THC in the human body. Continuous consumption of marijuana will lead to increased levels of THC, which might be difficult to remove from the human body. Therefore, it could be said, that excessive use of marijuana will result in drug tests being positive.


The potency of the marijuana composed by a human being is also a key factor as to how long the effects or the THC content of marijuana lasts in a human body. If you consume better or higher grades of marijuana, the effects seem to be long – lasting than the effects that would arise from consumption of raw – grade marijuana or weed.

Body Fat

It is imperative to make note of the fact, that, high levels of THC and other psychoactive compounds are present in the human fat cells. Therefore, upon the consumption of marijuana, the majority of the psychoactive compounds are present in some of the fatty organs where dense concentrations could be located mainly, in the organs like brain, testicles and ovaries. It is worth mentioning that metabolites of THC could also be found in the fat of a human body after several days of consumption of the marijuana or marijuana – like substances.


The human metabolism is also an important factor in the process involving the length of time for which THC could be traced upon in the human body. It always helps if the human system is capable of breaking down the metabolites faster and are released from the system quickly. The rate of metabolism in humans also varies from individual to individual. The rates of metabolism could also be dependent on various factors such as levels of physical activity, height, weight, sex and the overall genetics of a human body. Someone who has a high metabolic system will get rid of the THC contents from the urine faster than someone having a weak metabolic system or a system that is incapable of releasing the THC contents quickly.


The levels of physical exercise that a human body is capable of performing also determines the length of time till which traces of THC would be present in the system after consumption of marijuana. However, there are mixed reactions related to the dependency factor of THC contents on physical exercises. Some are of the opinion that THC levels drop considerably upon regular or quick bursts of exercise while some say that physical activities might play a different role and increases the levels of THC in the human blood cells after consumption of marijuana.

Removal of THC from urine

The THC contents from urine could be removed with the help of the following ways –

Diluting the urine

The above – mentioned point is based on the principle of diluting the urine up to a level where the metabolites present in the urine drop considerably so that the drug test could easily be passed. The process could be started 3-4 days before the drug test. Consumptions of drinks such as cranberry juice and plenty of water will help in the process. It is advised to consume certain proportions of Vitamin B or Vitamin B – 12 so that the overall results can be improved.

Sweating THC out

Try using a sauna to excrete out the THC that remain embedded in the fatty glands and organs of the body.

Marijuana Detox Program

It is also advisable to try and test the different marijuana detox kits that are available in the market so that the THC and other associated toxins are excreted from the system through urine.

Fat elimination

People should restrain themselves from consuming too many fatty acids. This will increase the overall build – up of THC levels in the human blood.


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